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  1. Nice buzz-building but far from the most talked about film of summer........ 'The Suicide Squad' cast talks about the summer's most talked about film - YouTube
  2. Also, why do we need to eagerly putting stuff on streaming when they will be there perpetually in like 45 or 30 days?
  3. Unfortunately, WB marketing thus far is positioning TSS as an additional content for their HBO max than an actual DC event. So for them no extra marketing expenses required to hype up the release
  4. Yes, we desperately need some improvement to wash away the meltdown
  5. But I remember SJ2 has a meh IM over the weekend, probably hurt by HBO max, but people still have to paid to see JC on Disney+,
  6. Currently at 96%. Assuming TSS final RT score stop at 86%, they will still be FRESH even after we minus out the last SS score (26%).
  7. Even without Delta-resurgence, TSS already have multiple things against it. I can really see this went as a "unnoticed" soft reboot that went pass general audience's knowledge.
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