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  1. Anti-MCU sentiment will only grow stronger from now on. 13 yrs and going strong has made industry shook. No brand has ever achieved this. Backlash was inevitable.
  2. It's weird to think but Shang-Chi was the real underdog of Marvel. The movie is received really well by the most who watched it .
  3. I think this might actually end up rotten. Anyways big lesson for Marvel. Shang-Chi remains highly acclaimed and will probably end up the best received CBM of 2021 Audience and Critics opinion combined
  4. Eternals was always going to be different than usual Marvel. It was obvious. Not surprised by mixed reactions. Critics have become accustomed to Marvel Formula.
  5. Anyways , I am excited for 2nd trailer. I hope it's completely different from first one and we actually get to see some cool shots and imagery
  6. Or maybe movie is just bad looking. Jon Watts is on 3rd SM movie and he has only got worse. The shots in first trailer are pretty similar to quality of these pics.
  7. For sure. This movie atleast has some identity. NWH looks weird and uncanny. That first trailer was so uninspired and messy
  8. Glad I am not the only one who saw Nolan in this trailer unlike the first one.
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