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  1. 8.4/10, A-. A little slow at the beginning even for my taste. Was hoping for more Margot, but man Leo and Brad were exceptional.
  2. Thanks guys. Genuinely curious about the European vs American critics discrepancy now. Nevertheless, I am glad the world is enjoying the movie.
  3. 9.2/10. The only movie that made me cry (well toy story 3 too). I would go higher but the ending just seemed way to simplified. I wish we could have seen Jonathan's original ending.
  4. 9.9/10. Arthur being bloodied and smiling at the end there is the greatest Joker moment ever.
  5. I'm not worried about the not great reception from the test screening. The movie out in June. If it happens to still be lukewarm by January, I'll panic. I trust Patty.
  6. Joker tickets are hot, hot, hot! Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver: AVX - Friday (1048/2538), 41%. Regular - Friday (422/1234), 34%. Added late. Cineplex Strawberry Hill: AVX - Friday (252/946), 27%. Regular - Friday (262/830), 32%. Added late. Cineplex Metropolis: AVX - F (608/1638), 37%. Regular - F (235/1114), 21%. Added late. Landmark New Westminster: Regular - F (64/102, 55/120, 66/92 ~ early showings, 90/120, 80/92, 92/102, 113/120, 80/86, 76/81, 75/86, 87/102, 103/120, 71/86
  7. This was posted so late! Now i cant do my predictions :(. 102m for Joker.
  8. Oh I agree with that he takes it too far. I mean he probably watched one movie and thought it was applicable to all, which is totally wrong. Like others have mentioned, part of the frustration must come with box office, not just for him but a lot of great directors.
  9. I think after decades of shaping cinema and infleucing a generation of filmmakers, Scorsese would???? Lol. And sure the experiences differ. Scorsese and I believe from experience that most mcu movies offer nothing. Even suicide squad offers nothing. That it isn't real cinema, or at least to me, meaningful or influential. Scorsese is one of the greatest directors of all time. From his experience (which is greater than all of ours combined), mcu movies are incomparable to real cinema such as taxi driver the departed etc. You can't judge him for that. Disagree sure, your e
  10. Imagine equating box office to quality. Don't doubt Scorsese and his thoughts. He's spent decades defining cinema. Put some respect on his name. Forget your fanboying.
  11. 😂 Also Scorsese point remains. 60% of the mcu is not real cinema. So isn't suicide squad nor josstice league for mcu stans about to troll me. Other movies such as Guardians and Avengers are exceptions, but I don't expect Scorsese to know these.
  12. That's like a perfect rating for all those movies. Brazil has hreat taste wow. I predicted 14m, which resets the weekend a bit: Ima go with: 13.3/29-34/25-30/22-25/= 89.3-102.3.
  13. I'd like to nominate myself. I believe that I could actually moderate the rules objectively.
  14. Realistically no other one off character would create similar hype, it would have to be the people involved. A lex Luthor - Bradley Cooper lead and directed would be a great follow up. The Question - Birdman style film, no cuts. Lead by Guy Pearce, directed by David fincher. Blackhawk is still a possibility. Lobo - Michael bay lol? A Lucifer movie would be cool. The series has had some success. I don't know who would be involved though. These are some of my thoughts. Low budgets that can make 250-300m. Bonus: A
  15. I suspect the total for today will be 14m. Incredible film. 9.9/10, as a Joker fan, this is everything I never knew I wanted out of an origin story. Has flaws, but man this movie gets you feeling (and the flaws are really minor). The only 10/10 for me is the dark Knight.
  16. What are the walk up numbers like? I feel like people will line up for this over the weekend.
  17. How should one prepare for the violence/horror? Like is there a movie with similar violence? I don't want to sit in the theatre and have to waste 5 minutes adjusting to the violence lmao.
  18. Well that has economic incentives, but the point still remains. My question is where did the post go? Am i blind or did it get deleted?
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