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  1. It feels like Bill Pope is being brought down by the MCU's chosen style a little bit. Especially in the lighting/grading. Maybe it's more that he works best with big/brash directors who have a strong visual style like Raimi/Wright/Rodriguez/Wachowskis. But that being said the hand-to-hand action looks well shot as I'd hope from him, definitely looks like it should be the best for the MCU so far. Not too keen on the slo-mo though. That Crouching Tiger-esque sequence looks like it could be great. Not enough of a sense of what Shang-Chi is like as a character from this trailer, very stoic throughout.
  2. Looks so much more cinematic than the last two. The fight scenes seem like they're gonna be really well done. Glad to have Justin Lin back. It feels like Fast and Furious. My only peeve is how much CG there is. I remember him talking about how with Fast Five he made a real effort to use practical effects after the criticisms of the 4th one. Between 5 and 6 the only egregious CG is that mid air jump with Dom/Letty. Whereas the next two had a lot of CG heavy sequences that I didn't care for. So I'm a little bit disappointed he's stuck with that. I think 6 was the last to shoot on film as well which is a shame. That being said it looks like so much fun and I'll be there opening weekend.
  3. Exactly like that! I want to say Rian Johnson brought up Rashomon when discussing those scenes, definitely a touchstone.
  4. Watched it twice now Mixed feelings on the film. The first half is rough. But I was mostly entertained by the second half. A definite step up from KOTM. Characters Script/Plot The Action Directing and Technicals Start the film 51:20 in and you've got an entertaining hour on your hands. 5/10 Series Ranking Godzilla (2014) Kong Skull Island Godzilla vs. Kong Godzilla: King of the Monsters
  5. I'm mixed on the film, I enjoyed most of the last half though (which is much more monster focused). Overall an improvement on KOTM, Wingard has a better grasp than Dougherty on directing the CG fight sequences. I don't think that quite makes up for everything else in the film though. I'll probably watch once more before my rental expires and make up my mind.
  6. Kind of insane amount because I tried to make the most of a free week of NOWTV March The League of Extraordinary Gentleman: 3/10 - I kind of like Sean Connery in this, he's always charming and some of the practical effects are nice too look at. Captain Nemo has the odd moment of decently shot action. Outside of that the film is a mess in every way. Coming 2 America: 4/10 Crimson Tide: 8/10 - This movie is a lot of fun. Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington going toe to toe on a submarine. It's such a great premise and Tony Scott's direction gives it a dynamic energy. The Mule: 7/10 - A fairly solid outing for Eastwood, just not exceptional. Sorry to Bother You: 8/10 - This film is insane, I love the rollercoaster it takes you on and is one of the most original/fresh films I've seen. It's also exemplary of a really well laid out character arc. Timecop: 6/10 - The time travel makes no sense, but do I care. No. Entertaining 90's flick, surprisingly good looking film, quite fond of the lighting. Action is sometimes good, sometimes cut to shit. O Brother, Where Art Thou?: 8/10 - George Clooney is one charming man. Under the Shadow: 9/10 - Similar to the Babadook, much more of a drama, the horror elements are very understated. Excellent themes. Highlander: 6/10 - I love the premise, the Queen soundtrack, the beheadings and watching Sean Connery pretend to be a Spaniard is hilarious. Execution and action is all over the place. Christopher Lambert is Tommy Wiseau levels of performance in this film. Goodfellas: 10/10 - This film has such an infectious energy to it, everyone kills it. Scorsese, the cast, Thelma. A stone cold classic. Zack Snyder's Justice League: 7/10 - Surprised how much I enjoyed this Manhunter: 8/10 - The first adaption of Red Dragon but the last one for me to see. Michael Mann's direction elevates this film. A much better Will Graham than the Ratner version but I preferred Ralph Fiennes in that one. Overall as a film it's much stronger though. The Untouchables: 9/10 - More Connery, this was fantastic. The Crow: 7/10 - I'm quite fond of this film, Brandon Lee is genuinely charming in it, I felt like he had move star potential. Reservoir Dogs: 9/10 - Lean/mean and everything you love about Tarantino The Way Back: 7/10 The Hunt for Red