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  1. Holiday in the us today which could soften it's drop. So it still has achance at making 1m today.
  2. Are U expecting a 9m wknd for Mal 2? . Your also expecting it top joker?( 8.7m)
  3. Last Thursday was Halloween. Of course drops from LW would be bigger.
  4. Personally I think WW 1984 will stay in the 400 Dom range as long as it's good. OS may increase but for now I think it will be in the 900m range. 2020 is a weak year . Wouldn't be surprised if it takes the domestic crown in 2020 . I don't see any other movie that gets to 400m Dom. I think BW and eternals , mulan will end up in 300ms range.
  5. Expected 70% for joker esp after strong Saturday and Sunday performance. 71% would not be suprising. It's falling below DP weekdays today but it will compensate for that with stronger weekends and of course an Oscar bump. 330m+ Dom. 81% would also be normal for Mal 2
  6. TDA 35% sunday- 28m+ Joker 35% Sunday - 13.5m+ Malificient 30% sunday- 13m+ Harriet 35% Sunday - 11.5m+
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