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  1. is this really going to be a hit?? they show EVERYTHING in the trailer. anyway the hollow man >>>
  2. no, i enjoy good horror like midsommar, hereditary or the babadook, but the conjuring universe movies are pretty bad, and not 'fun' bad like TOT
  3. i'd much rather watch a truth or dare movie than a tedious TC movie, TCU is the definition of horror for locals
  4. a flop is also something that people expected to do 500m months ago and will barely pass 220m
  5. https://twitter.com/JimCarrey jim has 18m followers... he could have promoted... i mean that vague tweet from 11feb isnt it
  6. looks like its final rating we'll stay around this 11% TOMATOMETER Total Count: 36
  7. you're a broken record. HDD2 flopped because it did half of the first. not EVERYTHING is related to the budget. just because it doesnt lose money doesnt mean it cant flop the fact that they went from doing HDD/TOD numbers to HDD2/FI means they ARE suffering already
  8. i think blumhouse is already suffering. Happy death day 2 flopped to everyone's surprise and black christmas bombed. fantasy island also looks like it'll flop too and gross 25-28m dom
  9. honestly if i was a critica and they did this embargo id' give it a worse review, they're basically trying to rip off the public
  10. wow, truth or dare cost 3,5m and made 95m.... no wonder blumhouse gave the director another shot
  11. horror movies are straight up bombing in 2020 tho. @Barnack wasnt creep 2 sold directly to netflix???
  12. you know my name > skyfall > no time to die > spectre > the horrid alicia keys song
  13. disaster or not it doesnt make sense thats it not being screened for critics, ouija and truth or dare were panned and did fine
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