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  1. Charlie gives approx of joker daily gross in foreign market in Monday. If this follows to Tuesday, then yeah that 38.4m is true, coupled with good hold possibly in Latin America, Europe and Japan. Anyway in Friday, screendaily will release it's weekday gross.
  2. Nah that's too low If it's just until Tuesday then big chance it will be in 740-750m after Sunday.
  3. If it's true then surely 625m+ locked I mean 392.9 + at least 25m wed to thu + 75m weekend = 492.9 in Sunday.
  4. Yeah 39m for 3 days seems too low. Think about it again maybe 39m in two days is true if it get 22m in Monday ( inflated because Japan holiday) and 17 in Tuesday. It needs many countries to hold 20-30% week to week drop to get that though.
  5. BOM update Joker foreign total as of 15 October 392.9m total So 38.2 million from Monday-Tuesday That's insane Whattt !!! Even I predict only 55m for Mon-Thu 😮 No way that number only for Monday to tuesday, surely from Monday to Wednesday. https://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?page=intl&id=joker2019.htm
  6. Solid Thursday for joker, should get 90 tomorrow, 150 saturday and 130 sunday to pass 4.5 million admission. Maybe 200-300k admission after that.
  7. Wait, what ? So 3m from Monday-Wednesday, How ? Last week I recall it make 4.2 from weekdays So is there any holiday or school breaks ?
  8. 35m ? Thursday 4.4 Friday 10.56 (+140%) Saturday 14.78 (+40%) Sunday 10 (-32%)
  9. Joker should hit at least 715m+ on Sunday( pessimistic standard ) should be more actually like in 725-740m range
  10. If it can get 4.4 tomorrow and 10 Friday. Then on Sunday it will cross that.
  11. Japan - Thursday Another great hold for Joker only drop 21% from last week and 29% from yesterday. Should be 20.5-21m today. Will be 24m+ after Sunday. When I track aquaman week to week hold often in 35-45% but this movie make 20-25% hold seems so easy. 35m seems likely. 40m is possible, and there is small chance for 45 if it maintain this hold for another month.
  12. Hopefully it can still reach 10m come Friday.
  13. When I look again tdkr and tdk gross in Europe, joker performance although it's crazy shouldn't be much surprise that Europe account for 60% of it's market. Craziest thing about Joker performance maybe is in every country of Europe,Joker will become highest grossing solo superhero movie in 2019 except Hungary I guess ( will be quite difficult ). Also its Europe total > Shazam WW 😮
  14. Is there any particular website that Italian usually put their review of the movie ? Would love to see joker audience score compared to maleficent and other superhero movie.
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