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  1. I think regardless of what one might think of the overall film,we can (or should) all agree that “Show Yourself” is a powerful culmination of Elsa’s ark that began with the first film.For a sequel not planned from the beginning to have such a moment that deserves some credit.It’s a scene I know many people relate to and are moved by,and it’s a testament to the writers in how they approached the sequel, writing it from the inside out.
  2. It’s interesting that both Toystory4 and Frozen 2 deal with a similar character journey for their respective protagonist.Both Woody and Elsa are trying to find their next step and purpose in life.I think TS4 did it better in the first half, were you feel for Woody feeling purposeless but F2 made you feel the culmination of that ark more,with the powerful scene of “show yourself”.
  3. After having just watched the film,I’ve noticed three elements that really stand out.The art direction,the songs as a tool for character insight,and the character animation.In particular the character animation;there’s some scenes where I forget that I’m watching “cartoon characters”.All of those elements standout together, in one the greatest musical moments that I’ve ever seen in “Show Yourself”.
  4. I always felt that finding dory is very underrated.Plot wise from the external perspective it may be familiar, but thematically it goes to some bold places, think of the scene where dory is alone in the deep black ocean with her memory fading away.What I love as well about the film is the fact that unlike most films where the sequels get bigger finding dory gets smaller from its predecessor and more thematically internal.
  5. It looks to me like it’s going to have the average Disney animation revival score.
  6. It occurred to me,reviews don’t have a say in the fate of a films chance to be nominated for best picture.........................if your live action.
  7. Maybe I’m ignorant, but I’m genuinely curious as to why or how “joker” is doing so well at award shows despite the not so positive reviews it received from a lot of reviewers.
  8. For a fourth sequel that was not planned from the original as a whole narrative,that deserves praise.(I guarantee it comes from Andrew Stanton with his analytical writing mind.)
  9. It’s not as cinematically exciting as “toy story 3“(there’s no big epic climax in a fire pit)but when It comes to the writing aspect, it may be the best from all the other toy storys. It’s the one that asks the most challenging questions for the characters to deal with.
  10. So basically expectations causes disappointments;something that’s relevant to everything in life.
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