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  1. Oh Zilla is +100m in normal times easily, but I think Dune would hit 100m in normal time too. Its PG13 and has a very popular cast. Also 3 hrs is being facetious, its shorter than No Time To Die.
  2. Godzilla vs Kong had a 5 day hybrid release of 48.5m with theatre's in more severe covid restrictions... Dune can hit that 45m 3 day, whether it will is the question
  3. You wouldn't happen to have tracking numbers for Replicas?
  4. Not sure why people are getting depressed about this weekend, Old looks par for the course for an M Night non-sequel release, and Snake Eyes is a poorly received and not wanted film in a stale franchise (the expected drop from the last GI Joe film is not dissimilar to Dark Phoenix from Apocalypse).
  5. ER landed in that January period of holidays between Christmas/New years and back to work/school. Comping to summer isn't the worst there. Also ER previews started at 4pm so the mult to ER2's Thurs should be broadly similar.
  6. Purge was a 7pm start, as opposed to essentially a full day of previews for ER2. I'd be surprised with a Friday over 4m inc previews.
  7. Should pass $80m even with a $23.15m Saturday, I'd put it at $82m. A weak Saturday should see a soft Sunday drop.
  8. Per Deadline: Lionsgate had two sets of sneak previews over the weekend, with about 275 locations in a Atom Tickets/Snapchat sponsorship and another 1,500 locations which both amounted to $1.8M. Tuesday previews amounted to around $815K. The balance yesterday was $1.3M.
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