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  1. I think Kit gets a lot of unnecessary hate as an actor. He’s been pretty good in roles outside of Thrones and I know he wasn’t close to being a standout in the last season, but it’s really not an exaggeration to say he was working with an awful script. I personally still think the actual eternals will get more screen time. The film spans thousands of years and there’s been no indication that the Black Knight is a thing yet, so he will probably only be in the present day scenes.
  2. Will this be able to reach like $100 mill WW? There are a few markets left, I think Italy, Mexico and Russia
  3. Whats LC WW looking like after this weekend? Currently at $51 million and still has a couple releases in mexico, italy and russia
  4. is 150 ww really possible for LC? I thought 100 was its peak, but I’m new to all this
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