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  1. this has little to do with hbo max. Just think they wasn't much appeal as we thought. Godzilla struggling to hit 100m is not an indicator at all. With so much competition and new movies coming .it's legs are 3x it's opening which is good .it's at 435m with japan to open July. MK was mediocre at best .yeah it's legs were bad but it still opened well Conjuring which opened last week opened at 24m and a 58% drop for horror ain't bad considering it's free on hbo. Most of WB films this year have opened above expectations despite simultaneous release.
  2. Though I don't like changing up characters and I still think sam should have remained falcon with the sheild as a new weapon in his arsenal .Sam wasn't bad as cap with exception of episode 6 where he was awful and turned into a virtue signalling and forced racial statement. Thor 4 with taika waititi set to handle is what gives me confidence in this movie. As long as thor is not endgame thor and lady jane is fine in her role with dose of fun and action I will be fine.
  3. That's good . I just hope it's good. and doesn't turn out like mulan which had 75% and well that wasn't good.
  4. Movies Mortal kombat 6/10 : awful dailogue and Cole is a boring protagonist. Decent action and some good gore and blood. Pitch black 7/10 Chronicles of riddick 6/10 Riddick 6.5/10 Godzilla vs kong 7.5/10 : Good batshit crazy monster action which is all I needed from this film. Godzilla 2014 7/10 Kong skull island 8/10 SERIES Shadow and bone 7/10 : fascinating world but YA tropes drag this down for me. Continuum S1-S4 7/10 : Decent time travel show with meh first season and following seasons are better and a
  5. Let's hope that holds. 2x legs of a 70m+ weekend . 140m+ would be pretty good also taking into account piracy it won't surprise me if this comes in less than that. It's a pity this would have been big in pre covid times.
  6. Well l liked it . Gal gadot continues to be great as wonderwoman. Pedro pascal was great and was the MVP. Just love the light heartedness of this movie and it really worked for me. But the screenplay for this is is just a mess and Kristen wiig as cheetah was so generic and underdeveloped. Overall WW and Pedro pascal made this movie for me. 8/10
  7. Well MC just dropped to 59. It's just a matter of time when this drops below 70 on RT.
  8. Just finished true detective season 1. This is one of the best seasons of show on television. It was phenomenal. 10/10
  9. You should just S2 of the boys for yourself to make a decision. Have enjoyed S2 so far. Haven't watched ep 5 yet though. I think I'm loving it Abit more than S1 tbh. Have been watching raised by wolves on episode 6 now. It's intriguing and IAM digging it and would like to see where it goes . But man campeon character is downright annoying.
  10. Based on how well it's holding in europe and how big presales where in Korea . It's major competition was morbius and ghostbusters which ain't big competition. Minions wouldn't have effect on it due to them being of different demographics. And basically free august. 650-700m+ which would be fine .
  11. Just like @titanic2187 said this movie is unforgettable for better or worse . My first viewing was so headache inducing but I still just couldn't get out of my mind so decided to just give a second viewing which made it slightly better . Gonna get a blu-ray too.
  12. Inception b+ Interstellar b+ Prestige b Based on its confusing nature and it's comparison to inception this doesn't surprise me tbh.
  13. Watched it... and was meh for me. " If I can't have you, nobody else can" That bit of dialogue had me cringing hard. Never thought I would evet hear such lines in nolan movie. 2020 has been a wild year. Watched a second time and it's gets Abit better but still meh. Cool concept that is used as an action gimmick , don't get me wrong the way it's used is fantastic with exception of the final battle which bugged me more the second time than the first ,needed better editing and ofcorse lack of tension due not rooting for any of the characters.
  14. I remember aquaman have a douban score of 8 and moayan of 9.5 but that was a superhero flick which was dumb fun ,this is a confusing movie tbh. WoM will be meh. At least it's not bad as shazam or jumanji next level. 75-90m final depending on how it opens .
  15. Estimated 70m WW then which is pretty good. Hope has legs . Curious to see the reception in China with how confusing it is.
  16. You do know of a pandemic going. NY and LA are down for now. Nolan movies open to 50-60m with the US at full strength. I think WB knows this. Like WB released this movie clearly knowing a smaller opening but hoping for better legs. What OW were you expecting??
  17. Tenet isn't a franchise movie. The only nolan movies to open big where his batman movies(franchise) None of Nolan's original movies have opened big and tend to be leggy. Even without the pandemic This would have opened to 70 atmost.
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