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  1. Maybe this movie gets “the one and only ivan" release date
  2. This is so true. MCU movies always get bad releases dates. Star wars and now avatar are the ones who get the good one in december.
  3. I know this is not important now, but do you guys think there will no be billion dollar movies for about 1 or 2 years?
  4. Yup!! It really overperformed the first one in WW gross. Nowadays it seems that all sequels are grossing less than its predecessors. that being said, I wish it could have reached 500 Dom, but oh well.. c’est la vie.
  5. According to @Franspeech (twitter): 🇺🇸 USA $477,28M 🇯🇵 JPN $122,5M 🇨🇳 CHN $122.31M 🇰🇷 KOR $97.3M 🇬🇧 UK $69,9M 🇩🇪GER $60,3M 🇫🇷 FR $53.8M 🇷🇺 RU $32,7M 🇧🇷 BRA $30,2M 🇲🇽 MEX $28,8 🇪🇦 ES $23,19M japan just surpassed China!!!! (Finally) if there is a frozen 3 my predictions: china: $150M japan:$110M korea: $ 80M
  6. I think Disney is overconfident. they should delay Black Widow. There isnt so much competition in summer or during winter break. They can move Black Widow to summer or eternals’ weekend and then delay eternals to december.
  7. Also does anyone know if frozen 2 will be kept in theaters in japan, now that onward got delayed?
  8. You guys think (hypothetically) that if frozen 2 was meant to be released this march(same date as onward), but due to coronavirus it would have been delayed indefinitely. And, lets say, it opens in summer, would it have made 150M+ total or less?
  9. So, if this is contained by (lets say) summer. Could avatar 2 be benefited from an economic recession, like avatar 1 did?
  10. I am curious if the market will become more frontloaded and releases will be the same date as the rest of the world in the next years (deacades?) it seems that all markets are becoming more and more frontleaded these days.
  11. Onward cancelled its original release date in japan. Does anyone know which other movies cancelled its release date too?
  12. Theaters still open in japan? Any plans/annoucement for closing theaters?
  13. Maybe if frozen 3 takes place in spring/summer or something related (fire power villain?) it could be released during spring break or summer.
  14. And bc spies in desguise/cats underperformed and Star wars and Jumanji did ok. Had at least two of those films overperformed worldwide frozen would have lost so many screens and momentum.
  15. So many countries lost a little of money bc frozen had zero holidays till christmas and winter vacation.
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