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  1. According to IMDb, it's in post-production since 12/28/20. A release in March is unlikely, but not impossible.
  2. Wait, is this really going to be released in 3 weeks? There's absolutely no promotion for the film.
  3. Oh no. This is the first time that I read that it has been canceled. And the film was close to being finished. Fuck Disney
  4. Dec 20 is just the end of the current measures. If new infections don't drop significantly (which they won't with only a partial lockdown), the measures are going to be extended into the new year. I have no idea, why Warner Bros. Germany didn't cancel or delay the theatrical release yet. Cinemas probably won't re-open anyway, if there's only WW84 and the delayed films from November.
  5. Lol, cinemas won't be open in December in Germany. Afaik, the lockdown will continue till mid January, only that the contact restrictions will be less strict during Christmas holiday to make it possible to meet your family. I don't believe, they'll allow cinemas to re-open during the "lockdown break" only to be closed again from Christmas until mid January.
  6. Really? I expected this to get an F like The Grudge and The Turning
  7. Wow, I didn't know that they moved up the release. My last information was December. They truly dump this one. It's definitely terrible.
  8. Why should they push this film to December? Even if the infection rate gets better in the next weeks, it will probably be up again in the winter due to cold weather. They should either wait till next year, when maybe there's a vaccine, or keep the release in October and have a reduced, overseas-heavy box office.
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