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  1. Can't wait for you to get proven wrong. They were great but so was literally most of supporting cast. Now movie will highlight Shuri and Okoye probably and you will see the phenomena once again.
  2. The way I forgot about this thread. Pandemic really took over me. Anyways some recently watched shows/movies. Mortal Kombat - 3/10 ( the acting is so bad , I couldn't finish it) Shadow and Bones- 7.5/10 ( really entertaining show) Invincible- 9.5/10 (loved it , highly recommend) Falcon and the Winter Soldier- 6/10 ( Yes, it has many fault but made me emotional at many points. ) Godzilla v Kong - 8.5/10 ( want more sequels)
  3. Sorry if I offended anyone, I am just really sad how he gave up whole his life giving amazing performances and doing so much for society to be disrespected like that. This doesn't feel right to me. I wanted him to win so badly. He deserved it in every way possible.
  4. And? That's not a excuse my dear. Sorry if I offended someone. But one POC winning doesn't mean other can't win. You are saying as if POC women have been winning Best Director for long time.
  5. Chadwick was not white. Let's be real for once. It's not like Oscar is awarded to objectively the best one anyway.
  6. Such a disservice to whole POC community when White people are always star of the show. I feel disgusted seeing Chadwick losing. He deserved it more than anyone else. Don't care if Hopkins was brilliant or not. Chadwick was robbed and I feel genuinely sad.
  7. It's releasing In November, probably a teaser with Black widow. Noting before that Ig. They have to promote Loki, BW and Shang Chi.
  8. Was going through MCU and realised how meh was FFH. Can we trust Jon Watts with Spiderverse and F4. I am really nervous that they might continue to be meh with some cool moment. For some critics really like his direction and I don't understand why.
  9. guess bullying has already started. He is awesome guy. I hope he has this all easy. I know you have warned us not to talk abut it @Eric Bombay but Simu posted this so I had to comment. Sorry
  10. As of rn Brie Larson is controversial in some communities online only. Same communities mostly don't like Shang-Chi or complain about Marvel being woke. Most people know that Captain Marvel was not best movie from Marvel but they don't have any personal problem with Brie. If we go by these 'communities' as you say then Marvel should stop making movies with anyone in lead except white man. Good luck with that.
  11. That's true for most actors in MCU ig. If they replaced Thor after 1st part wouldn't change much. Or even Ant Man or literally most actors. Why these questions for Brie Larson?
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