October: 8/10 - Yes that's right another Connery film and the best Jack Ryan film. Batman Forever: 3/10 - This was somehow worse than I remember but I also learned to appreciate Jim Carrey in it. He's really hamming it up. Jackie Brown: 8/10 Never Rarely Sometimes Always: 8/10 - This film is such an uncomfortable watch. The little encounters the characters have with male figures had me squirming, I can't imagine what it's like in reality. The film feels like such a honest, understated portrayal of what it's like to get an abortion in America whilst finding some sweetness along the way. V for Vendetta: 9/10 - I forgot how little action is in this but the film still keeps you gripped. The Color Purple: 7/10 - The scene where Celie stands up for herself had me cheering. Crank: 7/10 - This film is pure insanity, it's like an direct injection of madness into your veins. Best watched drunk and with friends. Dirty Harry: 8/10 Underwater: 5/10 Richard Jewell: 9/10 - One of Eastwood's best in a long time. It really hit me emotionally and the film highlights injustice in a way that's heartbreaking. Urban Legend: 5/10 - Not as fun of a whodunnit and you want it to be. Uninventive kills and feels a bit like Scream lite. Nice to see Jared Leto kind of normal though. Chinatown: 10/10 Gemini Man: 4/10 The Last Black Man in San Francisco: 9/10 - When that play hits it's a whirlwind of emotions. Beautiful cinematography and incredible performances. I am Legend w/Alternate Ending: 8/10 - I would say the normal version is like a 7/10, this ending bumped it up a notch. The film is stronger when Will Smith is on his own. Bloodshot: 2/10 Crank 2: 6/10 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance: 3/10 Red Sparrow: 8/10
  7. Team Godzilla It's gonna be be a digital rental for me, we've still got 1.5 months until cinemas open and I can't wait that long.
  8. Another huge Godzilla 2014 supporter. I think it's absolutely magnificent. The level of filmmaking on display is just incredible, it has me yearning for another Gareth Edwards blockbuster. It's Spielberg influenced in the best way possible (I quite enjoy all the callbacks/homages as well). The films reserved nature gives it impact (As opposed to constant noise/crash/bang/wallop of KOTM), there's images, audio and scenes that will be stuck in my head for a very long time. The construction is so well thought out, especially the whole airport/hawaii section which is one the best set-pieces in any modern blockbuster for my books. The camera blocking is just insane, even little things like how the camera moves to reveal Bryan Cranston being released from the police station. Showing a helicopter through a wing mirror than pulling back to have Cranston/ATJ step into frame. It's the stuff that takes it to the next level for me. The sound design as well, the rumble of the MUTO's is just sofa shaking, and none of it gets drowned out and is so distinct. The score and action both manage to have impact. Alexandre Desplat's score is *chefs kiss* Even with that said, I just love this film so much, the craftsmanship of it is something to behold.
  9. Alexandre Desplat's score for the first one was incredible, wish some of those tracks would find their way back in.
  10. Thanks for running the list @grim22 This was a crazy list, personal favourites obviously felt too low (Da 5 Bloods, Onward, The Invisible Man and then Mank didn't even make the list!) But there's a few films here that weren't really on my radar or I thought I could probably skip but I might check them out now.
  11. Honestly this trailer really surprised me. I thought this was another Maleficent situation and I don't really remember/care for 101 Dalmatians but this movie is now on my radar. Emma Stone looks great, I like the voice, I like how they're leaning into the villainous side of their villains, production design looks beautiful, the cinematography looks like it has some flair to it. I'm hopeful.
  12. Loved Godzilla 2014 Enjoyed Kong Skull island for what it was Was unbelievably disappointed in KOTM, I was so excited for it and so let down. This looks like it could it could go either way between fun Kong Skull Island or the incessant noise of KOTM.
  13. I can't quite tell is they're standing on the aircraft carrier or behind it. If it's on it Godzilla has definitely been shrunk down a bit. Although it's probably that thing where the size is ever-changing throughout the film, entirely dependent on what they need for the scene. Which has happened often in monster movie history.
