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  1. I don't see why $200 million is such a crazy budget for this kind of movie. Its two closest equivalents, MI:Fallout and No Time To Die, had budgets of $178 million and $250 million respectively.
  2. I know people who saw it at a test screening back in 2019 and it apparently played fairly well, lots of clapping/laughing/cheers in the right places, though most people seemed to "zone out" during the backstory stuff for the Rock's character.
  3. Guarantee the Rock has a massive profit participation deal with this film and he's pressing Disney to either wait and release it in theatres or pay him a ton of money to make up for the loss.
  4. Possibly, but it's going to be way more expensive than the Plummer stuff because he's playing one of the main characters and if they're staying true to the book he's going to be in at least 3/4 of the entire movie. I hope this won't compromise the chances for a sequel because I'd love to see more Branagh-directed Poirot movies.
  5. Yeah, the big question mark is Black Widow. Once that rolls out, I'm guessing Disney will analyse the numbers and plot the release strategy/promotion for the rest of the slate, from there.
  6. Exactly. Plus, Elfman's always had a really good relationship with Raimi (their falling out on Spiderman 2 notwithstanding) so they've already got a creative connection. Elfman's work with Whedon on JL and Ultron were both basically last minute rehauls.
  7. My guess is that they wait and see how Raya does. If it does well, BW goes hybrid. If it does poorly, BW will be pushed back one more time to Shang Chi's date and will... still go hybrid. But unlike Mulan, they'll leave a gap (maybe a month or so) before it comes out in theatres, especially Chinese ones, and when it comes out on VOD in the US.
  8. Daniel Richtman, one of the more reliable internet scoopers (he's the one who recently leaked that the GVK trailer would be released today) posted on his Patreon feed that WB was trying to get Pine to come back for either WW3 or a spinoff. Obviously, he's still an internet scooper, with all the caveats that entails. However, he's usually very on point when it comes to WB stuff.
  9. Exactly. There's a reason why they automatically brought Pine back for the sequel* and it isn't because they thought WW84 needed those essential dress-up and "what's a trashcan?" scenes. *and are rumoured to be trying to bring him back again
  10. If they're smart, they push it to open about a few weeks after Black Widow comes out. Unless another major blockbuster moves ahead of that film, it is not only going to be the first major blockbuster in theatres, but also the one that has the biggest chance of bringing audiences back to cinemas. Obviously if Black Widow either fails or underperforms this gives EON/MGM more time to push it and reevaluate their position. And if Black Widow is a success, then NTTD will be the first major blockbuster to ride the wave that it will unleash and won't have to compete with the other held back 2020 films.
  11. That isn't the problem, what is the problem is that WB/AT&T are going to pointlessly lose a ton of money by doing this and as a consequence hundreds of people will lose their jobs as a result. Studios will absolutely tighten their belts when it comes to the people who will still have jobs but trust me, it isn't going to be rich A-list actors or studio executives who are going get their pay cut.
  12. "Legendary financed a significant portion of “Dune,” which cost roughly $175 million." Lol. Everyone who said that WB were definitely not going to repeat the mistakes of Blade Runner 2049 and give this movie a massively inflated budget owes me money. :Edit: They did do the smart thing though and made this PG-13.
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