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  1. Will the sequels be shot in native 4k ? And will the movies be completely in IMAX meaning whole movie shot in IMAX ?
  2. Proves nothing, it has many re-releases and adjusted for inflation is a bad indicator for admissions that's why i like the french way of measuring the box office of a movie which is counting the admissions not the money it has generated, it is way more accurate about knowing the popularity of a film and especially comparing different films of different eras.
  3. Well the haters are giving it, cultural impact i mean 😁
  4. China alone will help it surpass the first one, the market there is many times bigger than it was in 2009 and let's not forget other developing Asian markets, and regarding established major markets i believe if Cameron can connect the story to the audience the film has big chance of surpassing the first one but it will be a challenge.
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