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  1. Lol Cuz we all know that, if the internet says it, it must be true. “Nobody liked or remembers the characters in Avatar. It is true because a loud contingent of anti-Cameron internet trolls keeps repeating it.”
  2. Thanks! Sad that some people have forgotten the meaning of "word of mouth”: it is indeed people talking, and that is what is fueling Book Club's holds. We tend to forget that not all demos care to post their every opinion online.
  3. Part of me is dying to see a live-action encounter between Harley and Selina, and yet I feel like you: this film should focus on the Birds themselves. And hell, yeah. I want this to have an all-female crew. Fuck the dudes.
  4. Thanks! People really have no clue what they talk about. The New Mutants comic book always had strong horror elements from day one. In fact, as you well know, its best-known, most iconic storyline was called The Demon-Bear Saga and it was pure horror. [mod edit]
  5. I am dying DYING to see anything from this film!!!! This is my most anticipated film of the next few years (not starring or co-starring Gal Gadot)...
  6. I think that they are both showing respect and [will be] making a profit out of the tragedy. Maybe the "truth" lies somewhere between the two...
  7. Same here. Another thing I am incredibly intrigued about is...if the film once the film becomes a hit, will Marvel dare integrate her Binary persona in the sequel(s)?? With how increasingly cosmic the MCU is getting, I would hope they do (although that might make Monica Rambeau sorta redundant, right?)
  8. Thanks! I had no clue who played it (I actually figured it was a remastered version of The Wallflowers' cover or something)
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