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  1. Frozen 2 have a chance to beat Zootopia single gross record(for import animation ) in China
  2. Forzen 2 biggst opening day for animation movie in these country: Malaysia,Phippines,Indonesia,South Korea,Turkey,UAE,Saudi Arabia
  3. Frozen 2 break OD box office record in Malaysia,phippines,indonesia,south korea,Saudi Arabia,UAE(animation),disney record in China impressive run in Asia
  4. Frozen 2 just doing crazy today in Japan.....it has chance to reach 1000m JPY and become the highest single day gross in Japan,beat Harry Potter 2(900m)
  5. sorry,I can't give you a "source",I have a friend,He is an expert in Box Office data,he told me about this(he has so many book about box office,maybe he find it in his book,I will ask him)
  6. We can see Ben-Hur is the most popular movie in Japan at that time,and James bond series is really popular in japan
  7. yeah,Ben hur did really good in Japan Ben-Hur gross over JPY 590m in 1960,and hit another JPY 900m in 1961,total gross JPY 1490m( Tokyo Olimpiad box office:1220m ,),and it become highest grossing film in Japan at that time, holding record for 14 years.(beaten by Bruce Lee's movie"Enter the Dragon") top grossing film by year in Japan(1960-1969) 1960:Ben Hur-590m 1961:Ben Hur-900m 1962:West side story-690m 1963:Lawrence of Arabia-590m 1964: Tokyo Olimpiad-1220m 1965:James Bond-Goldfinger-706m 1966:James Bond-Thunder ball-1018m 1967:くろべのたいよう-796m
  8. most attend movie in Japan is Ben-Hur(1960s, 30m admission),not Spirit Away
  9. Frozen 2 is really hard to reach 1b in China,I even doubt can Frozen2 overtake Lion King in China
  10. I found the other southeast asia box office for Titanic singapore : first movie cross S6.5m in singapore,beat The Lost World:Jurassic Park phippines:first movie cross P150m,200m,300m,350m Thailand: first movie cross 200m indonesia: first movie corss 3m admisssion Malaysia:frist movie corss MYR10m in Malaysia ,and is the first movie cross 1m admission in malaysia no data for vietnam
  11. you are right,I forget Lion King The Lion King is the top grossing film in south africa,top 8 of all time in Nigeria,top 5 of all time in east&west africa,and gorss over 20mEGP in Egypt so, Lion King africa box office, south africa 8.1m,nigeria 1m,east&west africa 0.7m,Egypt 1.5m,gorss $11.3m in whole africa,top 4 of all time in Africa
  12. Joker africa box office more like $4m,maybe is top 15-16 of all time in africa country (Egypt 2.5,south africa 1.3,nigeria 0.1,the other 0.1-0.2)
  13. Bohemian Rhapsody is not the highest grossing film in African country,I do some count about highest grossing film in whole africa region(by US dollars) 1.Black Panther 14m 2.Titanic 13m 3.Avengers Endgame 12m 4.Avatar 11m 5.Furious 7 9.6m 6.The fate of the furious 8m 8.jumanji welcome to jungle 7.4m 9.Avengers Infinity War 7m 10.The Avengers 6m
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