  14. Man I've gotta say, I enjoyed this film I love the Donner Superman films and Raimi's first two Spider-Man films. So maybe I'm a sucker for sincerity but I really enjoyed the throwback to something so classically superhero-ey. I don't think it's as good as those films but it taps into that charm that I miss so much. The romanticism, the joyfulness, the genuine goodness/hopefulness and the straight faced sincerity without a self aware one liner following it. The action was whatever, about the same quality as your standard Marvel action, I kind of tuned out during most action set pieces. The rest of the film looks beautiful, wonderfully filmic; the depth, the lenses, the colours, the lighting. I felt like Jenkins got better at directing honestly, even if the script itself wasn't as good. There's a detour in the film that didn't need to be there. That whole section could be cut. I could feel the length wearing on me towards the end. 7.5/10 On a side note - So much hyperbole being thrown around with recent blockbusters as being the worst thing ever which I can never take seriously.
  15. Schindler's List is Spielbergs magnum opus. It's obviously a heart wrenching watch but it's just masterclass and shows his depths as a storyteller. Ralph Fiennes is incredible, one of the best performances I've ever seen. It's just so unbelievably powerful. What's so great about Spielberg is he's made like 10 films that are easy 10/10 in my books and I love them all for different reasons. He has so much range as a filmmaker.
  16. - Bridge of Spies is Spielbergs best film since Munich, Rylance is just unbelievable in the film. Very tough supporting actor race that year if I remember. - Catch Me If You Can is one of the all time Spielberg greats. Pure movie magic. - Last Crusade is actually my favourite Indiana Jones. Cracked my top 5. All the set pieces are so delightful; a train chase, boat chase, escape from a burning house, motorcycle chase, tank/horse chase, the trials. It has it all. - Saving Private Ryan is incredible. The whole village sniper sequence is etched into my brain so vividly. The scale of filmmaking throughout blows my mind.
  17. Minority Report is also very high on my personal list (probably 6). I just think it's so well constructed and the conversations the film is having around free-will/determinism are so interesting without feeling like a chore. Cruise kills it, he plays broken characters very well, the scene in the hotel is amazing. It also just has some ingenious sequences that can only come from Spielberg, the opening, the spiders, the umbrella escape. The photography is just stunning as well, the bleach bypass, the overblown highlights, the desaturation, the wonderful grain. Very film noir inspired (Even a smoking gun at one point) and then you get Spielbergs blocking on top of it, I just love to look at it. The ending leans into Spielbergs need to get a little schmaltzy, which I could do without but it works enough.
  18. Munich is definitely in my personal Spielberg top ten. I love everything about it. The assassination attempt with the phone is just one of the best sequences I've seen put to screen.
  19. Yeah I'm in Tier 2 and it looks like our local Odeon is opening up as of this weekend. Mostly Xmas movies but they have Coppola's new Godfather Part 3 cut which is tempting. I'll likely go for WW unless it gets abysmal reviews.
  20. I think this strategy would have made sense if WW had released at a similar time that Tenet did (That is assuming they're desperate to release WW this year). International markets were in a decent enough place to make some cash. US was/is a write-off so HBO MAX makes sense. But now international markets are back in a pretty bad spot and WB are still committing to their release date. It just seems like they're not reading the room. Maybe they think Xmas+WW is going to give them a big boost on HBO MAX and that's worth the loss.
  21. Yup! You've got it exactly right as far as I know! There's two Branagh's running about in the finale, I don't remember if we ever see the past one outside of Kat's flashback, or a quick shot of him leaving.
  22. Honestly as a huge fan of the series, he doesn't look that bad for a young Drake. It might just be that he's clenching his jaw but it's certainly the oldest Tom Holland has looked. As weird as the casting is all round what gives me no excitement for this is finally having watched Venom a month ago. It's such an exceedingly below-average uninspired, completely bland action movie that feels like it was directed by a committee. Ruben Fleischer just seems like he has nothing in him but I hope he proves me wrong.
  23. With the current release dates I reckon Jurassic World or Avatar 2 (possibly The Batman) are the most likely candidates. They're far back enough for when things may have returned to normalcy and people are ready to experience something that's the pure spectacle (with a little nostalgia thrown in). It's likely quite a few of the 2021 films will get pushed back though and there's a few candidates in there. If they stay where they are I think they'll fall short of $1B
  24. That makes sense to me, best way to maximise profits I reckon with the holiday season. It'll have petered out by then even if there aren't major releases. The 4K will be a nice Xmas gift to myself.
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