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  1. Considering what a big deal Baby Yoda and how well received the finale was arguing cheap looking fantasy that is getting painfully mediocre reviews is a bigger deal than that is....bold.
  2. Outstanding trailer, the last shot was incredible and the action looks so good
  3. And if you did you certainly shouldn't be a target of a post like that from the staff member of this board
  4. People who makes post like that one deserve to be make fun of at all times. That's something a moderator says? YIKES.
  5. It sounds absolutely wonderful and I'm sure the trailer is gonna deliver tonight
  6. People on reddit absolutely love the plot leak so suck on that 'this movie is terrible' brigade
  7. The colors look so vibrant in this, I am so hyped for the trailer and to see Cheetah I hope the reactions are good because the usual attention seeking 'oooh i heard test screening went badly' is just so annoying to read in threads for this movie
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