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  1. I think 2.7x multiplier would be unlikely for a sequel, especially since it will have competition with brand new blockbusters for 3 straight weeks after it releases, but we shall see.
  2. I know you kid, but Sony can't release a movie that initially premieres on anything other than theaters unless Marvel consents and greenlights it. It's a frozen right as per the leaked contract (4. FROZEN RIGHTS AND CHARACTERS.) Only way they wouldn't need Marvel's consent to initially release a movie on streaming or DTV is if theaters get replaced by another distribution method for tentpole films by Major Studios.
  3. Why? That's money left on the table. They could offer PA while offering PPV/VOD on 3rd party retailers before moving on to Blu Ray and then streaming.
  4. Seems likely. Mid October go VOD/PPV rentals. End of October Blu Ray/4K/DVD and then Disney+ on the 12th. That's probably their strategy to monetize their theatrical movies going forward. One shouldn't expect Theatrical -> Disney+ right away. Disney would be leaving money on the table.
  5. Prime example of that recently was him taking Chapek's comments out of context and having a cringy knee jerk reaction. Not sure if Marvel Studios will recast or just see if this will blow over, but if they were debating it because of those China comments then this might push them over the edge.
  6. Simu Liu is trending on twitter. Apparently some old reddit AMA thing popped up and he gave some controversial answers. I am still looking over what the comments were and I won't link anything here, but it's all over twitter.
  7. It's hard to take opinions like this seriously because of "I think could be a major player in the Oscars next year". Or the guy saying Venom 2 is great and then goes on to say "Sony did it again!".
  8. https://www.resetera.com/threads/venom-let-there-be-carnage-spoiler-thread-the-future-is-bright.486556/ This is the spoiler thread there if anyone wants to read it. Apparently the OP thinks this one is weaker than the first. I mean if that's the case then wow.
  9. So Hardy and Harrelson are carrying the movie. Expected. Hardy carried the first.
  10. Very interesting indeed, especially on losing money in Amazing 2. They do get up to 3.5% from the BO gross from Marvel because of the 2011 merch sale agreement, but even that wasn't enough. Goes to show you that Sony's take on Venom was likely much lower than the 247MM deadline reported. That actually strengthens my position on Sony divesting the unit and doubling down on GN&S.
  11. Very good point about deadline not accounting for the profit being split between the financiers. Venom, for example, was split with Tencent and probably others. I had no idea Sony's take was sliding that bad for SM movies. Makes sense why the 2015 deal happened in the first place. Meanwhile Sony's take in SM 2018 was in the 9 figure using a 20% royalty rate and Sony's own 70% digital to physical media ratio. Same for MM, which will likely hit 10MM sold by the end of this calendar year. Thank you for providing those numbers. Worth noting that Sony killed t
  12. That's pretty low profit for successful films. I know their numbers for Venom and the SM movies were good from the deadline numbers (not sure the profit of ITTS but I assume 9 figures for it). SIE has had bigger profits from their licensed Spider-Man games than these movies though, and of course, from a lot of first parties like GoW and TLOU since no royalty there. Much better ROI.
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