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  1. Thanks! Sad that some people have forgotten the meaning of "word of mouth”: it is indeed people talking, and that is what is fueling Book Club's holds. We tend to forget that not all demos care to post their every opinion online.
  2. Thanks! People really have no clue what they talk about. The New Mutants comic book always had strong horror elements from day one. In fact, as you well know, its best-known, most iconic storyline was called The Demon-Bear Saga and it was pure horror. [mod edit]
  3. I am dying DYING to see anything from this film!!!! This is my most anticipated film of the next few years (not starring or co-starring Gal Gadot)...
  4. I think that they are both showing respect and [will be] making a profit out of the tragedy. Maybe the "truth" lies somewhere between the two...
  5. Thanks! I had no clue who played it (I actually figured it was a remastered version of The Wallflowers' cover or something)
  6. You'd think that in a year in which the top grossing film so far prominently features Luke Evans, and the second top grossing film so far is all about Wonder Woman, this film, as different from those as it is, would elicit more interest from theatre owners, I guess. Then again, I have no idea how those things work.
  7. As far as major films from big studios, to me, the best were Wonder Woman, It, Fences, and Get Out. The worst were Rough Night , Baywatch, and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Haven't watched A Cure For Wellness or BBM.
  8. The rest of the year will be crap (as far as my excitement is concerned) except for Justice League, Molly's Game, Shape of the Water, Happy Death Day, Murder on the Orient Express, and Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. Everything else looks like lukewarm, unwashed ass...
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