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  1. The first blockbuster Marvel superhero film with a Chinese lead character has been so far snubbed by China, even though it has been modified to appeal to audiences there. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was released worldwide on September 3. China’s censors are yet to approve the film, however, fuelling speculation that it may not be shown in the country at all, despite its success in the North American market, where it raked in a record $90 million (£65 million) over the four-day Labour Day weekend. Marvel Studios are hoping it can repeat the cross-cultural succ
  2. I used to be obsessed with Martin Freeman. After the Johnlock debacle I swore I would never stan another celebrity, but here I am watching Tony Leung's entire filmography and editing GIFs. Help.
  3. A Christian guy I follow on Twitter wrote something like: It's stupid for the Eternals to say they can't intervene in earth's affairs. How can you love humans but allow them to suffer? It's illogical. I wonder how anyone can say that without questioning their own faith in the process.
  4. The reception in Hong Kong and Taiwan seems to be more positive this time around, but sadly a lot of people keep saying that Simu is ugly.
  5. I've been getting the trailer for WW84 in front of every YouTube video I've been watching lately. I'm in Venezuela.
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