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  1. I think there is a problem in your table for South East Asia. Only $2,25M for BW ?
  2. What represents Ұ40,326,120,350 (DS) in term of admissions and in dollars ?
  3. In Paris and France, there is the health pass, all films have dropped by 70%-80%, unfortunately no one goes to the cinema anymore.
  4. lol here we are talking more about the weather than the box office
  5. The next few weeks will be catastrophic for the French box office and unfortunately Kaamelott did not come out at the right time.
  6. No, a Marvel that makes less than $400M, I wouldn't call it a "solid" result especially for a budget over $200M.
  7. What a disappointment for Marvel and Disney, yet the film is not too bad and it will make less money than Thor in 2011. Obviously the context is particular but it remains sad.
  8. Yeah and despite big previews and national holiday Wednesday, F9 appears to be bigger than BW on Thursday and Friday, and it will still be on Saturday and Sunday. Then everything will collapse after next Wednesday.
  9. Honestly me too, it may be thanks to the Cannes Film Festival or because of the effect of the health pass that begins on Wednesday, people are rushing to the cinemas before they can no longer go.
  10. No I don't think so, F9 should be around 700k admissions over the first 3 days without the biggest days of Saturday and Sunday. And by the end of his first week it will have almost caught up with BW who will have already been in theaters for 2 whole weeks. Then it is a question of legs for who will finish first and with the health pass from July 21, admissions will drop for all films and no film will have legs. Fast and Furious 9 will therefore have the advantage of having had a much better first week than BW.
  11. Too bad for Kaamelott that the health pass arrives at the same time, I think that many reservations will have to be canceled because of unvaccinated people. And the admissions of his 1st weekend and his 1st week will be significantly below those that should have been. Let's hope for good numbers anyway.
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