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  1. 21. Godfather 2 22. Spirited Away 23. Mahanati ( Telgu Movie) 24.Avengers Endgame 25.Captain America : Winter Soldier 26.Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back 27. Spiderman 2002 28. Spiderman Into the Spiderverse 29. Andhadhun ( Hindi Movie) 30. Kapoor And Sons (Hindi Movie) 31. The Dark Knight 32. Haider ( Hindi Movie) 33. Barfi ( Hindi Movie) 34. Hindi Medium ( Hindi Movie) 35. The Lunchbox 36. La La Land 37. Forrest Gump 38. Matrix 39. Rang De Basanti ( Hindi Movie) 40. Lagaan ( Hindi Movie)
  2. A fresh list after rewatch of some movies recently. 1. Inception 2. Jurrassic Park 3. Inside Out 4. Godfather 5. Ratatouille 6. Andaz Apna Apna ( Hindi movie) 7. Pan Labyrinth 8. Lord of the Rings Part 1 9. Lord of the Rings Part 2 10. Toy Story 11. Parasite 12. Toy Story 3 13. Indiana Jones : Raiders of the Lost Ark 14. Star Wars : A New Hope 15. Silence of the Lambs 16. Super Deluxe ( Tamil Movie) 17. Tumbbad ( Hindi Movie) 18. Toy Story 2 19. Wolf of Wall Street 20. Chandani Bar ( Hindi Movie)
  3. This film doesn't excite me much like Inception and Interstellar. JDW and RP doesn't seems like an interesting pair. This will be test of Christopher Nolan power just like Dunkrik.
  4. That's done by Arvind Kejriwal. States are in huge loss. Plus Kejriwal habit of giving everything free is now biting him back.
  5. Even Imtiaz fans hate LAK 2020. It's absolutely worst. I wonder how you tolerated Sara and Kartik for 2 hrs.
  6. Kapoors in general have done some great films and are hugely popular. Rishi Kapoor's second innings was also great. Mulk, Kapoor and Sons, 102 Not out and Do dooni char are fantastic.
  7. This news has literally destroyed me. Rishi Kapoor was my favourite actor. A Legend. This is very hard. 😭😭😭🙏🙏 God have mercy on us.
  8. Can't believe you liked it. LAK 2020 is one of the worst movie ever. Sara Ali Khan is irritating. She can't act.
  9. 1. A New Hope 2. Empire Strikes Back 2. Revenge of the Sith 4. Return of The Jedi 5. Clone Wars Animated series 5. Rogue One 7.Mandalorian 8. Attack of the clones 9. Phantom Menace 10. Clone Wars movie 11. Solo 12. The Last Jedi 13. The Rise of Skywalker
  10. This should be the plot for Frozen 3: Arendelle people want Queen Anna to wed Prince from a nearby kingdom to strengthen the relationship and for resources/trades etc.. The Prince from that Kingdom is not evil at all, he is actually very nice and Anna starts questioning her love for Kristoff. Elsa dives into the unknown and questions her existence. She is adopted and that shatters her illusion which makes her move away from Anna. They can also play on who Kristoff is actually.. He wad adopted by trolls but how come he ended up there.
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