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  1. Anyway, a week or two ago you were talking about a result > $ 1.2Bn and in the top 20 WW. Today we can say that DC3 will not even make$ 700M. I just find it sad because I was very hyped by this movie.
  2. What you are saying is so contradictory. Hi, mom: -31% A Writer's Odyssey: -62% Endgame: + 13% I continue ? And then it's not a simple drop from weekend to weekend, every day of the week falling more and more like a stone.
  3. It's a shame that movies in china are dropping so fast, anyone know why movies are dropping so heavily day by day ? The numbers are getting lower and lower, now I think Detective Chinatown 3 will end up below The Wandering Earth and Hi, mom should be somewhere between Ne Zha and WW2, but even that I'm more sure. Very strange this Chinese market.
  4. Do you have the numbers of admissions of Avengers Endgame in all Latin America ?
  5. Me i see something between $750M and $800M because Hi, mon starts to drop a lot. And for DC3, $700M still possible ?
  6. Hi, mom will also get the biggest wednesday ever. But from Thursday since the holidays will be over, if I'm not wrong it will go down a lot, so for the Thursday record I'm not sure.
  7. Hi, mom is going to do the biggest Monday and the biggest Tuesday of all time ?
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