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  1. BOP is not the 1st r-rated movie of modern CBM era nor is it the first female superhero movie. This isn't Harley's 1st movie appearance either. There is no novelty. This version of Harley is tainted due to Suicide squad, Just like Ben's Batman. Also I do agree that targeting a CBM to women primarily might not be such a good idea. Anecdotally My Sister did not see this movie mostly because she does not care for CBM's even though she likes Margot. Also sex sells, more women probably showed up for Aquaman to see Momoa's abs than BOP.
  2. I still fully blame the marketing team for this. It seems like they had no confidence in this movie whatsoever. That is what the trailers( at least the 1st one convey). It being produced by Margot's company might have something to do with this too. It's still hard to sell female driven movies anyway look at oceans 8. That movie was star studded and did ok. Not taking this movie to Comic Con and not advertising this as Valentine Day's must see movie was a big mistake.
  3. Have you seen the movie ? I only saw this movie because Cathy Yan was involved. I knew I would get a quirky movie with great visuals. This isn't Marvel Lol. Also Margot is the producer of this movie, She has a lot at stake than most actors so acting like this was just a vanity project is silly.
  4. Imagine saying this while defending a Video that is attacking Gail Simone for her opinions on her Twitter account that nobody forced any of you to visit. Acting like victims while attacking other people isn't cute.
  5. Yeah same honestly but then I was never a big fan to begin with. Birds of prey reminds me of Scott Pilgrim Vs the world for some reason, not as smooth but similar vibe. Surprised Ford vs Ferrari opened this low, thought it opened higher since it had Bale and Matt who are both solid box office draw. Oh well, I will have to check it out at some point.
  6. Warner did not advertise it as a female driven cbm. If your target audiences is women than make it clear. Captain marvel was very clear about it. They also dropped the review embargo late so that narrative couldn't help the film in it's opening weekend. I think 2nd weekend will have More Women. Still though sad to see both Shazam and BOP underperform when they are the better DC movies.
  7. Not Sonic fan making a big deal out of this. This is a joke on twitter, Lady gaga fans did this for star is born, Shazam fans also did this. Not saying this is an OK thing to do, but it's also not a big deal. Wonder if Sonic will become this year's Alita.
  8. I have stopped visiting that place to preserve my mental health. About the title change, It's a bit too late. They should have named it this from the very beginning since this is a Harley movie. And Birds of Prey is a very boring title and makes the movie sound lame. But all this just shows what a disaster this movie's marketing was. I also can't believe that they didn't push the fact that this was an all female team up movie etc in the promotions. Maybe they got scared of Captain Marvel type backlash but that is already happening. Promoting an R rated movie to younger audience who can't see it is stupid.
  9. I remember there being rumours that the executive were worried about how to market this movie, and it seems true since they for some reason didn't market it as an r rated movie but then also didn't release a new trailer to play infront of the big pg December tentpoles. Like do something lol especially since they skipped Sdcc. Honestly the only movie they probably marketed well last year was Joker, but Joker was always going to be big. Everything else either flopped or underperformed and marketing played a big part. Compare this to 2018 when there was crazy rich asians, that Shark movie with Jason Statham, Aquaman, Mule the marketing sold all these movies well. Maybe they are cutting costs after the merger, who knows but you can't expect movies to sell themselves,not every movie is Joker. When your well received movies are flopping consistently something is wrong.
  10. Harley is a popular character, it's just that She is Huge with Teenagers and younger women and the r rating completely shut out this movie's biggest demographic. And I have been saying this for months but the marketing for this movie was atrocious, Warner needs to take a look at their marketing because they let a perfectly well received Lego movie flop, Shazam underperformed, Doctor Sleep tanked etc. It's like they've forgotten how to market small and medium budget movies. This movie is so much fun to watch and you don't get that from the trailers at all. It has a Dope Soundtrack that they didn't use to Promote the movie. Such uninspired Marketing ugh. I am glad though that this movie exists because I had a blast watching it. Margot Robbie is so talented. She deserved better.
  11. Did you all also hate joker, did you think that movie was also pushing an agenda, I am exhausted by the discourse surrounding this, Warner Didn't even market this like a girl power movie for you all to be so butthurt, and looking at how fragile some of you are maybe they should have. Some of you have no problems when majority of movies have male leads with token female characters but an all women led movie is too much. Should women whine and complain when the next CBM has majority male cast and declare them anti-women, sexist etc but than the narrative would be that SJWs are over sensitive and snowflakes. BOP is just a fun action movie chill.
  12. Yeah I am going to stay way from box office thread too. Kinda depressing. But at least this movie exists, this was the only comic book movie I was excited for so at least it's good.
  13. I agree with this. They really took the core CBM audience for granted. Didn't attend Comic con which this movie desperately needed and then lackluster trailers,posters etc.
  14. I still don't get why they didn't go to SDCC for this movie. That is so stupid. At least try to appeal to core CBM fanbase. Anyway if the movie manages to attract females than it can leg out, hopefully.
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