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  1. Don't like Randolph that much but she is pretty good at getting scoops for the most part.
  2. BW just dropped 60% OS. No pa numbers from disney this time around and those tend to be very frontloaded (100M+) There is a possibility it misses 400m without china. With a budget of 200m plus marketing budget which is definitely bigger due to revamping marketing after delays. Profitability for BW is probably happening after home media sales. Disney doesn't get 100% of the PA money.
  3. I do agree poeple using mcu shows as an excuse is a weird goal post . But saying it's a natural drop because it's filler and about a dead character is a wierd one too. You do realize this movie had hype and would have opened to 110m+ OW without PA. Trailers for this were well received and this would have made a good 850m+ pre pandemic. Its dropping around 66% from last weekend. is not a natural drop for an mcu movie even in July. Ant-man and CFA dropped around 60%, homecoming 61% Let's wait for results for international but drops look meh
  4. Making less than 400m would be a dissapointment even with the circumstances at hand. This movie has a 200m budget and bigger marketing budget since it had to revamp it's marketing after all the delays. Even the PA cover will have to be reverted back to cover some of the budget . Still think this will make 500-550m+ (PA included+china) and probably make a profit on home video. 60m PA was a good headline last weekend but it's far from declaring it profitable. Dom legs and oS legs will need to be good going onwards and has to hope delta doesn
  5. Space jam was either going to stay flat or slightly decrease. Was the decrease a little more than I expected? yes but it's nothing to worry about . Deadline had it 32m . Staying flat would have it at 35m. Expected 33-35m. But 31m is fine. Most of the hbo max releases have behaved like this. Gvk opened on a Wednesday so weekend was different.
  6. FFH comp seems a bit generous considering it dropped 3%on Thursday. But with antman2 sat -sun drop gets it to 28m+ weekend. CFA sat -sun drop would put it at 27m+
  7. If that holds. Playing like Ant-man 2 will give it 26-27m(-66-67%) Playing like CFA will give it 23m (-71%) but I don't think it will go this way it's Friday and Saturday increase were kind of low. Doom scenario will be if PA affects it's second Saturday which I don't see happening. Overall unless it surprises this ain't coming close to 61/60% drops of Ant-man 2 and CFA. 25-28m weekend for now.
  8. Will have to disagree on slyvie having trust issues . The show says that be it's not put forth really ,she confides in loki like after 1 episode. I kid you not she even says " what was I thinking trusting you" in this episode . -So a character whose said not to trust trusted loki after 3 eps. All this is exposition given and contradicts her character in the entire series .All this is just to create dramatic tension . Well you know who had a hint of trouble trusting loki In the series .mbatha raw and owen at a point. Slyvie trusts him so quick
  9. I'm in the minority here. Didn't like this episode found it meh tbh. Pros; - visuals and music were great. - something finally significant finally happens to kickstart phase four - finally not all theories or easter eggs were red herrings or misdirects. The rest well, - the multiverse is set up by a character making a stupid decision. infinity war rings a bell anybody. - loki really dropped out of character at the end there. Universe is at stake and a decision has to be made he just puts his guard down so easily 🤦🏿‍♂️which leads to the s
  10. Cruella and raya were family movies those have always been legier even before the pandemic Let's go with mcu standard 2.6-2.7x The only movies with 3x are avengers ,BP,GotG1,ironman ,ant-man and we all know the positive receptions those had compared to black widow. Mcu is a fan driven franchise so OW tend to be bigger then fall off for most of the times with a few exceptions were it's extremely good first time movie and not a sequel e.g avengers . IW and EG still had good reception but their were still frontloaded bse they was a fan rush on OW . Mo
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