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  1. Them, and especially certain cult. I have had to use the block button like never before these last days.
  2. Lol marvel stans are not the ones behind the horrible vitriol and disgusting comments this movie has had to suffer.
  3. I'm a fan of Margot Robbie and I love her Harley, so at least I'm relieved that she'll have Suicide Squad the next year lol 2021 is shaping to be a big year for them with Batman and SS and this just is going to benefit the Harley Quinn character, and Gunn is already a proved CBM director. So they can still make a successful movie focusing on Harley, but please let it be just her or with her real team and going full villains. And not giving MR full control, this only for proven directors imo
  4. The zombies movie is going to be a critical panned flop, and there is probably no one in Hollywood more over than Snyder right now. He's not getting a big project anytime soon and listing *producer* credits won't change this fact. Next i'm over it here OT: Anywaysss.. the fact that I haven't heard anyone talk about this movie here yet, crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if flops outside the US. Warner it's time to raise the standard with the promo the next time.
  5. Weinstein has nothing to do with my post, and he is dead and not a director. *There is probably no one in Hollywood more over than Snyder*! I'm saying it louder now.
  6. I've only seen two drags so far (because someone on my TL is giving likes). One is a critic from The Playlist and the other is a next... And a mixed reaction. Indiewire people are silent.
  7. Damn all was lifted so early. Shazam's social media reactions: MAR 07, 2019 Shazam's reviews: MAR 23, 2019 Release: APR 05, 2019
  8. Yes I do, and embargo was lifted just a day earlier (if i'm not wrong reviews came the next day), so does matters?? And I dont trust bloggers that's why i said critics
  9. Don't lie, I remember like yesterday Lion King getting panned, those critics dragging the movie. You sounds pressed I've only seen as 7 tweets by RT critics, but if the rest of reactions are like this I can see it putting a Shazam
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