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  1. With so many delayed movies to 2021. Do you guys think China will allow more imported films next year?
  2. Could kung fu Mulan deliver a big opening weekend? Or the nezha sequel will hurt it too much
  3. If that was the reason they would not release so many big movies during the same holiday
  4. This is so interesting, do you think disney’s Raya has potential? (Although it is placed in south east asia) but it will not be musical and it is supposed to have a lot if action sequence. Can it do frozen 2 business?
  5. I was just asking bc It seems that Warner does not care anymore, they are releasing their movies anyway. Like wonder woman during christmas, so I am just guessing what will Disney do.
  6. Is it possible (and a good idea) to be released in Thanksgiving and move soul to maybe disney +?
  7. Re- releases have been doing so different, Harry Potter and Interestellar did well, but yeah inception did so little. So I expect numbers closer to Harry Potter. But I think it depends of competition.
  8. Is there any chance for the 800 to pass Bad boys for life for the biggest movie of the year? (At least until WW or BW)
  9. How much do you think frozen 2 would have made if it was delayed in japan bc of pandemic and released in august or september?
  10. Even tho frozen 2 had less cultural impact than frozen, I think the sequel really helped the brand to get trust again and reduce haters in Mexico. You know after the christmas short before coco, there were so much hate to the brand, like believe SO much hate, even people who I know that liked the first one, hated that short. So with the sequel It was like flipping a coin, people could hate it even more or like it. And thank God it was well received here. I saw it on theaters like 5 times and most of them got applause and people crying. Then I asked friends and they reccomended it and others told me that they enjoyed it, although they couldnt recall the songs except for into the unknown.
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