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  1. Yup. Releasing a blockbuster, any blockbuster, between Black Widow (first new MCU movie in over a year) and No Time to Die (first new Bond film in 5 years) is basically just the equivalent of dumping it into a hospice.
  2. Given that the first one made $352 million on a $55 million budget, it would certainly shock me. Of course, that doesn't mean they won't do it. lol.
  3. Because of the currently shifting release schedule and the potential problem of a lowered box office, it's likely Marvel are going to focus most of their marketing attention on Black Widow until things are more certain.
  4. Unless Dune has some next-level marketing it's not even a competition. Dune is high concept sci-fi film with very little action and a blockbuster budget based on a book whose last film adaptation bombed, directed by a man whose last film (a high concept sci-fi movie with very little action and a blockbuster budget) bombed. Meanwhile Top Gun 2 is, well... a sequel to Top Gun.
  5. If that's true then this movie had a weirdly long shoot given that it began filming in July. Space Jam: A New Leagcy started filming just one month before and it wrapped up back in September.
  6. I'm sure he still is, but I don't think that's entirely why he doesn't want to see a new adaptation. Lynch has never seemed like a guy who's that into traditional space-fantasy. Even if he'd never made Dune, I still don't think he'd be interested.
  7. I don't think Lynch is being bitter here. At least not about this new adaptation. He's just not that interested in Dune as a story. I think he certainly liked a lot of ideas and characters from the books, but he likely wanted to make a more loose adaptation than what he ended up with.
  8. Oh there will be plenty of awareness, of that I have no doubt. But as we saw with Detective Pikachu, that doesn't always translate into real world box office sales. WB's marketing department need to not repeat their previous mistake and assume that everyone already knows and cares about the world and backstory. Otherwise the marketing just becomes a highlight reel of fan favourite moments, characters, and locations and not a way of selling the movie to potential newcomers. They need to sell the GA on the world, on the characters, and on the premise. They need to give the public a reason to want to go see this, especially in a super crowded movie season.
  9. lol. If these lockdowns extend into early fall, I think you'll find the studios will be more than willing to keep pushing these films into 2021. If everywhere is on lockdown until the fall, most of the movies currently slated to come out in 2021 literally don't get finished or in some cases, made, at all. Sure, some movies will get pushed onto VOD, but as long as they still have a hope of releasing $150 million+ blockbusters into theaters, they still will.
  10. Honestly, all three of these are probably the most likely reasons. Branagh has always known how to keep a budget relatively low while still making the movie look lavish, a bit like a British/Irish Zemeckis in that regard. Until we see something that proves otherwise, I'm betting the budget for this has not risen by much from MOTOE, if at all.
  11. Because most animated movies aren't really "filmed" in the traditional sense of the word, there isn't really a pre- or post-production stage. It's sort of all part of the same process.
  12. It's such a shame too because Balfe can actually be pretty good on occasion but like most members of RCP, his work is now just basically doing rushed score replacements for blockbusters.
  13. They finished the initial location/studio filming in the UK back in early February, the San Francisco stuff I'm less sure of but the first one only shot there for a couple of weeks so I'm guessing they got it all done. However, given that that the post-production schedule for this film was already pretty tight before the quarantine and the fact that both MCU and Sony SpiderMan films typically go through 2-4 weeks worth of reshoots minimum... Yeah, a delay is absolutely on the table here.
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