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  1. I'm excited. At least it's nice knowing WB didn't get a trailer company to edit it.
  2. 30m+ is meh??? Seriously? Ignoring presales and everything did anyone seriously think a Scream reboot can open with 45m+ even pre-pandemic?
  3. Licorice Pizza getting past $10m without going over 1000 theaters seems pretty solid. Will probably go wide after Oscar noms, would suck if it doesn't get nominated for Picture.
  4. To be disappointed in a 30m+ weekend of a horror movie that will ultimately more than double its budget at a time when we're at the worst in terms of cases of the pandemic... lol bye This is a fantastic result. I think if they went the simultaneous route with Paramount plus it may have opened similar to 4 so thankfully they didn't do that!
  5. I think anything over $20m for the 3-day is great considering everything so if this does $30m that'd be really excellent.
  6. Me neither. I'm getting Scream 4 deja vu. I think if this does over $20m 3-day then I'll say it does well but we'll see. Sales in my area don't really seem to suggest really strong previews but idk we'll see.
  7. I decided to check out 355 cause the afternoon showing was close to empty lol and I felt like it was actually pretty watchable? I liked the cast but totally something that someone doesn't have to rush to see in a theater unless you're a stan of anyone in the cast. Also... still got Turning Red as a trailer. Lol
  8. Gucci passing 50m when a Spielberg directed WSS is struggling to hit 40m is pretty crazy. Go Gaga.
  9. I swear if anything happens with this release... this is now gleaming hope in what looks like a rough upcoming 2 months lol
  10. Would've been so bizarre if NWH moved out of December. So glad it didn't as it shows people will show up for something they're excited for. Now we don't have to have the cinema is dead discussion, again. Cause it's not. Things are looking bleak though for the first 2 months unless Uncharted does decent. Holdovers should have nice legs though hopefully.
  11. Lol. This should help No Way Home's legs I guess? Dumb move. It probably would've made more money in its original spot. Now it's gonna drop hard weekend 2 and 3 with Sonic and Fantastic Beasts.
  12. Matrix under TKM... truly embarassing. It's a good thing that WB has a whopping 4 DC films this upcoming year and they commited to theatrical window because another year of Ls would be hard to watch.
  13. I think Godzilla vs Kong is one of the more important performances in box office this year. Without that and Mortal Kombat things would've looked extremely bleak. Most impressive of the year? Eh.
  14. Venom 2 is an astounding success. Outopened 3 Disney MCU films, "low" budget for a superhero film and the third one will likely be huge depending on what Sony adds to it.
  15. Making Keaton the main Batman is such an awful idea. I do not see how that would excite anyone. I've been such a supporter of DC films since MoS so hoping all of the films next year are good but it's so disappointing that there's no clear backbone to the direction they're going. I guess we'll see how DC is in a couple of years...
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