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  1. What are you predicting by next weekend ? I wait something between $261M and $263M
  2. Demon Slayer ”6th week number" 11/21: Mobilization 314,726 people & box office 439,606,550 yen 11/22: Mobilization 433,315 people & box office 592,378,550 yen 11/23: Mobilization 357,741 people & box office 460,110,250 yen Saturday and Sunday: Mobilization 748,041 people & box office 1,032,345,199 yen Cumulative 39 days: Mobilization 19,397,589 people & 25,917,043,800 yen (3rd place in history) Actual numbers a little less loud than expected, but still huge numbers DS could overtake Tokyo Olympiade today or tomorrow In admissions and will overtake Titanic (without 3D re-release) on Wednesday This weekend thanks to the second giveaway weekend will be very similar to last weekend (maybe even we could see an increase)
  3. Could you make the same predictions but with admissions please ?
  4. Do you think that DS could surpass 19,5 millions admissions (record of Tokyo Olympiad) by the end of today ? and 20,03 millions admissions (record of Frozen) by Friday ?
  5. If all goes well Demon Slayer should become 1st in the Japanese box office in dollars and 2nd in the Japanese box office in yen and admissions by next weekend just before December, then it will have around ¥4.5Bn and 4 million admissions to be made to become number 1 and it will surely succeed during the 18 days of vacation in Japan between late December and early January. Charlie, could you updated your predictions ? What is actually lock for you guys ?
  6. A few months ago some people were talking about an avengers endgame rerelease in China, is this rerelease planned one day or another in China or will it not happen ?
  7. Anyone know of Avengers Endgame revenue now in late 2020, a year and a half after its release ? I know Avengers Endgame had a rerelease in South Korea (maybe China?), But did it hit $2800M ?
  8. Why do you say that ? the big drop this morning was expected by Corpse since last week people had reserved and went to the cinemas in the morning to collect their gifts, which is why the drop is so big this morning but it will decrease during the day, all of this Corpse had planned it and it's quite normal imo Charlie, do you have a twitter account ?
  9. I'm not sure of that, I don't know what you are thinking or predicting but I was thinking about a 3 day weekend of around $15M- $16M, and Corpse is thinking more about a 3 day weekend of around $14M. To reach $250M by Monday, he would need a 3 day weekend of around $17M- $18M, it seems difficult to me at the moment
  10. Demon Slayer should normally if all goes well as planned exceed 21 millions admissions just before December (or so during the first days of December), after there are 18 days of vacation, weekends with gifts and the release of the last one. volume of the manga which could boost its box office so that it makes the 3.3 millions admissions that separates it from Spirited Away, it's true that it's almost impossible to miss that, it can even go for the 25 or 26 million admissions, see more ....
  11. Is it 100% locked now that Demon Slayer will overtake Spirited Away?
  12. Charlie, do you think that there will be a good drop next weekend ?
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