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  1. TLJ doesnt have a Unique plot but it does have unique Ideas and themes aswell as narrative framepoints. for those confused narrative and plot are not the same thing. Plot is literally what you see from A>B and narrative is how it's framed and told.
  2. Id argue it's just the result of the honeymoon phase of "star wars being back" ending and it's performing like most Billion dollar IP's do, in fact it performs better than most of them still. the 14% to 20% drop is pretty blandly average for many other IP, and it's very cyclical. Once we get new films or whatever that massively spike interest again it will go up again. I'm pretty sure 2019 will be ahead of 2018 once we get results.
  3. https://www.resetera.com/threads/disney-dominates-top-10-licensed-merchandise-in-2018-sm-loses-number-1-spot-for-licensed-super-hero-merchandise.158436/ There is a Decline but it's not even close to what we call "Tanking"
  4. TLJ not setting major things up shouldnt be an argument either. Alien doesnt set up Aliens and Cameron still made a great film. even If it's a Trilogy there is nothing stopping someone from making a good standalone movie if they feel the other one didnt set up much.
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