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  1. Months are its release and JOKER still lives rent free in the minds of haters. The greatest film of the 2010s. A masterpiece. I only wish i could go back to October 4 and watch it for the first time again. My life changed after it.
  2. At this point Netflix should probably start their own awards show. Hollywoid is never going to do them any favours.
  3. Netflix made pictures were never going to be frontrunners at the Oscars. I mean Roma lost last year and that might have been the greatest piece of art in the 2010s.
  4. For sure. But Bong just said one of the greatest quotes in hollywood history. Parasite was always going to be robbed. But hopefully Bong's quote pushes the boundaries for foreign films in Hollywood in the future.
  5. Why do people have a problem with Ricky? Honestly i see no problem with his jokes. Imo it just seems that some of you are just as stuck up as the Hollywood celebs. Ricky isn't some obnoxious ahole. Hollywood fking sucks and is an awful place. Weinstein happened. Making a joke in front of the ppl that let it happen and calling them out takes balls. I see no reason to dislike Ricky.
  6. Lmao the nolan ripoff scores two wins. What a joke. At least Joaquin won. Proves cinema still matters.
  7. I think Cameron fans are in for a rude awakening once, or more accurately, if, Avatar 2 gets released. Avatar 2 is not going to break records, the mainstream audience does not care for a sequel of a movie made a decade ago. Nor do they care for Cameron, unless of course he's making stupid comments. Without the box office defence, Cameron stans are done.
  8. Other studios do care about art, even a little. Its why Nolan can make a 250 million dollar film with WB. Disney would never shed that for nolan or any director if it wasnt for a mcu or star wars movie.
  9. Screw Black Adam vs Shazam. I wanna see The Rock v. Henry Cavill and Jason Momoa: Dawn of the Bicep.
  10. The merchandise numbers have never been legit. No source has provided accurate measurements, they all vary. Its not a good measure of popularity.
  11. What's everyone's favourite and least favourite cbm of 2019? My favourite is Joker. Least, even though I'm a hardcore spider-man fan, is Far from Home.
  12. Black Adam's been trying to get going since Rock was cast (10 years ago). But I get your point. I hope this is good man. I've been taming my expectations with the Rock's track record. But the potential characters involved makes this my second most anticipated movie after the Batman.
  13. HBO will develop another GOT type audience. It's HBO. Sure they won't get GOT numbers but they'll get close. Its foolish to think the best entertainment brand in the world needs a single show. Also hardcore fans may never come back. But the announcement of house of the dragon blew up. Mainstream audiences will watch regardless. I, like others, will also check it out.
  14. I think, as MoS proved, while Zack can make great visuals, he fails to be a visual storyteller. I think a great example is Nolan. Nolan tends to tell three stories and then tie them together visually (see the saving Reese scene in TDK). Snyder just cannot tell a coherent story visually without trying to do too much.
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