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  1. not really feeling the new trailer,looks like not much different with any chineese action movie.maybe "the great wall"can be the floor for DOm box office...
  2. omg joker could touch or even pass aquaman all time. with award help of course...
  3. like i said previously.maleficent is the one who should worried w/ f2 run...........
  4. yup f2 os probably ended mal2 os.......
  5. massive drop for family movie,will bounce for discount tuesday tho...
  6. i dont think f2 preview will effect joker much,more to maleficent.....
  7. people really try to underrated joker billon triumph.....lol
  8. nope...gemini man and terminator disagree.....w/ that little budget doctor sleep will break even........
  9. another flop for will smith,next is bad boy.....he need to beg a mercy for that suicide squad role....lol
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