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  1. Dom. WW1984 -425m Soul- 385m Eternals- 375m BW- 350m Mulan- 323m Tenet -280m Onward- 250-270m No time to die- 220m Raya- 250m Dune- 220m TGM- 200m+ In the heights- 200m Venom- 200m+/- FF9- 200m+/- WW FF9- 1.1b Mulan- 1.1b Eternals- 1.05b WW84-. 925m NTTD- 900m BW- 875m Soul -800m Venom-750m Tenet- 700m+ Onward- 700m+ Raya- Moana numbers. Dune -600m+ TGM- 500m+ Tom and Jerry- 500m.
  2. Lol Imagine if ROS Saturday drops third time in a row 😅 . 26-32m range just incase.
  3. I think we should wait for third weekend post holiday frame. Wom seems fine but Great!! .This is no where near TFA WOM tbh.
  4. Not even coming close to any of these. It will be lucky to even sniff anywhere near 600m. Daily OS numbers already on par with or just under domestic.
  5. Just awful for Playmobil . 8m for frozen is way lower than I expected. A- cinema score is starting to kick in . But who knows it could have a strong SS.
  6. 2.8m would be 47% drop from Tuesday which is within expectations. Ralph dropped 49% . This nothing to be excited about to be honest.
  7. Ralph wrecks seems the right comp to go by 83% +49% -49% -0.1% Wknd +248.3% + 107% -33% F2 3.3(-83%) 5.1 (+55%) 2.7 (-47%) 2.7 =13.8(302.7m) 9.3 (+245%) 18.6(+100%) 12.5(-32%) = 40.4 - 53% (343.1m)
  8. But pikachu started with 8.8 on moayan! and 9.2 is decent enough for frozen .TLK still did good at 8.9 moayan . Probably 2x multi .
  9. First one made 76m USD which won't be easy to top . The release schedule looks good for it . TROS ain't big in Asia except Japan. So it could leg out through the entire festive season. Is there any huge local release on the horizon?
  10. The denial on this thread is just hillarious. Joker just made 1 bn.I It'sr- rated. Slow burn character study No 3d. No china. This is nothing short of jaw dropping. I thought this would make IT numbers WW at most. Most people had it in the 400-600m range. And now it made a bn and they are claiming it was expected!! Are u kidding me. Not even WB was confident Abt it and Co financed it. No one saw this coming. The most optimistic prediction I saw was 800m. This is no doubt one of the most shocking box office runs of the decade. Personally it's my box office run of 2019. What's even more insane for me is it's OS run. There is even a slim possibility this may earn more than TROS OS depending on how the movie turns out.
  11. Holiday in the us today which could soften it's drop. So it still has achance at making 1m today.
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