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  1. Black Panther was first. CBM are already respectable. How delusional you are? Black Panther literally won Sag Ensemble, a very big achievement.
  2. I know people here are very sensitive but this is actually true. If you give example of Black Panther then there are Captain Marvel and FFH which earned more overseas.
  3. But from March it will lag. Captain Marvel, US, Avengers Endgame, Aladdin, Toy Story4 are not happening this year. I don't think most of the movies will outgross Joker.
  4. Frozen 2 had a fantastic run. I am 100% sure no one Disney is disappointed. They must already be planning for how to keep the brand alive. The movie that actually underperformed is Alaadin. It should have made atleast 300-400m more WW. Very poor marketing by Disney in China, India and many other important countries.
  5. Very conflicted on SM3. I want this movie to crash and burn. But it is likely 1.2bn+ contender.
  6. Batman is going to do massive. I have already said that sequel to this movie is 2bn+ Batman 1.2b Batman 2 2b+ Thor Love and Thunder will come 2nd behind Avatar. It is very hyped movie plus Thor has become crazy popular Thor 4 1.3b-1.45b Doctor Strange is going to good. Need to know the director but still 1b is possible. Shang-Chi is the underdog. It has the potential to do 1.5b WW. Interesting to track the box office will be. Mission Impossible will finally have a 1b+ movie. Tom Cruise needs a billie and he will get it.
  7. Avatar 2 may become first 3b+ movie. I know Europe and NA may decrease but Asia is going to increase crazy. I can see Asia going overall 2.5x of Avatar.
  8. Alaadin recovered due to good wom and not marketing. They literally dumped the movie in end. Industry was expecting it to flop. No proper marketing worldwide. China loved the movie but it was dumped there hurting its potential. Aladdin actual box office should have been: Domestic : 550m Overseas :850m - 900m
  9. Frozen theatre dropped. I don't think they even advertised sing along version. Disney marketing is becoming very weak lately. Except Captain Marvel, Avengers Endgame and Lion king marketing was very weak.
  10. 1) Black Widow 2) Mulan 3)Eternals 4) Raya 5)Soul 6) No time to Die 7) Birds of Prey 😎 Jungle Cruise 9) Onward 10) Tenet
  11. Considering it will havw P&A of 100m. 400m will be the breaking point. Low budget and high P&A( compared ro budget) pushes the breakeven point. Example : It chapter 1 350m and good home media sales will be good enough for small profit.
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