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  1. Thanks! People really have no clue what they talk about. The New Mutants comic book always had strong horror elements from day one. In fact, as you well know, its best-known, most iconic storyline was called The Demon-Bear Saga and it was pure horror. [mod edit]
  2. Yeah...those are the numbers for the other holiday CBM (although it will open with much less than 133).
  3. It's all Marvel Studios' fault. They are behind all of this.
  4. I am dying DYING to see anything from this film!!!! This is my most anticipated film of the next few years (not starring or co-starring Gal Gadot)...
  5. There is an indie director who has made quite a name for himself lately...
  6. ...Twitter reactions ... Also...Blade Runner 2049.
  7. I think that they are both showing respect and [will be] making a profit out of the tragedy. Maybe the "truth" lies somewhere between the two...
  8. It's another sign...she needs to do a Superman-related film once she is done with WW. Maybe long after directing Wonder Woman 3 ( ), Patty can direct the first full-fledged post-Man of Steel Superman reboot.

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