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  1. I actually dug it. It's not great but the story kept me interested and I liked all the actors. Certainly didn't deserve that blasphemous opening.
  2. One of the local Dolby theaters near me for 7pm for Candyman is nearly half full already... didn't tickets just go on sale? Hmm
  3. Seems like it'll be soon as I see AMC and Regal showtimes listed but not available for sale yet. Weird to do presales so late but I still think it'll do at least ok.
  4. I saw Civil War like 3 weeks before release at one of these screenings. It's not a bad thing lol
  5. Was about to get tickets but I have plans tomorrpw night. Oh well, I can wait a couple of weeks. Will be happy if this does 65m+ OW.
  6. I just hope they don't completely cut off Margot's Harley now. If they make a movie with Harley and Poison Ivy and that doesn't do well then she could stop I guess.
  7. Suicide Squad was always a weird franchise for WB to put their all into. The first one had an amazing ad campaign but... yeah lol I think WB should've first made a Batfleck film after BvS with Joker/Harley but damage is done. The Batman is gonna be huge, Aquaman should do well too. Flash is a wildcard.
  8. Free Guy's run should be interesting. Weak line-up besides Shang-Chi that maybe it'll play well August and September and do close to or even go past 100m. Free Guy and Jungle Cruise doing 90m+ are honestly what's needed now cause if everything was doing sub-60m then welp.
  9. Hilarious that Old is holding relatively well. It is such a bizarre film that I thought it would plummet but good for Shayamalan.
  10. Truly sad about The Suicide Squad... consequence of WB butchering the first one though.
  11. How bizarre. Free Guy totally looks like something that would open in high teens maximum in regular times. I guess it helps that the movie is pretty good though. If this opens higher than TSS then that'll look great for theatrical windows, so yay.
  12. That seems pretty good to me. Pre-pandemic I don't think I would be predicting $30m so this doing $20m+ now seems great to me.
  13. The heck? 2.5m would be really solid. If this opens with more than TSS I'll be shocked. Movie is pretty enjoyable so good for it if it does well. (And I guess if this does at least 22 then people won't expect a Shang Chi opening below 30m... lol)
  14. Weird Candyman tickets aren't on sale yet. Think it can do well.
  15. Moving Hotel Transylvania to the same date as Adams Family was stupid anyway. Moving straight to streaming is as well. HT should've moved to October 15 and Venom should've stayed where it was... or, they could've swapped Morbius and Venom. It's not like Morbius looks like it'll be huge.
  16. What a dumb move. Hopefully this doesn't mean Bond moves again, just release it already jeez.
  17. I don't get why people think Free Guy doing less than 20m would signify Shang Chi doing less than Jungle Cruise... lol what I've been lurking this thread for some time, maybe I'll try to track Shang-Chi in my area so I can track some other stuff in the future
  18. That's more than I was expecting for Bloodshot even without this panic. Wtf?
  19. So... apparantly new trailer and tickets go on sale tomorrow? Hmmm
  20. Wow. And I thought I would never see the My Spy trailer again. Just release it and let it disappear already just... wow
  21. Invisible Man drop is solid. Has one more weekend until Quiet Place takes over for horror though.
  22. I think Onward should have solid legs after seeing it barring the situation here gets really extreme. The first 2/3s are fine but the movie nails the last third in Pixar tearjerky fashion.
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