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  1. I agree, but overall the decline from TLJ to this one has been around 10 to 15% at least on the first day. It's less than the decline from TFA to TLJ opening days, so does it mean people hated TFA and therefore didn't go to watch TLJ? Of course no 10-15% decline on OW from TLJ to TROS is not good, but surely it's not a disaster as many people are trying to paint. However, if this movie legs turn to be be the same (or worse) than TLJ it means they tried hard to get hide of all TLJ negativity bringing trash fanservice, but ending not receiving a good public reception Of c
  2. Though I don't like Batman V Superman, this is exactly what I see in this situation. Batman v Superman was a fine movie where the director tried to deconstruct their heroes personality and also give to the movie some soul and identity not replicating what was done before It's the same with Last Jedi, Rian tried to bring some action with a worth-thinking nature and making characters having major flaws so they could grow in the history. Meanwhile, Justice League is a garbage action movie full of cheap fight scenes and not a bit of artistic direction. Is the same to TROS.
  3. I agree about A2. But who knows how this franchise will develop ? It may lack a powerful fandom now, but Jurassic World didn't have a rabbit dedicated fanbase and broke the all time record nevertheless
  4. We also have inflation into consideration. From 2008 to 2018 ticket inflation was 26,8% So the same amount of tickets enough to make around 395M today will be enough to challenge 500 MI in 10 years (if ticket inflation stay around the same of this decade)
  5. So: 1989 - Batman ($91,7M) 1992 - Batman Returns ($98,8M) +7,7% increase 1993 - Jurassic Park ($103,4M) +4,6% 1995 - Batman Forever ($108,9M) +5,3% 1997 - JP2: Lost World ($142,9M) +31,2% 2001 - Harry Potter 1 ($144,8M) +1,2% 2002 - Spider-Man 1 ($180,3M) +24,5% 2006 - Pirates 2: DMC ($187,7M) +4,1% 2007 - Spider-Man 3 ($199,9M) +6,4% 2008 - Dark Knight ($200,4M) +2,5% 2012 - Avengers ($236,9M) +18,2% 2015 - Force Awakens ($268M) +13,1% 2019 - A: Endgame ($357M) +33,2% It took 7 years from SM3 to TFA (increase of 34,6%), so I guess we will have A
  6. C- By far the worst Star Wars movie in last 20 years. God how can studio as big as Disney don't know how the hell edit a movie ?
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