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  1. Is there a chance for the animated movie Wish Dragon to have a good run in china? (50M+ USD)
  2. I never said it won’t be important, i would love to see this movie succeed. I just think its a sad this will be a guinea pig and if it fails disney could forget this movie like 50% of tgeir movies (dinosaur,,atlantis, the great mouse detective,,etc)
  3. And the fact that its not musical will not help it either. Also it seems she will not be with the other princesses as she was out if the hong kongs castle refurbishment and obviously she wanst on ralph 2.
  4. Is there a reason why Marvel performs a little bit better than DC in japan? I know the difference is minimal, but i have a theory that the fact the it belongs to disney could help, but I could be wrong.
  5. If this one releases in china, is there still a chance of highest grossing film of 2020?
  6. So... the end of 100M+ USD for hollywood movies? (Except for maybe marvel/avatar sequels/ Fast ans furious)
  7. I have the same question, i read it grossed +3M more in china, so that would be 2.8B
  8. Whats the next big movie to be released in china? Or do we have to wait if wonder woman is released?
  9. With so many delayed movies to 2021. Do you guys think China will allow more imported films next year?
  10. Could kung fu Mulan deliver a big opening weekend? Or the nezha sequel will hurt it too much
  11. If that was the reason they would not release so many big movies during the same holiday
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