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  1. Also interesting thing to note: Frozen II is now the highest grossing movie with female-only leads (if I'm not mistaken)
  2. I hope it manages to reach $500M domestic & $1,500M WW
  3. A pity that it's gonna get so close to $1.5bn worldwide and $500M domestically, but will likely not reach it 😕
  4. Man, $500M for Frozen 2 would be amazing. I hope it pulls through
  5. So I guess this settles Frozen’s crown as the biggest animated franchise internationally. Although an argument for Despicable Me /Minions could also be made.
  6. Gavin Feng also said something like this a few days ago: The whole futuristic aesthetic of the Prequel Trilogy was much more appealing to the Chinese market than the Sequel Trilogy, which has pretty much only focused on barren and empty planets. But ofc Disney/Lucasfilm for some reason tries to avoid acknowledging the prequels as much as possible, so they doubled down on the original trilogy nostalgia, which evidently didn’t really work outside of TFA in not only China, but in many other emerging markets. Which is also why I don’t think The Mandalorian is really building back goodwill for the Star Wars brand on a global scale. TM is pretty much a sci-fi Western, so it’s very appealing to Star Wars’ core fans in North America, where also most of the buzz and hype is coming from. But I personally doubt that it would be as appealing to international audiences as it is to Star Wars’ core market, so I hope Lucasfilm doesn’t just think that the next right thing to do is to make movies like The Mandalorian, because that’s getting lots of hype right now, cause I really can’t see movies like that exciting audiences worldwide.
  7. Agreed, It’s gonna be very tricky. Continuing to please older fans will most likely lead to further decline and diminishing box office returns, but would be the “safer” option, at least initially, while trying something new and fresh could capture the attention of new audiences, especially in emerging market, but it could also completely backfire in that everyone, new and old, rejects that approach. LF/Disney has some crucial decisions to make.
  8. I would argue that we didn’t even get spectacles as epic as the Battle of Bastards with the Sequel Trilogy. Honestly, even the final battle in TROS with all those thousands of ships and Star Destroyers felt very underwhelming. So I don’t really trust Lucasfilm to deliver something like what you describe with the new Star Wars movies, especially not with the first movie, where they would first need to establish the timeline and the new characters & setting. General audiences have no clue what The Old Republic is about. Also based on how Lucasfilm is developing Star Wars right now (Sequel Trilogy, The Mandalorian, Jedi: Fallen Order), everything is pointing towards another “small-scale” or Western-ish Star Wars story and not to the Galaxy-spanning true sci-fi epic that you seem to want.
  9. So does Frozen II have a chance at topping Finding Dory’s domestic gross or will it end up somewhere lower?
  10. So TROS is not even gonna make into the top 10 overseas grossers of this year... Disney/Lucasfilm really needs to work on Star Wars´ international appeal with their future projects. Because this is really not promising for future Star Wars movies.
  11. Yep, this also concerns me. I hope Disney & Lucasfilm don’t expect the new movies to reach $1bn right out of the gate just because 4 out of 5 Disney SW will have done so (assuming TROS reaches that mark too), cause otherwise they’ll probably go into panic mode and hectic short-term decisions is not what Star Wars needs right now.
  12. Could TFA even have grossed significantly more than $936M? (I’d consider anything above $40M significant at that stage) Imo, TFA already had everything going for it: It had a great calendar configuration, great WOM and critical reception and weak competition. I feel like it pretty much reached the peak of what realistically can be reached at today’s domestic box office. Ofc I’m open for someone with more BO knowledge than me proving me wrong, but I think TFA already reached the highest possible gross at the domestic box office for today’s market.
  13. I think for the immediate future, Lucasfilm will focus on the Disney+ platform and will use it to build back a lot of goodwill from the fans and I guess also from the GP. Kinda damage control if you wanna call it like that. Regarding theatrical movies, I think they’ll go dark. It seems like they want to move away from the Skywalker Saga for future theatrical movies, so I think they’ll be quiet on that front first, cause they really need to make sure that the next trilogy / set of movies has a well-thought-out plan, a good story, characters that click and a strong hook. Because, assuming LF really completely moves away from the main saga, those next movies won’t have any nostalgia to help so the movies themselves have to be strong. Yeah, it will still be called Star Wars, but it will also likely be sort of a reboot or a re-launch of the franchise and it’s never easy to start a new franchise.
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