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  1. Horror genre will soon take over this quiet Summer start. For 3 weeks in a row, audience will have a psychological horror flick, a sci-fi horror and supernatural horror. All are top-tier brand. Hope audience have that appetite
  2. A bit sad the Wrath of Man didn't open much higher than Nobody even with Jason's star power. Nobody took some hit this week, I don't think Nobody is hitting 30m anymore.
  3. 4.3m views after 24 hours for the final trailer, acceptable range.
  4. ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’ Extending and Expanding 10th Anniversary Screenings Seem like they are adding this movie to another 451 cinema starting this coming Friday.
  5. Luckily they haven't the lifted the embargo that time. If not, they will waste another source of buzz. There was some early reaction claiming the sequel is very good and worth the sequel development. They should re-post all these.
  6. I like how they emphasis "In theater". But the buzz is remain low so far and not sure how paramount can restart its buzz all over again. Also, as a major studio like paramount, the studio has been very low profile throughout this season, how can they survived this quiet place for so long?
  7. AQP2 was projected to do 55m-70m back in Mar last year before the world went upside down. Now any number within this range for opening weekend will be a win since it did just in line with its pre-pandemic projection.
  8. This is perhaps why box office is not picking up immediately after reopening because people need time to clarify which cinema is opened which one is not and that need time to build awareness and reignite people interest.
  9. The thought process should be DS drop hard because of its niche nature. Not the other way as in given its niche nature, the hold is actually good. Just like HBO Max, it is HBO Max that cause the weaker legs, not because of hbo max, we should then deduce that all WB films' leg are quite decent. DS' 2nd week drop is bad, but that doesn't discount that fact that the movie have been doing great and way above people expectation. I don't see problem of saying that in the same sentence.
  10. Chadwick Boseman and Michael b Jordan are the backbone of the phenomenon we saw in the first movie. We may not able to see both of them even in BP2, this going to be hard to hit half of the first' total, at least in domestic market. Still a success though.
  11. This doesn't matter if they rolled their Thursday number into Friday. 71%-72% is bad. The reason you mentioned are all reasons why the movie have such a bad drop, not the excuse of why the film is actually doing good. Have a reason to justify a bad thing doesn't make a bad thing become good. They are just simply explaining the bad.
  12. Mortal Kombat's opening without preview still somehow drop harsher than DS' inflated opening. I guess the already borderline sequel plan is in danger.
  13. This probably won't hurt much, DS has been out since last Oct and now half a year gone, DS still make 21m opening
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