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  1. I don't know. How well did Blade Runner 2049 do again? I've forgotten. Anyway, that was not the point I was making. I didn't bring either of those two movies, or their box office, up. Also, John Carter is very much *not* a colourful saturated sci-fi movie, lol. It's arguably even browner than Dune.
  2. I've got to hand it to Denis and his team, I never thought it would be possible, and I'm shocked that any filmmaker has managed to do it, but I'll say it. I'm straight up impressed. I mean, this is just remarkably drab looking. Amazing. Well done. I don't know how you can take the incredibly weird and eccentric world of Dune and make it look like a semi-expensive live-action Halo commercial from 2011, but my God. They've pulled it off. They've really brought the sheer diversity of the worlds and costumes to life. Browns, greys, brown-greys, greyish-browns,
  3. I would personally argue that they were likely more of a hook than the relatively obscure Harry Potter lore stuff, at least when it came to the friends and relatives I have who aren't movie buffs and only go to the cinema once in a while. I'm not suggesting that it was only the magical creature angle, but rather that and a combination of other factors like the more lighthearted angle, less of a need to be familiar with deep-cut Potter continuity, and antics in magical 1920s New York. Again, just going off my experience in the cinemas, most of the audience, especially t
  4. The reason the first movie made over $800 million was because it was sold as "comic misadventures with cute fantasy animals set loose in 1920s New York City". Jumanji meets Harry Potter meets the Jazz era. The fact that JK and WB seem to acting like the bit everybody actually got hyped for was the grim dark pointless backstory centred around a piece of Harry Potter lore, is mind boggling to me. Imagine if each sequel had just been the fun adventures of Newt and pals in new cities all around the world meeting fantastic new creatures, that's a frigging money printing ma
  5. The problem with all these movies is that they are running on fumes. It's all the same people doing all the same stuff they've been doing for the last two decades. It's tired at this point and WB refuses to do the only sensible thing which is hire some new creative talent who aren't afraid to take massive risks and then let them go to town. The only real shot in the arm this franchise has had was back in 2004 when they hired Cuaron, who radically departed from both the books and the first two films and tried to make an actual movie. And even if you don't
  6. If the offer is still open, I'd love to be spoiled as well, please.
  7. Putting out a pristine HD copy no doubt cut into sales badly, especially when the movie simply isn't a huge spectacle event film. Still, a fairly decent showing overall for the film despite this. Now why the budget so high, when this is exactly the kind of goofy crime film they could easily make for less than $35 million, is anyone's guess.
  8. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter if a movie shoots in real locations, uses practical sets, or shoots on a greenscreen. There have been many great (and great-looking) movies that have each used these techniques, both together and separately. The only thing that ultimately matters is directorial/producorial intent and skill, there's no "magic bullet" technical explanation about how a film is made that explains it other than that. Flat and dull movies come from flat and dull people. Hell, the two MCU movies that get the most consistent phrase for their cin
  9. I don't see why $200 million is such a crazy budget for this kind of movie. Its two closest equivalents, MI:Fallout and No Time To Die, had budgets of $178 million and $250 million respectively.
  10. I know people who saw it at a test screening back in 2019 and it apparently played fairly well, lots of clapping/laughing/cheers in the right places, though most people seemed to "zone out" during the backstory stuff for the Rock's character.
  11. Guarantee the Rock has a massive profit participation deal with this film and he's pressing Disney to either wait and release it in theatres or pay him a ton of money to make up for the loss.
  12. Possibly, but it's going to be way more expensive than the Plummer stuff because he's playing one of the main characters and if they're staying true to the book he's going to be in at least 3/4 of the entire movie. I hope this won't compromise the chances for a sequel because I'd love to see more Branagh-directed Poirot movies.
  13. Yeah, the big question mark is Black Widow. Once that rolls out, I'm guessing Disney will analyse the numbers and plot the release strategy/promotion for the rest of the slate, from there.
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