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  1. Maybe the IP simply clicks better in Europe than the US. The director is French after all. Not to mention the movie's a theater exclusive in Europe, so that must have helped as well.
  2. This movie's pretty much dead on arrival in the US thanks to HBO Max. Dune is neither a family movie nor a popular IP, so most Americans will just stream it. Not worth the risk for them.
  3. That 10% drop for Free Guy is absolutely insane. But there's frankly no competition right now, and it won't come until Venom 2, so it makes sense.
  4. Looks like cancel culture is, to a lesser extent than what certain nutjobs implied, a real thing. Huh. Hopefully Disney doesn't bend down to these hungry hippos like they did during the James Gunn fiasco.
  5. It better do gangbusters, because the box office is going to see a sharp dropoff once it hits HBO Max. Let's see if a month is enough.
  6. This would've bombed even in normal conditions. It's just too artsy and slow-burn for general audiences to enjoy. I'm frankly shocked Warner and Legendary actually gave Denis such a big budget, especially considering it's just the first half of the book. Anyone who thinks we're getting Part 2 is hopelessly naive. See you in 2058 when Netflix decides to take a crack at it.
  7. Desperation, that's what. NBC wants their own Netflix, and they want it now. They tried to do this with Candyman '21 but Jordan Peele said no. Hybrid releases do work when it comes to family movies like Jungle Cruise, Raya and Cruella to a lesser extent. But it kills fan-driven movies like Black Widow and Space Jam 2. Halloween Kills fits the latter bill perfectly, so it'll open to okay numbers and score a nice 69% drop for the second weekend because everyone aside from the ultra diehards is going to pirate it (is anyone seriously going to subscribe to Peacock for it?).
  8. Wow, they're really going to force international audiences to dodge spoilers for two weeks, aren't they? Shame the October 1 date seems to be US-only, but that is where Shang-Chi is making most of its money off of and Bond already took the 1st for itself. Disappointed.
  9. Shang-Chi having a pre-pandemic level sophomore outing and the underdog Free Guy somehow reaching the century mark results in a very happy mouse.
  10. I think it's pretty safe to assume that the upcoming Matt Shakman Star Trek film is either getting sent to Paramount+ or just straight up getting canned altogether. No way in hell they make another big budget Star Trek after Beyond bombed. Even Jim G's regime, one in favour of blockbusters, had trouble getting Star Trek 4 off the ground. I can't even imagine what happens to it now that a more penny-pinching guy is in charge.
  11. He did this movie solely for himself. He likely doesn't give a shit about what the GA thinks (the film itself makes this abundantly clear may I add) of this one. He's already begun crafting his second Aquaman outing.
  12. If Malignant really does match @charlie Jatinder's projections, then it'll be lucky to hit a double digit total by the end of its run.
  13. 45 days for Eternals, Ron's Gone Wrong, The King's Man, West Side Story and The Last Duel. Encanto gets a shorter 30 day window (still more than enough IMO) in order for Disney to have it on streaming in time for Christmas eve. Makes sense to me. Hopefully this is the standard going forward.
  14. Calling it now: Rise of the Beasts is going to be a hybrid release or a straight up exclusive on Paramount+.
  15. A hybrid release will work out far better for Sing 2. We all know what happened to Pets 2, and that was during a healthy year for theaters.
  16. @ViewerAnonis fucking pissed on Twitter. Can someone screenshot his recent tweets on this topic before they're gone?
  17. People like him are going to be very well fed this fall. Halloween Kills, Dune and Matrix 4... YAR HAR!!!!
  18. Yeah, the reviews scared the shit out of them. Looks like October is going to be a nail-biting race between Bond ane Venom. This is barely going to make half the amount the previous one made.
  19. That was legitimately one of the most insane and memorable moviegoing experiences I think I'll ever have. @ViewerAnonwas not kidding at all. It's a fairly solid horror film for the first two acts. Nothing outstanding, but still a spooky time. And then the twist hits... Holy fucking shit. That's all I'll say for now. If you want to see this film, then do so as blind as you can. I'll always wonder how the fuck this got made by a major Hollywood studio like Warner.
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