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  1. thatis mainly because Spain theater had opened 100% when Venom 2 opening
  2. The Madrid cinemas are operating at 100% now,the market just recovering reapidly
  3. It has a chance to overtake F9 now
  4. Nttd gross £60.2m by the end of Thursday,which is the first film break £60m after "The Lion King",and it has already exceed the total gross of "Star Wars:The rise of the skywalker"
  5. Let me do some calculates OS-C 550m needs Europe gross around 450m, and other territories needs 100m For other territories,LA will give Bond 15m+,Middle East region 20m+,Japan 25m,India 4m,Korea 12m,Southeast Asia 7m(most of cinema still closed in the region),Africa 2m+,and that is around 85m ,If Australia have 20-25m,then total gross is around 110m+ But could Europea gross more than 450m?I doubt it,at most 400m So I think OS-C should be around 500m+-
  6. How could OS-C gross more than 550m?
  7. The most incredible thing is that Bond popularity has already last 60 years worldwide and still popular today Nothing can popular forever,James Bond is popular in EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY in 1960s ,include Asia,Latin and some territories where Bond is not popular today Pirates of Caribbean,Transformer,Harry Potter.......their popularity last over 10 years,and that is impressive,but Bond just doing far more greater than any of them Compare with the same feature,for instance,Mission Impossible series ,can anyone say it will still popular in Asia market in 2050/2060?But Bond will be s
  8. Nttd Finland : 29k admission by the end of Sunday
  9. It's that number include new market?
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