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  1. indonesian do just like italian,government stop school and work,but everybody go to beach and mountain .
  2. now yall instead of worrying how many dead already around the world.why not start from our self with washing hands at least 20 seconds with soap and running water,showering and avoid a crowded place.
  3. i can see china actually will be the strongest economically country now.their manufacture is back to normal meanwhile the other country shut down......at least they can start export mask and sanitizer now....
  4. even tho cold and flu can kill as much as corona,but corona is the "IT" and hits right now......
  5. well beer contain alcohol to sanitize,since apparantly all hand sanitizer already a lot gone from public...lol
  6. whatever the new date,it will keep touch billion.......
  7. bad for them promotion cost tho...they need to redo the promotion near the date and include the already massive promotion.......
  8. but since the fatal death is for 50 years /elder or people already in cronic ill.i dont think u can compare to exact 1% death......and unlike AIDS,people can cure and recover..... too bad cause negative/ panic hyperballed news ,people now think u absolutely will death if u get corona .......
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