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  1. Ok any ow prediction?, i know presales have been slower than other european countries, I hope christmas legs+ decline of infections + lack of competition help the movie
  2. Is Encanto boycotted by theaters in Japan? Or are people just waiting for disney plus, bc it seems it has a low performance over there?
  3. Is there any small chance for dec 24th for NWH? Could they surprise us with that possibility?
  4. Another day another country in Europe that announces going back to lockdown. At this point NWH will lose a lot of money from Europe
  5. Not sure in the US, but I see a lot of excitment in latin america. This movie can do well over here and attract disney plus subs in december
  6. Sadly Luca was released directly to Disney plus, however I heard many people watched it bc it reminded to Ghibli
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