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  1. Those Hobbs and Shaw comps are so good , plus the movie does seem like that. Still rooting for 4m+ Thursday , I think It's possible.
  2. yeah , Shang-Chi is ride or die for studios. If it severely underperforms we are going to get another batch of delays
  3. I think you are on spot except for Candyman. seems more likely to do 8-12m than 19m , I would be happy to be surprised though , rooting for it
  4. On point. And with initial reactions, it looks like Free Guy might actually get good reviews. Hoping it does good too.
  5. I am with you here. TSS opening to 30m should be considered disaster and not a win for anyone. Considering it won't even get PA money and marketing was much hyper than that of JC.
  6. I won't be quick to call Jungle Cruise flop and underperformance in covid times because Suicide Squad isn't looking good either. If JC is flop then TSS is looking like a disaster.
  7. I think she thought it will do much better on box office and will give her good profit participation.
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