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  1. I mean the numbers are so low, even by pandemic standard not worth paying attention As laughing stock I guess.
  2. European like fantasy, just look at how massive LOTR, HP series, and SW. The fact the feel-like SW trailer should "trick" European coming out in mass
  3. What is the point of tracking these numbers....Just a waste of resources....
  4. Maybe people still figuring out just when will this be released given there are so many release dates out there.
  5. But short run time normally does suggest there is insufficient plot to carry the film to begin with....I mean this is shorter than animation.
  6. Short runtime doesn't bode well for good review but at least 95min help Venom2 to retain screen better in crowded October season.
  7. Not to mention BP is a 200m opener, but SC, sorry, isn't even coming close.
  8. this is ambitious goal but BP only -45% coming off from February holiday weekend. So not impossible to wish for,
  9. Why are you keep pushing people for number? Knowing empirecity , he isn't someone that will withhold the number if it is interesting one. He will share whenever he think he needs to.
  10. <50% drop from holiday weekend at higher level number would trigger a bigger shock than FG's 2nd weekend hold.
  11. To be honest, I feel like this would have bigger potential in Nov 12, instead of getting rip by blockbusters in very week of Oct, and musical normally have good hold throughout the run.
  12. Maybe some people skip opening weekend itself, just to avoid crowd during covid-19. So maybe there is some spillover effect to weekdays or 2nd weekend.
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