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  1. If Birds of Prey follows Joker tickets will go on sale next Monday.
  2. I think Mulan, Black Widow, WW1984, Eternals and probably FF9 will hit a billion. None may crack 1.2b though.
  3. I'm expecting a little more than Shazam, 240-250m. Hopefully it does more, really would like this to do well.
  4. Weathering With You outgrossing Your Name is awesome, loved the movie. Wish it was doing bigger #s here but I guess Gkids doesn't really have the means to go all out for the release.
  5. Omg go Weathering With You! Saw it last night and loved it. May do double Your Name's gross here.
  6. Any word on how Weathering With You screenings did last night?
  7. I think R-rating will stop it from going that high. Yeah, Deadpool and Joker did boffo numbers but both those had insane hype. I do hope reception is good and it surprises.
  8. When did Joker tickets go on sale? This release pattern is annoying me lol so late Edit; nvm found Joker tickets went on dale 9/23, so less than 2 weeks of presales. Mk then lol
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