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  1. also gay and curious about what the hell is "gay appeal" should gays "enjoy" a movie just as long as it's gay-friendly ?
  2. So 205M final + 15M max in Japan = weak 220M in the best case scenario. 1917 is at 347M, headed towards 375/380, will need a China release to pass 400M , but a very good run anyways
  3. Not bad for Portrait. Film has been doing better internationally than in its native France where it barely made a blip.
  4. The Power of alt-right youtubers, lol How about the movie is only good for a small woke twitter bubble but mediocre and unappealing for almost everyone else ? Terrible marketing didn't help of course. Bad opening, bad legs, bad run in the US and abroad: unmitigated flop
  5. Since I use words that are even used in the trailer of the movie, (except "ugly", but is that a forbidden word too ? Am I allowed to think that make-up and style made a beautiful woman undesirable ?) I don't understand and therefore don't accept your warning. Zero trolling in my message, and unless you're the tone-police, I think you were wrong in issuing a warning.

  6. I think A24 fucked up big time. Not securing at least a best pic nom for one of the 2 or 3 best films of the year when you have ten possible slots is just maddening. Sandler should have been a lock among best actor noms.
  7. Enough with the depressing Birds of Prey stuff. Am I the only one who thinks Fantasy Island will overperform ?
  8. It still has to open in Brazil, Italy and Japan, and has secured a tbd China release. 200M+ is very much at play, possibly more if it clicks with Chinese (in the case Evil Bats Virus don't kill them all before)
  9. The weird love/power triangle between Pesci, Pacino and Paquin is one of my favourite thing in the film
  10. 😁no Pesci is just a legend (the de-ageing did take a toll on De Niro's perf tho, poor guy looked like a distraught cyborg for half the film, the drawback of casting a 70 years old italian to portray a 35 years old irish guy. But he redeems himself in the end)
  11. Haven't seen Ford vs Ferrari, because I don't care about cars and I'm perhaps unfairly (I haven't seen all his movies) biased against James Mangold, my bad, you're not the first person to tell me it's really good. And I also have nothing in common with irishmen, italian mafia or union bosses in 20th century United states (😉) but i can't get off my mind the ominous gleam in Joe Pesci's eyes when he stares at Anna Paquin, among other things I truly enjoyed in the movie.
  12. I agree with Phillips about the disastrous effect of wokeness on comedy, and have no reason to doubt his sincerity, whatever the quality of his previous films. About the "potential danger" narrative of the film, this article sums it up pretty well. https://www.vox.com/culture/2019/9/18/20860890/joker-movie-controversy-incel-sjw Then type Joker+Security concerns on Google to see that this internet/media narrative also had consequences in the real world, which was widely reported... For the record, I think Irishman and OATIH are WAY better than Joker (and Parasite also) but I'd ag
  13. I have no knowledge of Todd Phillips saying dumb nonsense, what are you talking about ? And by divisive I indeed meant "controversial" (the idea that the film would incite mayhem and the fake outrage about it being was an alt-right manifesto or whatever the click-bait obsessed woke brigade blamed the film for). General audiences liked it (the insane legs, 8,6 on Imdb...), and clearly members of the Academy liked it too. I personally am not a super-fan of the film, I find it ultimately a bit shallow and too derivative, although Phoenix perf makes you forget that at times.
  14. Joker did 1B+ at the box-office, in part thanks to great world of mouth, it won Golden Lion at Venise, 11 Oscars nominations including Picture, director, and screenplay... It's only divisive in a small woke, sect-like chamber of the internet. Never overestimate the number of these people, including among the voting members of the academy
  15. In The Guardian, of all rags!!! That's refreshing. "Men’s supposed lack of interest in Little Women became the dominant narrative of the movie, implying it reveals the (alleged) lack of interest men have, in the words of the New York Times, in “see[ing] women as human beings”. It couldn’t possibly be that Little Women is just a bad movie – although it is. Little Women is one of those books that has been over-adapted, with five previous film adaptations, plus a miniseries, plus a theatrical production, plus an anime version, and on and on. The book itself is sentiment
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