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  1. Namor is coming sooner than you think. There was an Easter egg in Avengers Endgame.
  2. Sounds like MCU is no more in control of Kevin Feige only. Amy Pascal is playing from the background. Also, MCU is on downfall. People won't be able to keep up anymore.
  3. I actually loved all the 5 episodes of Boys S2 absolute perfection in my opinion. They are weaving a very interesting storyline. Stormfront is very interesting character. I hate her but want to watch more of her. She is terrifying. Butcher and Homelander are their crowning jewel. I absolutely despise Hughie. One of the most annoying character ever.
  4. Why is Mulan being compared to other product on Disney+? IT'S BEHIND A PAYWALL.
  5. Woah! Boy S2 is excellent. Specially the 3rd episode. Mind blowing last 5 minutes. This is going down in history. Actually I think this season of boys has the potential to finally top Watchmen from last year. Insane.
  6. So, Mulan is pretty much dead in China. This movie is cursed. Went from potentially Highest grossing movie to a potential flop.
  7. So, now shaming Audience and calling them Sheep. You really are pissed just because of a RT score. Also Tenet is not something new. It's the same time travel sci-fi with a slightly different concept.
  8. Jungle Book and The Cinderella are the only live action movie that got praised and that too desevingly. Everything else is mediocre to rotten.
  9. Imagine saying critics bowing down to Disney when literally most of the Disney movies last year didn't recieve good reviews from critics. Lion King and Aladdin both are rotten.
  10. Meh Every action movie seem to follow the same plot. Not interested anymore. Something different is always good.
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