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  1. 26.6M? It's really really huge. In France the final had only 26.1M telespactors. Anyway, I agree with you in countries like France or in UK, football comes before the cinema.
  2. BOX-OFFICE prévisionnel (du 9 au 15 juin 2021) Rang Titre Entrées Variation hebdo Cumul (Millions) Budget Nbre de salles 1 Conjuring 3 580 000 New 0,580 - M$ 518 2 Nomadland
  3. At maximum, Demon Slayer can reach 800k admissions I guess. We can therefore expect a final between 675k and 800k admissions. Which is about $6.1M- $7.3M Personally, I will not be shocked if it ends up exceeding 750k admissions ($6.9M) at the end of the run.
  4. Entrées réalisées du 2 au 8 juin 2021 : Rang Titre Distributeur Entrées Séances Moy. Cumul S 1 ADIEU LES CONS (REP) GAUMONT 156 343 10 035 16 1 595 662 5 2 THE FATHER ORANGE STUDIO 137 633 9 134 15 291 856 2 3 DEMON SLA
  5. Apparently, according to some Chinese sites, the WW2 total BO has been corrected to $889M. Is it true or fake news ?
  6. About 80k admissions for Demon Slayer this weekend which is close to 600k admissions in total. It will cross that threshold today and hit around 615k admissions by tomorrow. 40%-45% drop.
  7. BOX-OFFICE prévisionnel (du 2 au 8 juin 2021) Rang Titre Entrées Variation hebdo Cumul (Millions) Budget Nbre de salles 1 Adieu les cons 135 000 - 35 % 1,574 10,3 M€ 854 2 The father
  8. Demon Slayer will fall less sharply this week normally, the drop has been more significant the last few days due to the exceptionally strong weather, the public holiday and Mother's Day Sunday. I would expect around 40%-45% drop this week and so 100k admissions. The end result should be around 700k-750k admissions as @charlie Jatinder said. The 800k admissions are achievable but a strong competition arrives, Euro football starts in 9 days and the summer in 3 weeks, which should have a negative impact on cinemas.
  9. This Monday, Demon Slayer exceeded 500k admissions in France.
  10. Yes Wed-Sun. The chances of 1M admissions are currently low. I would guess the final will be somewhere between 650k and 850k admissions.
  11. The total of Demon Slayer is at 493,811 admissions according to https://www.boxofficepro.fr/box-office-week-end-adieu-les-cons-garde-les-commandes-the-father-grimpe-sur-le- podium / and not 490,217 admissions. Where did you see this figure ?
  12. Is the Saudi Arabia market already superior to the UAE market ?
  13. wonder if one day an American film will have more than 100 million admissions in China. Avengers Endgame really blew it all up in China, and yet it still lacked 15 million admissions (which is huge) to reach that milestone.
  14. Will we one day know the actual gross of DS ?
  15. Yes but we could witness a larger drop because last Monday was a holiday which inflated the numbers. The result of the week could be closer to 50% drop and less than 200k admissions. Let's set 200k admissions for the week. Moreover, the income of BOM for the weekend appeared : Demon Slayer: 273,113 admissions / $2,259,715M ATP : $8.27 If Demon Slayer's final box office is around 700k-900k admissions, then a final box office around $5.8M- $7.4M can be expected.
  16. Forecasts for the week of cine-directors : BOX-OFFICE prévisionnel (du 26 mai au 1er juin 2021) Rang Titre Entrées Variation hebdo Cumul (Millions) Budget Nbre de salles 1 Adieu les cons 385 000 - 25 % 1,618 10,3 M€
  17. Yesterday, Demon Slayer did not add 13k admissions but more than 30k, It was 1st yesterday.
  18. Entrées réalisées du 19 au 25 mai 2021 : Rang Titre Distributeur Entrées Séances Moyenne Cumul 1 ADIEU LES CONS (REP) GAUMONT 513 607 14 153 36 1 232 972 2 DEMON SLAYER CGR EVENTS 350 000 8 475 41 350 000 3 TOM & JERRY WARNER 249
  19. Yes but it's not 5 days like they said, it's 6 days until Monday.
  20. Yes it seems reasonable but a result around 450k admissions seems more likely to me than a result around 425k admissions. And no more public holidays before July but the summer holidays start in a few weeks.
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