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  1. It feels good that we didn't reach the full potential of pandemic in India. Hoping for the best. Lockdown will be over by next week. 🤞🤞
  2. It looks like India is in better position now. I know they are not testing much but still the number of cases are going down as the testing is increasing.
  3. The popularity of Narendra Modi is scary. Never seen such a popular PM in my lifetime. The command he has over people scares me. My whole family was celebrating today like it's Diwali. BJP is not losing elections anytime soon.
  4. Advice: Stop believing Grace Randolph. She just craves for attention. I am 100% sure Disney never officially thought of putting Black Widow and Mulan on streaming. No studio is this stupid.
  5. MCU is getting bad release dates from beginning. May is not the prime time for movies. June and July are. Beginning of November is not prime time for movies either. MCU movies are always given mediocre release dates by Disney.
  6. @charlie Jatinder @ZeeSoh @a2k Pehle taali bajwayi ab diye jalao. Go Corona Go 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
  7. So, Trump casually announces that 100k-240k people will die and people are still defending him. What's the breaking point? Will Trump get away with everything? There has to be something right. I am more angry on Democrats. The fact they are allowing all this is just 😡😡😡 Stop defending Trump. Please be rational.
  8. Can't believe this tweet. Even Narendra Modi is not that insensitive. Comparing TV ratings with Bachelor. He is moron. Impeach him again.
  9. India failed. No food for poor people. Children are eating grass with salt. Migrant workers are dying. No proper management. Lockdown will kill more people than coronavirus ever will.
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