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  1. Hm so that 5 for $35 deal on Atom is gone on the app, wonder if it that did well
  2. Sub-40 would be bad. From what I remember Shazam was looking to not go as high for $5.9m in previews initially, hopefully the reviews get major walk-ins.
  3. The $35 deal on Atom works for IMAX/Dolby. Great deal, that's like saving 60 dollars. Very interested to see how today goes
  4. I hope it beats Shazam's 5.9m but anything above 5 is fine if reception for the movie is good. Very interested to see how tomorrow goes.
  5. Hm when I googled it the Atom site says $35 If this somehow works on IMAX/Dolby that'd be a great deal.
  6. T-Mobile $4 Atom deal for Sonic will be active Feb. 11, will get a big boost from that.
  7. Rhythm Section doing that bad is fascinating. I think I might go see it during the week lol
  8. Pretty great Saturday for holdovers. https://m.the-numbers.com/box-office-chart/daily/2019/02/03 Last year best drop in the top 10 was Marry Poppins, 54%. Worst was Upside, 69%.
  9. I haven't seen Your Name since the theater but I kinda feel like I prefer WWY. Need to see Your Name again.
  10. I'm surprised Doolittle is holding well. Guess the family market needed something since Spies in Disguise wasn't huge. This makes me feel like Sonic is gonna really breakout. I'm desperate to see something this weekend so I may actually go see Dolittle with my Alist 😅
  11. With the Super Bowl spot I think it's too late. Probably would've made so much money in December.
  12. I'm excited they brought back Han lol This probably won't do a billion if China gets worse.
  13. F9 actually has a decent amount of tickets sold for the 6pm Dolby screening at my local theater. Wow.
  14. Er... wtf, they're expecting this to open like Dumbo? I think Mulan will clear 100m+ opening weekend.
  15. The only theaters for BoP in my area that are filing up are the Dolby screens. The theater with recliners that usually sell briskly are weak so far. Shazam presales were pretty weak from what I remember even week of release but this one will be more PS heavy. Guess let's see what its like by Tuesday.
  16. 80% of Joker [13.3m] would be 10.6m. Would be really fantastic if this got to 10m like Venom but I'm expecting 6.5-7.
  17. Both Regal and AMC have tweeted tickets go on sale tomorrow. If the embargo lift on social media goes well it could boost sales.
  18. I just saw BB3, pretty impressed how they revived the series. This one was leagues better than the previous ones. Think the next one could be big, especially if they add some big names.
  19. If Birds of Prey follows Joker tickets will go on sale next Monday.
  20. I think Mulan, Black Widow, WW1984, Eternals and probably FF9 will hit a billion. None may crack 1.2b though.
  21. I'm expecting a little more than Shazam, 240-250m. Hopefully it does more, really would like this to do well.
  22. Weathering With You outgrossing Your Name is awesome, loved the movie. Wish it was doing bigger #s here but I guess Gkids doesn't really have the means to go all out for the release.
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