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  1. Hexagon is big giveaway of whatever confirmation you want. Just saying.
  2. It's getting much more appreciation than just joker vibes. People are loving Emma in this role. Also production is top notch and love the fashion. Can't believe I am excited.
  3. Probably not like this , from what I have observed people love Kong more , anyway this movie gonna be huge
  4. Probably Fox acquisition , Marvel and Star Wars for Disney. Maybe Disney Plus??
  5. I didn't like WW84 but it's really dumb to say that WW can't carry 2-3 movies more. Like it or not , she is one of the most known female super hero as of now. ( yes , a case can we made for Black widow in Asia but we don't know how the movie will work) With right direction and script , it's very possible.
  6. It's not surprising that not only Kong Skull was better than other Monsterverse movies but it trended really well in most places. It was received very well , specially in the intense competition in 2017 with so many good and trending movies. I really want that type of movies more. It was so entertaining to watch that. Kong really was given a good story. I don't understand why they didn't follow that path when audience loved. Why did they time jump?? I would have loved to follow from there with mix of old and new characters.
  7. Well they are doing that for most movies regardless of quality
  8. I am more likely to belive Viewer Anon specially considering most of his info has been correct. People doubted him about WW84 and he was right. Looking forward to GvK. Although we don't have HBO MAX here lol.
  9. Kong skull was the best so far . Human Characters also were not annoying like this . Who directed that movie? we need him back .
  10. Comcast and At&T are much bigger than FOX .. I don't think even Disney is on their level after merger
  11. You are right but still it is a very big drop for New Year's weekend.
  12. So, did anything important announcement about Marvel on that New Year Musical concert??
  13. Guys it's New Year Calm down. Let the 3rd film release in Cinemas, the reality of how successful second film was will be very clear. 😊 I have seen nothing but negative and meh wom from many of my friends.
  14. so is anyone gonna talk about Diana sleeping with stranger?? It's equivalent of rape. how can such things be showed in movie like this?? I was disgusted.
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