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  1. Josh Lawson's Kano stole the show - he pretty much saved the film ~
  2. You're right and I'm aware of the various concerts in the UK and Ireland - which may expand throughout the world at some point, but as I contacted The Numbers about this: it all depends on whether Warner Bros. actually publishes those numbers and how the coronavirus influences things.
  3. Was that a recent addition? As I'm sure it was at $738,800,000 the other week ~ But with these drops at the box-office there's a chance that Rise of Skywalker doesn't pass this 😂
  4. Woah, I see thanks - 5 lakhs is around 10k USD? If I'm not mistaken?
  5. Any news about Joker since the 14th? The times wrote about whether it would affect Love Aaj Kal ~
  6. Still curious where The Rise of Skywalker will end up, given the estimates of last weekend ~
  7. Joker's being re-released in Vietnam on February 17th - which is apparently a very rare thing for a film in general to be re-released in that country, and so far Joker's grossed $3.17 million over there.
  8. Doing what? 😂 Joker is being re-released rather soon, and Joker is still in the title of this thread: so get used to it 😂
  9. Yeah, it should be interesting to see if The Rise of Skywalker can surpass Fellowship of the Ring, or what influence Joker's re-release will have on the #19-#22 rankings in a few months (but The Numbers spoke to me and stated it's all dependant on whether Warner Bros. publishes those numbers for the live concert.)
  10. Any projections on what Joker will make in India due to its re-released next week?
  11. Not necessarily, as The Rise of Skywalker had a PG-13, 3D, Chinese release and more theatre-based advantage than Joker ~
  12. Amazing! Is there a link confirming the re-release? As I know it's being re-released in India on February 14.
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