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  1. That's how movies film though. A one and a half minute scene with 5-6 Avengers talking takes a 15-18 hour day to film. Scarlett says a line focusing on her face, CUT! Then lets pivot to Chris Pratt reacting to that line and....CUT! And then lets pivot to RDJ saying "That's not the point" off of Scarlett's line, CUT! Now let's do the whole thing over from 15 feet away after spending hours blocking that scene and framing the shot and getting lighting right...CUT! These seamless convos are stop/start to begin with and take forever to film. Then you have the fact that a film with
  2. Yeah but Netflix has a different battle to win. It's not about getting additional views for Marriage Story or The Irishman. They are trying to position themselves as a place where directors can bring their most prestigious pictures. Regardless of lack of wins, to spend that money to get two prestige films all over the ballot was a good move. Two years ago they weren't in the conversation for these films, last year Roma was viewed as a one off, now the beacon is lit and any director who wants to make an awards worthy film, *especially* with a big budget and/or difficult concept that might s
  3. I mean Oscars aside, everything from the NBA to the State of the Union ratings are dropping. More and more people are simply cord cutting. Also, the Met Gala has really stolen the fashionistas and has become the premier red carpet of the year. I don't care about fashion so it doesn't really affect my viewership, but the Oscar red carpet has taken a serious back seat to that event. Lastly though I think it's the politics. Progressives don't like the Oscars because it's not diverse enough (although I also suspect they will never appease Twitter and no matter how much t
  4. Happiest I've been with the bulk of the wins in a long time. Very very very happy for Bong/Parasite, Taika/JoJo, Hildur, Joaquin, Elton, etc etc etc. The ceremony itself was cringe-tastic and doubled down on everything the general public has hated about the Oscars recently. Ratings will probably be very low. The GP wants the Oscars to take themselves less seriously (Tom Hanks speech about a museum??!?) and to stop feeling scolded and berated all throughout the show. But they can't help themselves. Re: people in here upset that a foreign film won, either because they
  5. Or, alternatively, the mid-budget movies she's headlined are the best she's been offered. She would have been a top tier Bond girl in the Brosnan era, but the Craig era has focused on an entirely different type of woman. It's so hard for younger leads on gigantic teen television series to really cross over into Hollywood as an A-List star. Nobody young managed it from the The OC, Gilmore Girls (other than Melissa McCarthy but she's obviously not young), Glee, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl. If anything, Blake has been wayyyyy more successful than virtually a
  6. Sure stars in the 80s and 90s could have whiffs, but even in the early 2000s, BO decisions were so different. You'd read your local newspaper film critic, and maybe watch Siskel & Ebert, and then you'd show up to the movie theater and buy a ticket to something. But if that movie was sold out, then you'd glance at the list and say, "oh I've heard of that one, that's the Will Smith movie" and you'd march in sight unseen. So star power was so important purely because it'd breed some degree of familiarity, and many decisions were made split second without knowing anything about the critical
  7. Ahh gotcha. Lupita is so interesting to me because there are all these articles about how Hollywood should try to cast her more and that she isn't getting as many opportunities as white actresses, but I know of many, many "Big 6" studio films she's passed on that she could have easily done with her schedule. Most of them did not end up being good movies so she was probably in the right on most of them, but it's clear that she is being thrown a ton of stuff and Hollywood has been desperate to have her in their projects, but she is only interested in working on very select films. And her Rott
  8. I may be wrong here, but I believe the scheduling conflict was 355 which she signed on to after she was offered Bond. She was offered Bond first, as well as the lead role in a John Woo remake of The Killer, and was circling both seriously with her fans positive she'd be in both. And then ended up signing on to 355 instead, thus cancelling her role in both projects.
  9. Re: Spectre, the more I watch it, the more I am convinced it wasn't the script as much as it was Lea and Christoph being totally miscast in very critical roles. Vs QOS where the problem was the script itself. From the trailers Lashana Lynch looks like she is going to absolutely nail her character, and we've seen little of Ana (which makes me think she'll be onscreen for all of ten minutes) but she's been delivering lately. Hopefully those two can offset Lea, and hopefully Christoph is relegated to one scene and Rami delivers (not really a Rami guy, at all really, but optimistic for him in t
  10. I certainly agree to a large extent, and personally I've been beyond burnt out by the MCU for a long time now and on top of that, star power guaranteeing big numbers really doesn't exist anymore. All I'm saying is that while some in this thread were correct that there isn't a Damon/Bullock level star at the helm, the aggregate collection of actors who were also in big roles in huge recent films will ensure a sense of star power even if the bulk of the actors are more A-/B+ list indie/dramatic type actors rather than the J-Laws and DiCaprios of the world. That's all they need to get the GA's
  11. My wife and I thought Jupiter Ascending was one of the worst films in recent memory, despite our predisposition to the tone/storylines of those kind of films and our respective crushes on Mila and Channing. While usually I can find things I loved about their films even if the film itself didn't work for me, for me that movie was completely irredeemable. It's filming in San Francisco tomorrow though. They'll be here until the 23rd per signs posted all over our downtown, with the working title "Project Ice Cream".
  12. And even then, early marketing reactions could be misleading. Do you have a bunch of young MCU fans going apeshit over Thanos, MJ, and Dax in a trailer together (with Aquaman and Poe on top of that) but then don't show up to the movie because they perceive it as "boring" compared to the standard CB formula they've been eating up? Do trailers barely move the needle but then an older fanbase who doesn't use social media as much shows up in droves and WOM propels it to a big phenomenon film? It's going to be so fun to track. I'm not going to be sure of anything until presales sta
  13. If it could happen for Blake, it would have happened by now though. She's not an Amy Adams whose talent allowed her to grow a career as she got older, she's not a Margot/J-Law/Emma who landed huge movies in their 20s, and she's not a younger Pugh or Zendaya type on the verge of a ginormous breakout. Hollywood sexism is also tied to age. Studios will throw themselves at a young ingenue type but once you hit 30 you better be an Adams/Chastain/Lupita type able to tackle challenging dramatic roles. She's 32 and even if she started filming another project tomorrow, her next film woul
  14. That scene is exactly the same from the opening of the third Uncharted video game. Thus, is there any chance this is simply a fan made hoax, or are they planning on heavily adapting Uncharted 3's plot?
  15. To clarify, I don't want Dune to be anything close to MCU or the JV MCU films other studios are trotting out. Not only am I pretty sick of that vibe and its overexposure in the industry to be honest, and it would never remotely work with the source material. But "fun" does not have to mean MCU humor and color palette and music. Fun means thrilling, compelling characters, engaging. Not just dark and serious and visually beautiful, because in this day and age, that doesn't mean anything to the GA for films (although it works in spades on HBO/streaming, which is why I also think the dream for
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