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  1. Ture Lies break all-time box office record in China,and make Anold become household name in China.
  2. Maybe you can post it in India thread,I think everbody looking forward to it
  3. I will try to ask Dada for Titanic won which Weekend in India.
  4. Titanic shatters all-time record in Indonesia and SA,Variety can find the source and exact number.
  5. KKHH didn't doing more than Titsnic in Indonesia,Titanic break all-time record in Indonesia. Also South Africa,Titanic break SA all-time record either
  6. So It's near all-country in the world,some markets Titanic didn't do it like India and Morocco(behind the local Blockbuster) Like Endgame presale and Opening weekend,It's a record in near all country in the world but not all country in the world The only all-country have a record's stuff is Titanic's Hollywood record and Avatar's IMAX 3D record,It's really do it every single country on earth.
  7. By Forbes, something most impressive in movie history 1 Titanic's all-time record,Hollywood record(all markets in the world),Titanic following weekend record(expect India【not sure,don't have any data),near all markets break many following weekend record) 2 Avatar's IMAX record(break it in all markets in the world),3D record(near all markets in the world) 3 Endgame presale record(near all markets in the world),opening weekend record(over 72 markets in the world)
  8. These data all by Forbes In all 81 markets,the movie which have most markets yearly champion 1 Titanic(over 75 markets,Biggest of all-time in the movie history) 2 Avatar(69 markets) 3 Jurassic Park(over 65 markets) 4 Spider-man:NWH(54 markets) 5 Avengers:EG(40 markets) 6 TLOR3 (38 markets) 7 HP1 (35 markets) 8 HP4 (34 markets) And for break all-time record 1 Titanic(only 4 markets Titanic didn't break All-time record and in all market Titanic break Hollywood record ,in near all mar Titanic break 4,5,6..etc following weekend R
  9. Well,maybe because my English is not that good and my word so poor that I don't know another word to discribe my feeling,I'm always afraid of I couldn't express my exact meaning to you guys with my poor English skill Anyway talking with you guys improve my English a lot,that's a big help for my learning abord in Ireland in 2022 September,for this reason I appreciate for all BOT friends
  10. What a funny reaction ,you are really really cute~ε(*・ω・)_/゚:・☆
  11. I'm excited to fell the hype of TBALC 2 now,my family decided to go to see TBALC 2 in the cinema,include my grandfather,grandmother,my father and mother,it's the first time I go to see the movie with all my family members,just amazing~
  12. It's funny that France never have All-time Euro box office ranking,I can only found US dollars ranking and admissions
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