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  1. Well this certainly explains the big delay. https://hnentertainment.co/matthew-vaughns-kingsman-prequel-the-kings-man-undergoes-reshoots/ "HN Entertainment has been able to confirm that Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman franchise prequel The King’s Man will be undergoing some reshoots/additional photography that involves Gemma Arterton’s character Polly (possibly other characters as well)."
  2. Can't shake the feeling that the advertising hysteria will go down a very similar path. Fans of the property and people/sites that are generally "industry" connected will go ape over the marketing while GA won't take much notice. :Edit: This movie's main chance of success (unless they've changed the book drastically) is to sell GA on the visuals and tone and not just market it entirely to the book's fans.
  3. Most hugely complicated fantasy tends to work better on TV than in films, largely because it has more time to introduce potential new audiences to the world, setup, and characters. Any Dune movie (even if it's only half the book) is still essentially going to be cramming dozens of important characters and subplots into a movie which could range anywhere from two to three hours and that's a big ask. I think what a lot of people here tend to forget is that most of the GA know absolutely nothing about Dune except for the fact that is has a desert and a weird worm monster, perhaps not even that much.
  4. Exactly, but at the same time this doesn't exactly bode incredibly well for Dune. Denis makes respectable hits out of movies with respectable budgets. With this cast and story, the movie will almost certainly cost well over $100 million and given that WB is already creating TV spinoffs and a shared universe; their expectations are high. And I would argue, perhaps too high to match what Denis or any other director short of a Cameron, Nolan, or Spielberg could realistically do.
  5. Strange that this move finished filming back in June of last year and since then we haven't heard a peep.
  6. It honestly doesn't matter if this is true or not because there is simply no cut of the film that isn't the result of JJ/Disney trying to rewrite this movie (and the entire ST) on the fly with barely any prep.
  7. It's so strange seeing a ton of people online making up byzantine theories to try and absolve JJ of any responsibility for this. It's not like "a runtime too short to accommodate an overstuffed plot more interested in half-baked twists and fan service than telling a unique story" is a criticism that's never been leveled against any of his previous films. Which isn't to say Disney and by extension Iger and Kennedy, are totally blameless either; they were the ones that hired him and let him set up their entire slate of SW movies. :Edit: The biggest mistake they made imo, was instead of spending more time on introducing us to the new characters and changed world, they tried to cram in as much stuff from Episodes 4-6 as possible. Tbh the main reason I like TLJ the most out of all the Disney SW movies is that it's the only one that ever felt like it took an interest in actually developing its new characters as people, instead of finding ways to tie them back to the OT.
  8. Unless we find out some reason that might cause the budget to be doubled, there is no way in hell this is costing Disney $120 million. :Edit: Even more bafflingly, they apparently finished shooting the film a couple of days ago so it's not even like it has a tighter post-production schedule than the first.
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