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  1. Bond treating women like shit makes perfect sense. Having him develop feelings for female love interests goes against everything a spy of that caliber would do. They are trained to remove all emotion as the moment you fall in love, all logic and devotion to the brutal career choice you've made goes out the window. He's not meant to be nice, he will manipulate to get the information he needs to get. Casino royale's romantic plot is the only one that's ever worked for me as it felt like a reboot. It was a new bond who had flaws and wasn't as emotionally blank as he thought he was. That vulnerab
  2. It's just never mentioned. Had a lot of hype at the time which died off very fast after it's opening.
  3. Sorry but being on a few top 10 lists doesn't mean the majority of the public didn't forget about it. It's WOM wasn't great, that can't be argued
  4. Hereditary freaked me out. Toni banging on the attic ceiling still haunts my dreams
  5. It made the mistake of putting its message before the actual story. Yes it was a clever message it was trying to say but it came at a cost, it made the movie beyond dumb. Millions of americans living underground and not one maintenance worker ever went down and saw what was going on? Audiences aren't thick, they were never buying that absurdity. It was actually quite insulting
  6. She's such a good actress to be fair. She played the dislikable girlfriend so well in Get him to the Greek that i was surprised not to see her in anything for a while after
  7. Im sure everyone is hoping it's not like 'US' or its OW multiplier would suck
  8. Why am i getting points for posting about boxing in this thread? I was told to either post here or create a thread and now ive had more warning points? Whats the deal?
  9. Ali was only considered the greatest because of everything he did outside the ring. Fury is doing the same by raising awareness on mental health. He's pretty much locked for sports personality of the year. Put them both in a ring during their primes and it wouldn't be fair. Fury is 6 inches taller and fights 4 stone heavier. Its likely that Ali today would be a cruiserweight, not a heavyweight. Fury He spent his career being underestimated only to toy with Klitschko who is one of the greats. Its not even like he struggled. He then fell into depression with drugs only to
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