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  1. I am a little puzzled about DEH's audience score and Cinemascore. I guess maybe if you're familiar with the play you'll be warm to it. I thought it was pretty bad.
  2. ... the movie is pretty bad. Idk how the stage version; for me most musicals leave me feeling something but this was just unpleasant.
  3. Think May 20 would've worked if this had any chance to do well. Couple week after Thor and no humungous competition until Jurassic World.
  4. Seems like they're dumping this. Having this smack between two huge MCU movies I think this will flop big time.
  5. It would've been interesting to see how Malignant would've done without HBO Max. Most horror films recently have been doing $40m+ (even Don't Breathe 2 is looking to pass $30m) with solid multipliers, and Malignant is a pretty fun movie to see at a theater with a crowd, too bad it'll probably not even pass $15m.
  6. All of WB's films flopping is pretty sad considering the strategy seemed to work earlier this year with GvK and MK, in which they were kinda the champion for theaters. This should've ended when everything reopened, committing the whole year was just idiotic.
  7. I was on board with this. Some of the music cues and scenes made me laugh pretty hard. Idk for me the third act wasn't as shocking as I thought it'd be based on some reactions I saw but it certainly is memorable. Overall I enjoyed more than the average horror flick.
  8. I would understand if Venom kept that date but that is just plain idiotic. I guess they REALLY want to boost up Peacock. Good luck I guess.
  9. Just like Guardians cemented first weekend of August I think this will be a new coveted date unless Shang-Chi has horrible legs (... it won't). Makes sense considering how many superhero films are getting made.
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