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  1. You can actually find details on the first cut and what exactly it was like scene by scene. It sounded a lot better and was more linear but the fundamental issues were still there.
  2. John Rocha seems to have loved the movie, and another certified critic gave it a positive review but broke the embargo so it’s removed.
  3. Actually idk. According to some people who’ve seen this early it really focuses on the PTSD angle and it a much more thought provoking movie then it’s being sold as. it could do well.
  4. Hey how is this movie? We looking at a worthy sequel?? Does Jack Nicholson return?
  5. It’s insane how this movie went from 80 to 68 on RT in only about 50 reviews.
  6. Good point. I think it’ll go down to 65. Hobbs and Shaw was similar. It sat at 71-74 for a solid 100 and something reviews then just suddenly dropped to 67.
  7. No trolling. More like about 2-3 hours. It was at 78 then went up to 80 then suddenly dropped to 73. No trolling, that’s just an extremely sharp decline.
  8. Yeah it’s headed for the 60s. that sucks tbh looked like it was gonna be in the 80s for a while.
  9. Alright guys, I just wanna say that a RT reveal means nothing. They do that for tons of stuff these days. a late embargo means nothing, It 1 had a late one and also Hobbs and Shaw had a VERY late one and still got good reviews. the reactions have been fairly positive. It doesn’t really tell us much on what the score will be though. we will just have to see for ourselves tomorrow.
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