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  1. JULY Movies The French Connection - 10/10 - What a film, it’s like a precursor to everything The Wire is or does. So much detail and realism in every frame. Road to Perdition - 9/10 - Every performance is incredible in this, Mendes shows so much restraint, stunning imagery. The Sting - 9/10 The Favourite - 8.5/10 Stardust - 8.5/10 - What a joy! the wonder, the magic, the humour. Wish Claire Danes was a bit less of a damsel but that’s about it. The Producers - 8.5/10 The Suicide Squad - 8.5/10 Ghost - 8/10 - Everything you want. R
  2. Just want to give a shout out to the sequence where Bloodsport and Peacemaker are competing on how they take guys out. It was already hilarious and then they reveal it's the good guy rebels and you get the whole bit of the team standing awkwardly. Great stuff, I laughed so hard.
  3. Man this was so much fun, big smile on my face throughout. Wonderfully violent, funny, occasionally gross and disturbing. Full James Gunn and zany to the max. Doesn't miss out on the heart as well, great character work/dynamics and all the little sub-plots come together nicely. It's pretty straightforward plot wise but it keeps you on your toes with a couple of things. Looks pretty nice as well (seems like they added a thin layer of grain to some scenes like 'Nobody' to give it some texture), CGI was strong, solid action sequences. The film delivered where it should unlike some of
  4. It was a serviceable adventure movie. I had fun. Some solid character work in there (everyone gets their little arc), a few hearty chuckles, some twists and turns. I'm in love with Emily Blunt. Why does she not have her own franchise. Thought the villains were pretty entertaining as well, there's a nice dynamic there. I very much enjoyed that flashback scene in the middle of the film and music choice. What kept bringing it down was the direction, especially the editing and coverage. Zero sense of geography when it came to the set-pieces. You wo
  5. Most people I've seen at the cinema in a long time. Lobby was bustling, people going to see all kinds of movies. Felt nice.
  6. I'm actually quite fond of Hawkeye. AOU really did a lot for me when it came to his character. It re-established him as the sardonic dad of the group and made him the most down to earth character out of the Avengers. Which surprised me since Renner is at his best when playing emotionally distant men.
  7. This looks really epic, got me so much more excited than the last trailer. Obviously that end shot is iffy but man this got me hyped. My thoughts on the look of the film, because that's what seems to be divisive from general reactions. You have MCU flatness where the image just has no texture to it and very uniform but Dune's look seems so purposeful and powered by intent. It's a very distinct image which I think is more important than being colourful and I feel as though it's going to suit the tone of the film.
  8. Saw in cinemas, thought the CG was pretty bad, even for the MCU. Worst moment was that Taskmaster APC coming around the corner. Straight out of Uncharted 4. I didn't mind all the skydiving/explosion stuff in the finale, that stuff is expected so it doesn't bother me (and I can't deny there's something visually stimulation about Taskmaster putting her sword in a peice of building and sliding along it). CG double in a hand to hand fight was disappointing. I for one loved the Taskmaster reveal (Tied in with the themes of the film and somewhat heartbreaking), just thought
  9. - The entire opening was fantastic, also love an opening credits sequence. - The story set up is solid, it really feels like Yelena should be the main character though, she's going through a bit of a Bourne arc. - Pugh and Johansson are great together. The scenes they have together are some of the most intimate, human moments the MCU has had. - Ultimately the film needs to be a superhero film first and foremost which gets in the way of the more interesting aspects of the film. - It just doesn't delve into the themes of trauma, past coming back to haunt you as much as I w
  10. Man I'm on 11 with one repeat. How do you find the time, that's incredible! I'm generally avoiding films I don't care about though like Hitman's Wife Bodyguard, probably Space Jam etc. For the most part I've managed to see everything I want. The only one that's not releasing at my local that's super frustrating is Another Round.
  11. Seeing it in a couple of hours. Do I need to stick around for mid-credits, post credits or both?
  12. This is out the same weekend as Freaky here in the UK which only serves to emphasise what doesn't work in this film. The concept is really good. It feels like a classic kids horror premise, like a Monster Squad or something. There is a fair amount of enjoyment to be had just from that. It's fun seeing these kids try tackle a variety of ghouls. Wished the film leant more into that tone. It's got that murky look that Netflix loves so much. Direction is nothing special. There's no effort to get us to actually like the main characters. A lot of the development that
  13. Pretty generic directing, Chris Mckay hasn't made the same leap from animation to live action like Brad Bird did. Chris Pratt is charming/funny enough, he struggles with some of the more nuanced dramatic moments. The father/daughter storyline actually really worked for me, it kind of won me over. Solid supporting cast, all very likeable. Yvonne Strahovski finally gets something to do which is nice. Great creature design. CGI looked good on them. First action set peice is disappointing but they do improve as the film goes on. Nothing exceptional but solid.
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