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  1. Could it surpass Avatar (£94M) and Spectre (£95M) or maybe even surpass £100M ? Personally I would expect a final in the lows of £90M, maybe something between Avatar and AEG, but why not more after all ? is the film well received in UK ? At the critical level of the press, the public and the WOM ?
  2. With the holidays, Dune will also be able to exceed 3 million admissions in France.
  3. 1,384,858 admissions for NTTD in opening week. The last time when I spoke about NTTD I completely forgot about the 2 weeks vacation which arrives in 10 days. This will greatly help NTTD's box office result but the competition with Venom 2 coming out next week will also penalize it a bit. 4M + admissions ($34M) maybe even a maximum of 4.5M admissions ($38M) seems possible but I don't think NTTD will be able to exceed the 5 million admissions of Spectre let alone the 7 million admissions of Skyfall. However, I see it well surpassed Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.
  4. In France, there is the compulsory health pass and compulsory mask during the film. But today in France a large majority is vaccinated so it has less and less impact on the box office (there is still a slight impact with the unvaccinated + those vaccinated but who still fear leaving for fear COVID but less than before). When the cinemas reopened there was a maximum capacity of 35% in the theaters, then it went to 50% in summer, as of today I don't know if the capacity is still at 50%, if it has increased, or if there is simply more.
  5. TBALC is falling like a rock. I imagine a final over $750M is likely but something over $800M seems unlikely now. #1 : WW2 = $854M #2 : Hi, mom = $821M #3 : TBALC = $750M-$800M
  6. I was expecting 950k admissions OW and finally it will reach 1.2M admissions, that's nice. Fortunately, NTTD took advantage of a huge Saturday.
  7. 750k final admissions possible for NTTD in Norway ?
  8. $650M by the end of the weekend ? #6 in China's box office history ahead AEG after 10 days ? Not bad for TBALC.
  9. For James Bond: In France, there is not really a "hype" around the film, nobody talks about it and most people do not even know that it was released. Obviously the health pass and the fear of covid weakens the film even more. Then the reviews are not very good, as is word of mouth. Finally, James Bond films are not as popular in France as in countries like Germany or the United Kingdom. For the Star Wars trilogy it's a bit the same problems (on the other hand, no COVID problems). In my opinion, what really killed the SW trilogy in France was the 8. Simply because the 7 was pretty w
  10. This is bad. And the reviews of the film in France are not very good. To tell the truth, I'm not even sure that this new James Bond exceeds 1 million admissions in the first week and 3 million admissions in the end. For comparison : Spectre: 2,203,549 OW / 4,982,985 final admissions Skyfall: 1 839 220 OW / 7 003 902 final admissions Quantum of solace: 1,703,897 OW / 3,722,798 final admissions Casino Royale: 1,260,348 OW / 3,182,602 final admissions So yes, this new James Bond could be the worst of the saga wi
  11. With covid and first reactions not incredible, I expected more has something around 17M-18M£ OW, but so much the better for the cinema and for the box office.
  12. NTTD could beat the top grosser 2021 in UK just during the OW ?
  13. Yes, the goal is 1,7M admissions by tuesday (so, yes 35% drop). We will have the numbers tomorrow.
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