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  1. Grace Randolph tries too hard to pit DC vs MARVEL. Somebody tell her it ain't gonna work.
  2. And while this maybe little fanboyish , you are actually right in a way. So , we wait. No other critic has such extreme reaction and I do know few who would have said harsh things if movie was actually bad.
  3. lol, no. That one review , I have a thing to say against it but Eric has asked us not to. Just wait till June 29th , you will know yourself.
  4. Anyways , they got what they wanted from movie. Florence Pugh is getting unanimous praise. She is our future Black Widow and I can't be happier.
  5. That image is so weird. Hope he is not pressured by Marvel do go this extreme. Maybe it's for Netflix Hulk Hogan movie
  6. Yes. Odinson Thor's arc is pretty much coming to end. His scene with mother was full circle moment. Only thread left in his story was his love for Jane Foster and that will be pretty much be resolved in Thor 4. So, it's right in every eay that we get new Thor.
  7. @Ethan Hunt How has folklore aged for you? I can never stop listening to it lol. It's fantastic. Also , 1989 seems to be next re recording.
  8. Adding to this , Samba TV is saying 2m people watched Friends over Weekend. This alone makes their tracking system flawed and limited. 2m for friends doesn't even make sense. It's not a b tier show.
  9. Correct me if I am wrong but Samba TV only counts TV right?? No purchases from mobile/ipads/pc/laptops So , how is this bad? Atleast 1.5x if we count all sources so 30m over the 3 days weekend and plus 20m OW.
  10. Yup, plus it's Disney who love to underestimate. Cinemascore is A and RT audience score is also high. Movie is likely a success for Disney all things considered. We have 2 success stories today.
  11. Hmm. I wanna see Saturday numbers. Feels like classic underestimation. Anyways really good numbers.
  12. Considering Thor Ragnarok led to more mainstream success and projects for Taika. I disagree. Considering Ryan Coogler got bigger than ever after Black Panther, I disagree again. Considering Disney/Fox partnership is helping Chloe to follow her vision. I disagree again. She loves Marvel and always wanted to work them.
  13. It's such a shame that in India they don't do Premiere access. I would gladly pay money to watch Black Widow. Have watched all MCU movies in theatre since Avengers 2 and now nothing. Disney's management is messed up. Why not Premiere access in international markets and theatres exclusive in NA?
  14. I was talking pre pandemic memorial day weekend. 60m was a good target and achievable. Also, many people actually love the movie and not just talking about the joke. It's a good and entertaining movie.
  15. Cruella would have done 60m+ in normal market, I am sure of it. It's always been buzzy title. I am sure the PVOD numbers are good for it. Many are talking about it on social media.
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