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  1. I agree with this. They really took the core CBM audience for granted. Didn't attend Comic con which this movie desperately needed and then lackluster trailers,posters etc.
  2. Doesn't seem like a lot of women showed up for Thursday night preview. Low previews make sense since even the core DC fanbase wasn't satisfied with this movie.
  3. Not trying to start something but most of the people who have issue with Joker getting so many nominations are MCU fans. I know a lot of people on twitter who many here would probably call "sjw" who have said nothing about Joker. They only care about lack of female directors or people of colour, no issue with Joker. I myself wasn't really a big fan of the movie, thought it was Ok but it getting so many nomination isn't surprising considering it's massive box office success. I think this gets Actor, Score, Editing and some other minor awards like Bohemian rhapsody.
  4. I mean this is completely subjective which movie is better or not. Frozen had an A+ cinemascore and bonkers box office which indicates audience liked it more than Moana. Infact Frozen 2 is heavily beniffiting from the original movie. I liked frozen 2 but still prefer the original. Attributing Frozen's success to just let it go is absurd. I personally find Let it go to be mediocre but the song in context of the movie is incredible. It almost plays like a climax and exactly why even if I think show yourself is the better song the movie doesn't properly build upto it imo. Elsa also came at a time when there was a huge lack of Female superheros and just like Daenerys and were able to take advantage of that.
  5. It would be nice if Frozen 2 manages to make more than the Avengers. But Before this year I thought anything above the Original would be great since Frozen itself was a huge breakout hit,that Japan number was impossible to replicate. It's international numbers are amazing, I am a bit more disappointed with the domestic performance, I thought this would easily do 550 million. But the Biggest animated Franchise in the World is about an Ice queen and is a musical makes me very happy.
  6. Has starwars ever been a huge Franchise in China to begin with ? Because the way you are describing it,it sounds like China was onboard with the Original Starwars but has now abandoned it because of this "corruption of wuxia side of SW". Maybe they never bought this martial arts nonsense in the first place.
  7. Frozen is one of my favourite movies from this decade. It also tied with beauty and the beast as my favourite WDA movie. That whole sequence when Elsa Freaks out and runs aways from Arendelle followed by Let it go is incredible. Frozen did a lot of things right, Princess superhero, catchy songs and a movie that focused on relationship between two Women that we don't get to see much in Big Blockbusters.
  8. Harry Potter is THE franchise for me. One of the 1st Hollywood movies I ever saw. I was obsessed with the the Wizarding world as a child. It was huge even people who didn't watch Hollywood movies have saw it. The First Twilight movie is fine haven't seen others. Never understood the hate it received.
  9. Still feel that Disney made a mistake by releasing this movie in most markets at the same time. Should have timed it with holidays.Hopefully late legs will be great. I need 1.5 billion.
  10. Frozen had a lot more Room to grow than TROS. In a lot of countries it only became huge after it's initial run ended. While TROS has maybe the finale factor going for it but that's about it. And baby Elsa is cuter than baby Yoda anyways.
  11. I think Eternal will be bigger than Black widow since Jolie's in it and she's a bigger box office draw than scar jo ever was. It will also be bigger in scale. 1. F9 2. Minions Everything else seems really close.
  12. Next year F9 I think will take the crown worldwide. Wonder woman can take the domestic if it's good.
  13. It was fine, I liked it. I still don't understand why this of all movies got such really strong reactions from critics either for or against. Every thing about it was great except the script and sometimes Joaquin phoenix. The movie lacks finesse, which is probably due to it's director. I do hope this gets recognition for it's cinematography and score. I would give this an A- or B+.
  14. DC trailer views are always spread across multiple YouTube channels. Shazam though both 1st trailers had so much views and likes maybe even more than Aquaman, shows what a comic con trailer launch can achieve. There was a lot of hype for that movie.
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