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  1. With so many people wrapped it may actually be too.late for significant alterations whatever the film it ends up being rated
  2. Yep I give it s.month before we head of Twoicide squad getting massive reshoots to make it pg 13 thanks a.lot guys
  3. But the first wonder woman was a massive hit
  4. Why do people think ww84 has no chance to of it
  5. If Twoicide Squad ends up pg13 you'll have no one but yourselves to blame
  6. Well how this movie performs could inluence wether twoicide squad is R rated or not
  7. Well I've. Not heard of anything coming out this weekend except for gentleman which just looks like a bargain basement Kingsman ripoff and pretty much everything about rhythm section smells like a flop so I dare say #1 til BOP!
  8. 1. Why y'all down in Ghostbusters you realize it's a sequel to 1 and 2 and not another reboot right 2.any ww1984 prediction under 1 billion is wrong
  9. the fact of the matter is no one has been able to explain how we have supposedly gotten too much Star Wars since 2015 when the mcu has put out 3-4x more films and absolutely no one (by which i mean fans not old out of touch directors) is complaining
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