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  1. That's more than I was expecting for Bloodshot even without this panic. Wtf?
  2. So... apparantly new trailer and tickets go on sale tomorrow? Hmmm
  3. Wow. And I thought I would never see the My Spy trailer again. Just release it and let it disappear already just... wow
  4. Invisible Man drop is solid. Has one more weekend until Quiet Place takes over for horror though.
  5. I think Onward should have solid legs after seeing it barring the situation here gets really extreme. The first 2/3s are fine but the movie nails the last third in Pixar tearjerky fashion.
  6. Cant tell if y'all are serious but besides Morbius and Venom Sony's slate for the rest of the year sucks. Ghostbusters will probably do fine too but yeah, no.
  7. Interesting. And of course Deadline will not write a scathing article like they did with Birds of Prey. *cough* Think (or hope) it'll have a solid Saturday but under 40 isn't good.
  8. 50% would be a solid drop for Invisible Man. If everything has 50%+ drops then maybe we will see an effect... next weekend is looking pretty bleak in terms of new release so it won't be surprising if all of those do dismal #s.
  9. Anything over 50m would seem decent to me. Onward looked really unappealing. 40s would be eh. Below 40 eek.
  10. They should've done previews as reviews are solid... oh well, 10m+ would be surprising to me, would be happy for Ben if this ends up doing fine.
  11. Looks like Bond is having Thursday showings all day for premium formats. Hmmm
  12. If domestic ends at around 85 then overseas only needs $4.5m to get to 200m. Japan probably won't be anything noteworthy but seems like it'll be a $210m WW finish. As a fan of DC and this film this is the first box office performance in awhile that crushed me. In the end the movie won't lose money but a push for HQ films besides Squad is really unlikely.
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