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  1. There's the box office defence. Box office does not equate quality (and no I don't care if you mean that it shows that how many people loved it, you stated that marvel movies are better; thus, we are discussing quality). And I dont need to spin anything unless if you really think SS is better than Ad astra. Cinemascore is not indicative of quality. So isn't imdb and thats my point. You cant cite these review metrics as a measure of quality. That was the joke in my OP. Everything is subjective, but I'm not gonna argue with someone who thinks mcu movies are better than TDK. It's poin
  2. That's quite the subjective fact my friend. *Pulls out TDK card*. Heck I don't even need TDK, Joker is better. Now thats a fact. And cinemascore is less reliable than imdb in this case. Horror movies do worse. Also SS has a B+ and Ad Astra has a B-. So which one is really better?
  3. Uhmm but there was marvel and marvel movies. I was a fan of the comics long before any of these movies came out. This isn't new, heck it reminds me of the vertigo age. But yeah we'll just have to wait and see.
  4. Anyone who follows comics knows the D.C. marvel thing is a trend. D.C. dominates for two decades, Marvel for one. Then it repeats. Again and again. And the trinity is still better than known than most marvel characters. Superman is still synonymous with superhero. Batman is batman. WW has a large following, and more than most Marvel characters beside spiderman and iron man. There's a reason those characters are still relevant after theres been so many actors in the role. They are timeless and in 2025, the war will begin to swing towards DC. It is what happens.
  5. If done right, WW, SS, and Batman would be three straight billion dollar films for DC/WB.
  6. Welp. My point is dead now. I think I'll cite imdb in response 😂👍. Never said that.
  7. True. But I liked the "You wouldn't get it" joke between him and Bruce. Great easter egg. So it was worth it for at least that imo.
  8. I'm curious are you upset by the content she is given, her role, and/or the frequency of which she appears with? And De Niro is a stand out. So is Gary. Frances. It's sort of like Heath Ledger, everyone wants to talk about the Joker performance because it is iconic that it overshadows the rest of cast, even though they are great.
  9. The screentime a female character in a film is irrelevant when judging it. How is that a weird sentiment? I'm sure by your other comments that you'd agree if the genders were reversed (ie female lead with WHITE male supporting). And if you watch the movie, you'll realize that zazie is also a notable character and the second most important one. Also, JP deserves all the praise. Its his film. Hence why this isn't an ensemble ala TDK. Nonetheless, everyone brings their A game and all actors/actresses deserve praise. JP does not elevate everyone, they play off one another to put elevat
  10. By that logic TDK should be out of your top 20 too considering that Maggie is a just a tool in the film. I don't understand why people always feel the need to bring in irrelevant information when judging a film. "I dont like non linear narratives so pulp fiction sucks". "Fight club has too much fighting so 5/10".
  11. This year CBM: 1)Joker, 9.9/10. 2)Shazam, 8.2/10 3)Teen titans vs TTG, 8/10 4)EG, (8/10) 5)FFH, (7) 6)CM, (6/10).
  12. Lmao. And I said MCU. Dark knight is better than Joker. Iw and EG are nothing compared to Joker. BUT, I don't even wanna get into this. Clearly your opinions differ from mine greatly and none of us will agree with the other one nor change our opinion. My top 10 CBM: DK Joker Logan BB SM1 SM2 V for Vendetta CW WW Avengers 1 Have a good day.
  13. Insult to what? Shazam was a memorable movie that is the most Donner Superman like movie ever. If that isn't real cinema, then what is?
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