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  1. It was so hard 1000 theaters A24? Annoying shit
  2. -56% Judy 2nd monday made $569k with 1,458 theaters (more than double). Not an expert, but this looks great to me.
  3. Happy for the great reception of The Lighthouse on twitter .
  4. Correct. Los Angeles - 2 New York - 2 Washington - 1 Fairfax - 1 Boston - 1 San Francisco - 1 https://tickets.thelighthouse.movie/
  5. The Farewell has no bigger buzz than The Lighthouse, not even close. But this is about openings, no legs. The Lighthouse feels much bigger than TF in internet by really far. It's getting super hyped since Cannes. Also, I don't know how much influence has that it's being presented at every festival. And almost 3mil ratings on Letterboxd, Idk how many of those come from free-screenings. Jojo Rabbit is even more surprising since it's having bigger TV promos and it's PG-13 + Taika being popular
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