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  1. Hey I love bayformers except last knighy and watched them as a kid and just have a place in my heart but they are still pretty bad. I know RT /metacritic ain't always the ultimate determinant of a movie good or bad but some movies will always be good or bad . Man I really love when poeple say they don't care about RT when the movies they were expectant of don't do as expected and then when the movie is recieved well they latch unto RT. Same goes for sites like imdb etc....
  2. Yeah those complaining about bitching about scores . You do realize eternals has currently 61 metacritic the lowest for an mcu film so far ofcorse it may go up but metacritic doesn't move much so lows 60s probably. Why are poeple comparing this to fucking venom which most consider a fun dumb movie . Mcu has better standards than it. The Movie made by acclaimed chloe zhao ,kevin fiege's swing for the oscars and it's starts this lower than even blackwidow is just dissapointing to say . Is it going rotten no. Will it affect OW. not much really. A mo
  3. I personally excited for the film but 5.5/10 top critics yeah it's a small sample size and will probably increase is simply not good for now and it may have to do alot more problems with the movie than just it being a "unique movie" alone...
  4. More like around 50. But I prefer it to RT which has way too many reviewers which have diluted it's quality, there are so many inflated scores esp TV shows . I do agree MC needs to increase it's sample size to 100
  5. 6.7/10 all average 5.5/10 top critics damn and that's with 8/10 positive .so even those giving it positive are giving it meh scores. This will probably settle in low 70s.on RT.
  6. Those on hbo max then?. Then what abt those who watch movies on digital after the movie has left theatrical . it's absolutely meaningful. Movies before 2019 were using It and that doesn't invalidate them. Just because we have had backlash issues doesn't mean it's completely dead . I guarantee if your look up most of the movies the VA and all audience don't tend to differ that much.
  7. 86% all audience . This should also come into consideration since it's on max. Should settle on high 80s or low 90s for A-/B+ CS .
  8. Liked it but it really felt like a giant first act.Visuals were outstanding and production and costume design was top notch. Acting was fine across the board but I couldn't connect much with the characters though rebecca ferguson was the stand out. Wanted to see more of the harkonnens and the sadaukar . First 90 mins were great but the second half lowered it abit. But I have to say currently reading and about 100 +pages in to the novel this would have worked better as a series B+
  9. I agree with most of what you've said except loki , the script is the weakest thing about the show and the finale is too much of setup for DS2 than a finale for the show. - tva who see all things and everything is as they plan and store infinity stones for fun are bitten by loki and slyvie at every turn.slyvie even stamps on an agents foot to escape.? Loki changes his entire character and fall in love after 3 eps . I can understand feeling regret but he loses his edge and cleverness esp ep3 onwards and even gets nerfed , the scene in ep3 were they through him ou
  10. Just scrolled through some reactions from youtubers . They ain't the best reviewers out there Make of them what you will. Campea - highly positive Grace. - mildly positive. Cosmic wonder . Liked it but gave it a 7/10 and said it may not be for everyone and he said reactions around seemed mixed based on those he interacted with though this is highly anecdotal. Reel rejects . John liked it but alba was mixed and said he couldn't emotionally connect to the characters and said it felt like reading a "book" which doesn't suprise me since reviews are saying it's
  11. Personally found it the most overated mcu movie behind BP. Tony leung and Akwafina were great, production design was neat but CGI and compositing was not good and it ruined some of the action sequences and the third act for me. Shangchi ain't that much of a compelling lead for the rich backstory he is given and him akwafina playing of each other really helped. Sister and rest of the cast were meh and boring. Bus scene was bad and the character filming the sequence on the tab was cringe. It's still a good movie and the best thing phase 4 has put out
  12. Personally prefer this reviews have made more excited than best marvel movie reactions which ultimately dissapoint me abit. This reviews ain't mixed but pretty positive overall but they ain't as glowing as shangchi. Basically what I'm getting is more dense character driven and different from other MCU flicks . some youtubers reviewers are saying they need time to process it and don't know how audience will react. With all the oscar talk for this I've not gathered alot of oscar chatter buzz words from the reviews. This movie was so overhyped, trailers were just f
  13. V2 number is fine . 48% drop from last Friday same as V1 third weekend. Weekend should be 16m if it continues to play like V1.
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