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  1. I wouldn't mind since Joaquin will be such a hard man to follow up in the next 5-8 years. Getting other villains a chance would be great (Deathstroke please). But then again. I really want to see what Matt could do with the Joker. So I'm conflicted in this regard. The mainstream audience probably expects a Battinson vs Joaquin matchup
  2. Love the full look. Need to see it cinematically shot and with Rob now. Also I love how people are saying it looks like cosplay. I've seen mostly ever superhero costume in real life WB studio. They all look like high end cosplay because they are just costumes. Beside black manta which is just dope.
  3. That second tweet is weird. Wasn't the guy from the Accountant directing this movie? So it was getting made without Gunn anyway.
  4. You answered your own question. It's BATMAN he's always going to be hyped. And this looks nothing like the other ones. It's pretty different which is interesting and hype.
  5. The question isn't how many years has it been since we had Batman movie, it should be how years has it been since we had a good Batman movie.
  6. Does the cowl not have ears? The logo doesn't so that might make sense. Plz have bat ears, it would look weird without them.
  7. Honestly DC has just as many famous before CBM as Marvel. Attracting talent is not a problem lmao. I mean just look at the JOKER cast. Two acting legends side by side. I mean already famous movie stars in major roles in CBM: DC: Joaquin Robert Pattinson The Rock Ben Affleck Will Smith Margot Robbie Kevin Costner/MoS in general. Marvel: RDJ Benedict cumberbatch Josh Brolin Cate (not really major role) Kurt Russell (not really major role) Natalie Portman Who else?
  8. Wished the hair colour was a little more distinct than the fur colour. But looks really good. Reminds of the fan/leaked concept art. The Wiig casting looks even better (shoutout to her cat sketch with Kate on SNL lmao). Sadly rumour is that Cheetah only appears for a few minutes and we never get a great look at her.
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