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  1. As expected. I guess, this is going to be direct-to-VoD in the end?
  2. I've heard from someone who works at a German cinema that they got information from Disney that the release is delayed two weeks to Sep 10
  3. The Broadcast Film Critics Association was founded in 1995, Aladdin is older. I guess, that's why there's no score for the animated Aladdin on this site.
  4. Through press screenings? Not every movie has red carpet premieres. And even when a movie has premiere events, not every critic can travel to Hollywood (or London for the Europeans) to attend them.
  5. Hard to say. 83 sounds fitting for the original, compared to the Metascore of 71. But 92 for the remake would be insane. Then it would be the best Disney remake by far.
  6. I guess it means: If the film screens in an IMAX theatre (whenever this will be), 30 minutes of it will be presented in the bigger aspect ratio
  7. Germany. But it's apparently just my city. I found other cinemas (e.g. in Berlin or Hamburg) that are screening Inception this week.
  8. Looks like my cinema pushed back the Inception re-release another 4 weeks (new date: Aug 27, new date for Tenet: Sep 10) But it's an independent arthouse cinema, so maybe they just plan the film a few weeks later than the mainstream cinema chains which got more screens.
  9. An arthouse cinema in my city (Germany) just posted a few hours ago that they're going to show Inception starting Jul 30 Edit: Source:
  10. Do you have a source for Germany? I only found the article by filmstarts.de and they just reference the tweet by Steven Zeitchik as source.
  11. #1 with a box office of 220k € and an audience of 27k in 384 theatres (finally, most theatres have reopened again). That's not too bad given the circumstances.
  12. Does anyone have an idea, what the A24 release is supposed to be? Saint Maud? Green Knight? Probably not Minari, since it's their awards player of the year.
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