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  1. There is not better date than October, but of course those special people are going to give the most priority to a fucking obviously future flop. Villeneuve has done nothing to warrant this besides flops. I hope this backfires big time and then I can laugh. They could easily have moved Dune to April 21st (or December?). But let's be slow and let Bond and Disney take all those dates. This is moving to 2022 now.
  2. So fucking annoying and predictable. I wish warner and this movie all the worst. Of course they were going to wait for Disney , Bond and all the companies to move their films and then give the Batman date to this thing.
  3. I wonder what is warner pretending. They want to prove they are superwarner or what ? Now wait for them giving priority to Dune on october and moving Batman. They should've been the first to move Wonder Woman and Dune, but hey let's wait until all the dates are taken
  4. It's ridiculous. Anyone can create a blog or a twitter account (including me), then say they are an insider and the internet will run with it. Who knows when the next movie will come and the actual movie hasn't been released... but they thinking that the executives are thinking right now in a new actor. lol
  5. Warner was blocking the trailer in other accounts, ______ And most important they are using ads (funny that this important fact is not mentioned), that's the reason why the low likes for Dune despite the high views on the warner channels. They didn't use youtube ads for the Batman trailer Batman trailer was viral, Dune it's not and it's not remotely close to the batman trailer views https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=the+batman&sp=CAMSBAgEEAE%3D https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=dune&sp=CAMSBAgEEAE%3D
  6. B or B+ wow what a difference, !!!! No one gives a fuck about CinEMAscoRE And all my favorites movies probably have a "low score" according to it anyways
  7. So if flops in China, what could be the prediction? In Latin America it keeps getting delayed.
  8. ^ And probably more time. This is a BIG movie, and maybe there may be old people in the crew too. All the more reason they need to take precautionary measures inside and outside their jobs.
  9. Again it is, including UK. Just because you don't care about this doesn't mean it's good. You came quickly to quote me and talk to me about agendas but you are not interested now. OT, Wear masks if you are going to be outside in places that could be risky. This is not an agenda, just a little advice.
  10. Yes it is. Especially if you are making a movie like this, standard precautions must not stop. Zoe knows it. Colin knows it. And you missed the other part of the post I quoted Imagine talking about agendas when we are losing friends (or family members) due to this virus.
  11. They both are a mess, always in the streets without mask. At least we always see Zoe using mask I hate rich people being irresponsible.
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