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  1. Yeah, was very surprised at how many people were in The Matrix IMAX showing tonight. Very glad I got to see it on the big screen. Gucci screening tomorrow is also selling quite well for second weekend.
  2. May The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It A Quiet Place II - IMAX June Those Who Wish Me Dead Cruella The Father A Quiet Place II - IMAX (Repeat) Nobody In the Heights F9 - IMAX July Freaky Black Widow Jungle Cruise The Suicide Squad - IMAX August Stillwater Another Round Judas and the Black Messiah The Suicide Squad (Repeat) Snake Eyes Free Guy The Night House Reminiscence Candyman September Shang-Chi Malignant
  3. NOVEMBER Movies Ponyo - 9/10 - This is one of the most adorable films I’ve ever seen. Bride of Frankenstein - 8/10 Ghostbuster: Afterlife - 8/10 - This was incredibly heartwarming, I found myself preferring it to most of the superhero fare this year, both from a technical perspective and an emotional one. The French Dispatch - 8/10 - Charming, whimsical, I liked Jeffrey Wright’s story the most. Lacks the depth of other Andersons but I chalk that up to the format. Creature from the Black Lagoon - 7.5/10 Spencer - 7.5/10 - Kristen Stewart in in
  4. I wish I could have participated more Baumer, just very swamped with work. You've done an excellent job with the list! Had a lot of fun reading it and seeing some of the very interesting choices. Here's to the top 5!
  5. Just caught up on this. I've always had a soft spot for Hawkeye following Age of Ultron. I love him as the sardonic dad of the group and that film helped reframe him as the most human Avenger. This was a lot of fun. Tone is pitch perfect, doesn't take itself too seriously. Love the silly Russian Mafia. Some great one-liners from them. Action is fine for TV. Hailee Steinfeld is already an incredible movie star and has that electric larger-than-life charisma that's perfect for the MCU. The scale helps prevent the show overreaching like some of the other properties. The relations
  6. Yeah I've got a huge workload these last couple of weeks/leading up to Christmas and I like to properly sit down and watch stuff. I'd like to get around to these but I'm worried the list is just going to grow. Passing Tick Tick Boom King Richard Hit Monkey Wheel of Time Hawkeye Scenes From a Marriage (2021) The Power of the Dog Cowboy Bebop (2021) Pig Val Big Mouth S5 No Sudden Move It's a Sin
  7. I know nothing about League of Legends as well and I'm all in on this show at the end of Act 1. One of the biggest TV surprises this year for me.
  8. Scream is probably the most formative horror film to me. It was my access point into everything else. I was completely taken by it, rewatched it countless times as a teenager. Just in love with everything about it. Sidney is the best final girl. Excited to get the new 4K where we finally have a decent home media transfer! The Thing has the best practical effects in all of cinema. Alien is a masterclass in tension and mood. It's one of the most beautiful looking films on this list. The lighting is so atmospheric. The Xenomorph itself is terrifying in this film. The way
  9. Mixed bag on this. I found it dramatically inert a lot of the time. Main characters have such a lack of chemistry and are played so blank that it's difficult to connect. Supporting cast fair better, they feel relatable and have palpable chemistry among some of them. Suffers from the problem of Godly people dealing with Godly problems. It's a mess pacing wise, it's such a straightforward plot but takes such a long time to kick into gear. Action was fairly decent, was a little better than the usual 'here's just a bunch of stuff', there was a bit more choreography and int
  10. Black Swan is probably my favourite Darren Aronofsky film and maybe my favourite psychological horror. I love the down and dirty way it's shot; the noise, the grain. Natalie Portman is just unbelievably captivating in this film. Packed with creepy imagery. The Exorcist has that timeless quality to it. Everything is played so naturally and so down to earth, something that Friedkin does so masterfully in The French Connection. It taps into a tangibility of the real world. You look at it's peers in the genre from around the same time and The Exorcist is in another class for me. It blo
  11. Aliens is actually my favourite film of all time but because it's less horror I favoured placement of the original over it. The Queen effects still blow my mind every time, it's one of the best realised creatures. Evil Dead II is also one of my favourites, would have liked to see it higher. I freaking love Sam Raimi, his camerawork, editing, his sense of humour and tone. He offers everything I want from a ridiculously good time.
  12. I thought this was a boatload of fun. Stylish, poppy and a delight of a rollercoaster, has all the clever trappings of an Edgar Wright film. Gets a little thematically muddled towards the end. It leans more on the mystery side of things and the horror that is there bends to Wrights will as a director with a distinct brand. It's not necessarily scary. The twists and turns the film took genuinely surprised me. It's Wright firing on full cylinders again after Baby Driver felt a little watered down. Thomasin Mckenzie is fantastic and absolutely carries the film, she handles the increas
  13. The cinematography in this film is top notch. It's Scott Coopers first foray into digital and he doesn't fall into any of the trappings. Frames are carefully chosen and make excellent use of the mountainous locations. Colour grading and lighting were similarly on point. Creature design is also excellent and looks good for the most part, maybe only one janky shot. Was very pleased and expect nothing less from a film produced by Del Toro. The film is very small scale and understated, almost to a fault. It's really a three hander between Russell, Plemons and Thomas and they're
  14. OCTOBER It’s the spooky season! As I power my way through Blank Check I catch up on the Miyazaki films I haven’t seen which is clearly the perfecting pairing for all the horror I’ve been consuming. Movies Kiki’s Delivery Service - 10/10 Promising Young Woman - 9.5/10 - Carey Mulligan is unbelievable in this film, I'm ready to go on a Mulligan binge. Great soundtrack. Could not work out where it was headed, consistently surprising. Dune (2021) - 9/10 Castle in the Sky - 9/10 Frankenstein (1931) - 9/10 Planet Terror - 8.5/10 - Th
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