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  1. My prediction for weekly because daily numbers will be impossible and too complicated as there are too many factors. Week 5 will increase 10-20% rather than dropping 10% at least because next week starting from Monday already school holidays. Week 6 will increase again 30% because New Year and bank holidays obviously will affect 31th December, 1st and 2nd January. Week 8 also will dropping only 5-10% or probably stay flat because Coming of Age holiday and 14th day every month discount. It makes 140m total with that scenario but it probably will do better with 20-25% drop for rest of its run. 150m will be reachable.
  2. I don't think there was any holiday last week, still can reach 35-40% drop from LW or maybe this week is an exam time in there. From friday this week until early January will be interesting to follow because SW9 also will open and surely some local animation also will try to take advantage of those winter holidays.
  3. Those week 6 and 7 should get much better increase than that with upcoming school and new year holidays. If it keeps dropping only 15% next 2 weeks, >140m should be possible.
  4. Actual total OS after this weekend 723.6m, 5.2m weekly and only 39.1% drop from LW. It should easily reach 730m with that kind of drop and winter holidays. Possibly 7-8m more, dont know how much awards season will help.
  5. Winter holidays should be a bit bigger than spring break imo, if I have to guess it will double its weekdays on previous week. Then on new year week with holidays, it will be even bigger than that probably 1.5x.
  6. I'm thinking at least 375m Dom and 475m OS. WW1 number in Europe is really weak, so 30m increase is possible. With rapid increase on Asian market probablycan contribute 30-40m more from the first one and with this trailer premiere in Brazil, I wish it can get Joker numbers in there.
  7. For this to get >150m, it has to maximize weekdays schoool holiday in late December and early January holidays. It should get at least 125m on 5th January, to get >150m total. While my projection still in 130-140m, school holidays is massive for this movie demographic and it will be decider for final gross. After winter holidays it should be already 80-90% of total gross. Competition is also interesting with SW9 and probably some local animated movie release to compete for demographic and total seats.
  8. Can't compare with Frozen 1 because it was not releasing on the same period of time. In latter December and early January, weekend won't be as important compared to weekdays.
  9. It's still can get better latter today towards high 20's%, but now seems like already 32-33% decrease. If tomorrow only increase 5-10% as what animation movie usually does then possibly 40-45% decrease over last weekend I guess. Next weekend is another discount day (14th day of the month) on Saturday, so it should hold very well around 10-15% drop again before SW9 comes to theater on 20th December. Also I don't know if any big local release on next week or on same time as SW9 release.
  10. 8.4m weekly, update increase 700k from Sunday number. 40% drop over LW. 10-12m more at least.
  11. I'm a bit busy for this past few days, so can't bother to post here. Frozen 2 Sunday number was fantastic, I expect 50% increase but didn't expect it will increase nearly 100% lol. Anyway this past 2 weekend confirm this kind of movie weekdays number isn't that important. Weekend and in minor scale Wednesday will show how it drops each week. Weekdays will become important again once winter school holidays start.
  12. Last weekend Sat+Sun was 1.210.000 admission, Friday was 242.430.
  13. Surely increase, let's say using last weekend avg ticket on weekend is ¥1.335. Tomorrow avg tix is ¥1.100, only need 370k for tomorrow to match today total gross.
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