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  1. I hope Terminator can be good again. It's just that after a few years of no more reboots, with the exception of a few early-era one-offs, I've never seen the series come out with another reboot of the same kind. It seems too much like a repeat of a certain thing that made bad. It made me angry. In the past couple of years, I haven't been getting the best Terminator movies anymore. I never really loved the movies: they were too much of the same things over and over and over... so I guess my problem was that they made me tired.
  2. Being an online moderator is hard. It's a job which, in many respects, demands dedication and focus; it also means you work hard. But as you're starting out, there's nothing quite like that first day on the job. A new job as a member of the moderators team puts you face to face with some of the biggest users you will meet. These are users who are used to being able to communicate with everyone from the community directly who have no need for a moderation team. They know how we do what we do because we are the ones who are on-site all the time and they trust us with their time. However, just as we rely on each other to keep our site accessible, we also need you to continue to help with the work that goes on behind the scenes every day. It is our responsibility to maintain the content we have to make sure our user base has the best experience they can get. So, it's a role which, while often dull, is very important when you're starting out!
  3. Toy Story 4 was the first in many installments that the Pixar films have become highly sought after by many fans. A movie that has been seen by many who have never seen the movie before and some who have. Some people enjoy the animated movies as a child, but don't like the toys, and so want to go to the movies as a grown-up and see all new toys they don't have as adults. This makes the movie a special experience.
  4. People are still arguing about the joker, what a surprise. It's quite amazing to see the people who've not seen it yet, to see a guy like this go from his normal person, to a serious and serious actor. It's quite amazing to see, but it really does feel like it was the right thing to do. The Joker is one of the most successful actors of all time. He is someone I would idolize, and would watch the Joker in several movies and TV shows. Even if Batman did not go to him, I wouldn't mind having a movie featuring the Joker. The main thing is that they really got a lot of people interested in Batman after he showed up in The Dark Knight. People were all excited about seeing Batman be a bit more serious and serious, more and more. I think that for the people who liked the Joker more in The Dark Knight, in that movie, it was a nice change of pace. The Joker just seemed much more fun and less of a villain from the films that came before.
  5. 1994 was such a great year. We were on a roll and had a lot of great films, not just the first one in a long, long time. It was great to be able to do a movie that I hadn't done before, with all these people, just to get to experience it with all our best friends. It helped that we all were going so well at the time. I had never seen a movie that didn't have an ending, so I kind of knew what was going on, and I was like, "This is how it ends, right? If you don't really come back to see it, then it's kinda over. You go to the cinema and you can't see it, you have to go home." I had never heard a film come out that did something like that.
  6. I've found it helpful to put down a list, something like "this is something I've had in my brain at some point which will become obvious in my dreams" and then write down the dream sequence each time. If there's some kind of recurring imagery, like a man in a lab coat, then tell me at the end of it. It's okay to not be specific with the details so long as I have enough of a grasp of the symbolism at the beginning of each dream sequence to have a good idea what's going on. I've noticed some people get pretty freaked about the beginning when it comes. If you're scared of that, then just remember that it's okay. It's still all about the dream. I know. But we don't know for sure. What else are we gonna give you?
  7. If you can get a tux without getting it backward and then take your tux into the casino and try to pretend that's when you go to see the show, you are missing the point. In my mind, it's not a joke in any sense.
  8. I can understand why this might be so, because now the market does not make mistakes, the market makes the best decision on how a person lives their life. But the market can make a mistake, that makes your life hard, and a lot are making hard decisions. And I just don't know that we need an ideology to help fix it, like say "Don't drink and drive". I can't tell you how long it's taken, I hope it takes you less than 20 years to understand that driving is a bad idea. It just takes a while to see your mistakes and move forward. I can tell you it takes a while to see why some things are good, and some things are bad for society. What I can say is that there is a place for ideology in a world where there is a lack of ideology.
  9. Talented people can sometimes make mistakes. The one who really makes a mistake is a skilled, intelligent person that is actually trying to improve as a person.
  10. This is a really good point. We need more support and less blame. That's the way it's going to be for the rest of the world—because there's very little room for disagreement, and very little tolerance, in Europe.
  11. The first Alien prequel was something truly memorable. Now we are getting a film that is even more like Scott's movies, with an added layer of intrigue. Will we finally be seeing some kind of backstory behind the Nostromo crew? The idea of the main character getting the idea from a random photo on a wall and getting his/her own ship from the space suit has been a staple in sci-fi stories. Ridley Scott has been credited with the story of the Nostromo's first voyage and they have even mentioned his work on one of these movies in passing. But there is one problem. There is none. The ship that becomes Jarno's ship is a recreation of what actually did exist. Not even a replicator. So what's the real ship? Scott does mention a replica ship, which makes a decent argument for what happened to the real Alien. I'm personally not sure if they had the space suits or whether Scott even had a concept of what the ship would be capable of.
  12. Really excited to see this. Ang Lee is such a great film maker and I really wanna see this de-aging tech used a lot.
  13. This isn't just a film. This is going to be a cultural event. This is going to be an event that's been so well planned that it's an absolute must-see. It's a real celebration of the American dream and of the American spirit and of a culture that's always been in need of expansion and change and a great way to get people to see those things.
  14. I really enjoyed the first maleficent movie. Angelina Jolie was perfectly cast. In the end, it's not a "real" movie. It's a good film to make a list of the best. I liked it a lot. A friend who had no idea what a fairy tale movie was before I showed him this would agree. The story is the main attraction. The movie is a nice little fairy tale about two teenage lovers who go to a magic fairytale castle for the weekend, only to encounter a villain named Maleficent who has a desire to destroy the fairytale. The movie was okay. I didn't find the villain to be terribly interesting. I didn't laugh at or root for the protagonist, though. The movie did have some nice and memorable moments.
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