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  1. I'm relaxed bro I just ask 2 questions because I don't really know the south korean market. 1.5M hardly seems "good" to me when you consider that NWH made more than 4.5M admissions with the previews for its first weekend.
  2. Is it good for NWH ? What do you expect here (OW and total) ?
  3. Yes it's true look it's a record for Sony in France, but it remains low when we know that 115k admissions probably represents 1/40 of the total admissions that NWH will achieve in France.
  4. No @charlie Jatinder is telling the truth, these pre-sales are for the whole of France, it is Sony France who announced this figure. It is true that this number can be considered as "low" but it is pretty good. It is just that here and in some other European countries people do not usually buy their tickets before going to the cinema, they are much more used to going to the movies without planning before.
  5. Doesn't seem incredible to me for NWH, or is it good taking into account the context ?
  6. What is locked ? £60M ? It would already be huge knowing that FFH had made "only" £37M.
  7. It's not true. If china wants to abruptly cut the broadcast of a film, they can do so. You'll never see any movies other than Chinese being #1 at the box office out there. Not even Avatar 2.
  8. What do you expect for NWH here ? OW and total ?
  9. From what I saw, NWH OW will be between $200M and TFA's OW ($247M). Let's hope for $230M. I hope for something between 2,5x and 3x legs, so maybe $575M-$690M final ? So the correct range for NWH total should be $550M-$700M imo.
  10. I think you forgot HP7 huge OW in Australia How much would A$23M OW mean ? A$55M-A$65M total ?
  11. By then the film will be pirated everywhere, it sucks. China could have added $300M-$400M to the NWH global box office, but now it will be much less.
  12. I think NWH will overtake AEG ... nowhere. So it would suddenly be that NWH beat AEG in Spain. EDIT : Sorry NWH will beat AEG in KSA for for reasons that everyone knows.
  13. I'm talking about the admissions, no marvel movie not even AEG (4.6M admissions) has exceeded 5 million admissions so I was just saying no, NWH will not exceed 5 million admissions in Spain, and even the €30M seems complicated to me, let's aim for €20M-€25M. Again, I'm not pessimist or optimistic, I'm realistic.
  14. I hope but I don't think it will, unless China is really huge.
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