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  1. Even tho frozen 2 had less cultural impact than frozen, I think the sequel really helped the brand to get trust again and reduce haters in Mexico. You know after the christmas short before coco, there were so much hate to the brand, like believe SO much hate, even people who I know that liked the first one, hated that short. So with the sequel It was like flipping a coin, people could hate it even more or like it. And thank God it was well received here. I saw it on theaters like 5 times and most of them got applause and people crying. Then I asked friends and they reccomended it and others told me that they enjoyed it, although they couldnt recall the songs except for into the unknown.
  2. Well first frozen sales were in 2014, where people still bought more dvds and blurays. Now they just have to wait a couple of weeks more to get it on disney +
  3. I also think opening weekends will be avoided for big movies. People will wait for the second, third or fourth weekend to see a movie.
  4. I can see general audiences avoiding theaters until a vaccine is applied to a huge part of the population and by then people would prefer streaming services
  5. do you guys think that there will not be more billion dollar movies until (maybe) avatar 2 or something in 2022?
  6. Same! And even tho i want to see Raya and Black Widow so bad! I think i will wait to rent it, if there is no vaccine by then.
  7. This is so true. MCU movies always get bad releases dates. Star wars and now avatar are the ones who get the good one in december.
  8. I know this is not important now, but do you guys think there will no be billion dollar movies for about 1 or 2 years?
  9. Yup!! It really overperformed the first one in WW gross. Nowadays it seems that all sequels are grossing less than its predecessors. that being said, I wish it could have reached 500 Dom, but oh well.. c’est la vie.
  10. According to @Franspeech (twitter): 🇺🇸 USA $477,28M 🇯🇵 JPN $122,5M 🇨🇳 CHN $122.31M 🇰🇷 KOR $97.3M 🇬🇧 UK $69,9M 🇩🇪GER $60,3M 🇫🇷 FR $53.8M 🇷🇺 RU $32,7M 🇧🇷 BRA $30,2M 🇲🇽 MEX $28,8 🇪🇦 ES $23,19M japan just surpassed China!!!! (Finally) if there is a frozen 3 my predictions: china: $150M japan:$110M korea: $ 80M
  11. I think Disney is overconfident. they should delay Black Widow. There isnt so much competition in summer or during winter break. They can move Black Widow to summer or eternals’ weekend and then delay eternals to december.
  12. Also does anyone know if frozen 2 will be kept in theaters in japan, now that onward got delayed?
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