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  1. June still seems good to me. Should hopefully die down by then. WW84 has the potential to be the first blockbuster out after this. Movies have always been there to distract and comfort. If not, December is a great date. No matter what happens, this is going to make 1 billion. No release date is going to change that.
  2. That second tweet is weird. Wasn't the guy from the Accountant directing this movie? So it was getting made without Gunn anyway.
  3. Wished the hair colour was a little more distinct than the fur colour. But looks really good. Reminds of the fan/leaked concept art. The Wiig casting looks even better (shoutout to her cat sketch with Kate on SNL lmao). Sadly rumour is that Cheetah only appears for a few minutes and we never get a great look at her.
  4. Where did you get 449.8 from Django from (all I see is 425)? And you left out a pretty big film riding TDK-Nolan hype. Tarantino doesn't draw like Nolan.
  5. *Like I said, major draw like Nolan. 425 is Quentin's highest grosser. That's nothing like Nolan.
  6. The Margot Robbie Hot Ones video is 2nd on YouTube for trending (Canada) with almost 1m views. Let's see if this helps out.
  7. Tarantino isn't a major box office draw like Nolan, who himself is not that big of a draw post-TDK trilogy. And yeah Gunn on his own isn't a draw. But that's what the rest of my OP gets at.
  8. Toxic is good! At least for box office *JOKER*. Now having critics attack TSS would be bad bad. But Brightburn did decent and had Gunn's name everywhere. So hopefully people like Gunn.
  9. Gunn has a dedicated fanbase and is beloved. This is a popular franchise (doesn't matter if the movie sucked, people still know SS and Harley). Combine the two and you get hype for a casting reveal. Add in the fact everyone knows Gunn can fix SS, you get hype for a sequel to a bad movie.
  10. /s? Drama is good people are going to want to support him. Gunn is gonna run this marketing to perfection. The cast reveal was already a banger. He literally regenerated 40% pre-SS release hype with one tweet. I have no concerns for BO for this one.
  11. Harley will still be pushed, but John and Idris will get pushed too (big runs coming off F&F). Then there James Gunn and his name will be everywhere - which will take care of any box office concern. Seriously Gunn is the biggest draw imo.
  12. According to Gail Simone, during the production of BoP, Margit was mastering everything insansely fast. She just went all the way with this. What a G.
  13. Werent you the one who said you would never watch Joker? Why are BOP stans attacking joker now? DC stans gotta stick together.
  14. Literally two hours of anxiety. Watched basketball all my life, I know the Celts were going to win, but I just kept thinking maybe they changed it. Haven't felt this tense during a movie since mad max. Incredible. The safdie bros do it again. Also KG should have been nominated for an Oscar. And Julia Fox wow. This might be the startup of her career and being apart of that is awesome. 8.8/10 (A).
  15. This. People need to relax. I've followed this movie since it was announced. Reality is that it was never hyped. Shazam had more hype. Could great marketing changed that? Sure. But not by much. It's fine that people aren't excited for this. DC isn't marvel. Edit: not being negative just real. I'll still take a well-reviewed film that makes little over trash that sells like crazy like SS.
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