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  1. Jesus the ignorance. MCU stans are jusy as bad as Snyder stans. Change my mind. You realize that, week of the release, the big outlets were talking about JOKER?
  2. Is there a reason he can't say Darkseid? I just feel like this is snyder - again- trying to act like he knows more than us (unsurprising given his MoS and BvS comments).
  3. No i agree with that. I should have clarified that well-received DC movies have been fine. But,as others have mentioned, Snyder really squandered the potential of a DC universe.
  4. Its not the october date. You could have released it now and it would have made good money. The release date didn't make JOKER, disney doesn't understand that. They can only follow in DC's footsteps and attempt to replicate the magic. Which they will fail to do so, as darkness isn't their ally.
  5. Yep. If its bad, people are going to act like this never happened and WB is going to take the financial hit if they put some money on this cut. If it's even close to Joostice league quality or a little better, Snyderists will claim that WB should have released this instead. If it's way better, then everyone will scream why this wasn't released instead, and WB, after 3 straight wins, does not need that. WB can't really win this unless its option 1 and they spent little to nothing. IMO, this just ruins the momentum for the future DC which looks so bright because they push
  6. This x1000. They cant even spell their saviour's name right. Even Jason got it wrong. Also, I feel like Grace is just trying to get some clout. Nothing new.
  7. It's crazy, I supported the Snyder Cut after JL was released, signed the petition and all. But I kinda wish it isn't released. Of course its going to be bad anyway, but Snyder fans are so toxic. It's hard to support a cause when the people behind it ignorantly believe their toxicity is validate because its helping "creative freedom". Like right now they think they're making a statement to WB by having #ReleasetheSnyderCut trend on twitter, without realizing most top executives are not working on a Sunday. Imagine if Steppenwolf had an actor's face like in the comics and wasn't cgi. Obv
  8. If the snyder cut is released, WB better cut out all of Darkseid's scene. Snyder does not understand the character and would have ruined Seid's first live action appearance. I trust DuVernay more than him. Can't wait for the cut to be worse than Josstice league. Suicidal Batman baby, drunk aquaman, wonder woman failing to save people.
  9. I think it has more to do with ticket prices. If a movie costs $13, you know I'm going to something I know I'll like. Blame cinemas and their greed. If movies were $5-8, it would balance out the entire box office (unlike now where it is top heavy with a big drop subsequently).
  10. A thread dedicated to systemic oppression and discrimination. Disgusting.
  11. The 2020s are going to be all WB/DC. Joker has set the table. The bell has been rung. All will die for DC to live. So erect right now ngl.
  12. It's because people are failing to defend the mcu on the basis of quality (which the original quotes refer to) and instead are using box office as a measure of qaulity and as a defence. Really sad. I think people should let it gooooo. Comicbooks have never been seen as true literature nor worth studying until really recently, and we have had Alan moore and Atwood on them. I don't know why people expect Hollywood elite to treat CBMs as the art they are. Art has always been for the elites. Not the ones who constantly challenge it.
  13. I think that would become odd. It's better if the character just existed solely and was not predated by another.
  14. I'm glad JOKER showed that joker can exist without Batman. Too many people in the comic book fandom that thought otherwise. Glad they were proven wrong. When together, both elevate one another. But they can exist alone.
  15. Light R is the new PG13 anyway. I think the roof for this is 950m. Floor is 700m.
  16. I'll gladly be in the minority if the majority holds these types of opinions. I'm done here.
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