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  1. Finding Nemo = 102 M Finding Dory = 65M Toy story 3 = 126 M Toy story 4= 93M Finding Dory decreased from nemo and toy story 4 too. Even tho it wasnt a huge drop, TS4 couldnt make 100M, but it is still a big success. Frozen 1 was a phenomenon, and frozen 2 is still a big hit like these other four movies. Frozen 1 performed like the force awakens in USA and Frozen 2 like the last jedi. (I hope the next frozen movie doesnt drop like TROS)
  2. To me its impressive that even tho it fell in japan, it made even much more money overseas and domestic to make it pass the first movie’s gross. This is not a dissapointment Maybe frozen III makes 110 M in japan, 70M in south korea and 200M in China
  3. If it gets 490, could disney in some way boost it to pass 500, or the gap is still high?
  4. The movie is played with lyrics and people can enjoy the movie while singing at the songs. The first frozen was released this way too and boosted its box office results in the USA
  5. Disney announced the sing-along version of frozen 2, could this boost to 500M domestic?
  6. Sad that Argentian, Chile and Venezuela have terriblo ER, the amount of latin america would be bigger
  7. I think one day a chinese movie will break top 10 all time with 90% of the money made in china
  8. Good! Maybe a sing along version in italy could add a couple of millions
  9. Why is it lower than frozen 1 in italy? Is it bc of the stiff competition?
  10. Could frozen reach 500 M domestic?
  11. I liked moana, but i feel moana has just two memorable songs: How far ill go and you’re welcome, whereas frozen has: let it go, love is an open door, for the first time in forever and do you want to build a snowman
  12. Caould adults day weekend give a final boost to frozen 2?
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