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  1. in a normal moviegoing frame, yes. but this is the christmas holiday coming up. nobody expects F2 to do what the original did over Christmas, but a strong holiday showing could sending well on its way to over 450
  2. it sure does say something. it says the first was a phenomenon, and not only the movie itself and the movie's box office performance...but how that performance drew so many people together to learn about box office stuff. it says phenomenons are what they are because we don't get repeat performances of them. it also says that despite common sense telling us the sequel was always going to act more like a 'traditional sequel', and not have the insane legs of the first, many people still got up in the pre-release sky's the limit predictions. no, it's not gonna beat Lion King. yes, it i
  3. definitely yes to a third movie, but perhaps two seasons of A Disney plus series that explores the world right after the second movie. because why have to rely on limited side plot time to craft a relationship when we can get elsamaren thoroughly explored in a TV series and have it be already there for the third movie
  4. I mean you craft the online experience you want, if you want to see positive things about The Lion King you got to look elsewhere.
  5. yeah, the difference being that toxic is a vague reference to the online behavior of a group of people, while forgettable Is the opinion of an individual.🤣
  6. I'm actually torn. Part of me wanted to Out gross the original by as much as possible, because the more it makes the more likely we are to get a franchise continuation, probably a third movie and many other things. But Another Part Of Me wanted it to be a little less. Somewhere in that magic range where they don't really want to make another movie, but it's still plenty profitable enough to encourage them to do something else, like an animated TV series. I mean they just expanded the world greatly and gave us a lot of new characters, I would love a TV series to explore those things.
  7. Yeah, but going based on what you said, it's easy to see who people who heavily emotionally invested in the characters from the first movie, it would find II movies soundtrack more rewarding on a character emotion level, and not be as concerned with the thinner plot.
  8. feels like this is right about where the original will jump ahead of the sequel in day-to-day tracking. Completely expected of course, the original Frozen absolutely blew up over the Christmas holiday and then its legendary legs kicked in. If the sequel can add any more than a hundred million domestic from this point I will be pleased as punch.
  9. yeah, speaking Recreation of past Joy Usually ends in disappointment. Moderating expectations is healthy
  10. F2 completely as expected, will play nicely over holidays.
  11. Yeah, whether or not the character-driven emotional Stakes make up for the thin for the thin plot it's a personal thing, and kind of depends on how much somebody emotionally invested in the characters in The First movie.
  12. It'll still very much depend on the legs, after Thanksgiving and probably after Christmas as well. We have to remember how much of the originals money came in 2014.
  13. Yeah it's clear they had some rewrites and clearly had some other directions possibilities in mind at some point. I hope they talk about that a little in the DVD release or director's commentary, or maybe deleted scenes. At the same time they clearly wanted these characters to feel familiar so despite the 3-year time skip there was very little change in the characters. Also it always feels strange when there is a first movie and get to the end and that seems like the end and you are kind of invested in the characters motivations and you understand why they are happy with their ending. Then whe
  14. Yeah the issue was that the people who wanted that just wanted it for inclusivity, they didn't actually have any idea how Disney could integrate Elsa coming out again and getting a girlfriend into the main plot of the movie. Which is why coming out in the first movie works so well as a metaphor for sexuality because it ties into Elsa's powers which directly ties into the plot of the movie. If Elsa would ever get a girlfriend in any of these movies, it would be treated with the same level of narrative attention as Kristoff and Anna getting together. As a Side Story, the fact that it
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