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  1. We need a movie that manage to open big and leg it out in this marketplace to rebuild public confidence in cinema going. Kong Vs Godzilla would be a good choice and we still have one month to build vaccinated population
  2. I wish everyone in the post-covid can realise how eventful of each good blockbuster long live cinema!
  3. In my country, most of the area never got the chance to see it on big screen....
  4. I don't know how your USD300m claim can be verified. 300m is a giant unprecedented milestone for a south Korean film but I see zero news on this from Neon or CJ entertainment. it is very unlikely I guess they didn't bother to highlight this achievement.
  5. Great to see Sonic added couple of million with its re-release to partially make up the potential loss during pandemic.
  6. the 2nd weekend drop is a bit harsh.....I can't believe it only added 12m in the past 7 days, regardless of the virus or not, it is still a holiday period.
  7. How can demon slayer open like EG's record breaking style but retain Titanic-like leg, both at the same time?
  8. Stupid, why people shouldn't be sour when they deserve to get 10 mark, but got screwed over to get just 5 our of 10
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