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  1. The fact that it's made by right-wing/Christian filmmakers and that it has a right leaning message, doesn't mean that it's a faith based film... "I don't agree with its politics, therefore it's evangelical propaganda"
  2. LOL imagine calling Joker an indie budget movie. estimated $200M budget for production & marketing. You're funny.
  3. Her gender is clearly important to her. She is allowed to write about subjects she feels passionately about.
  4. No one will know what cut the director takes. Its all speculation. Personally I doubt that "Warner Bros deliberately tried to lose money with Tenet because they gained money back from Nolans cut", that seems unlikely. WB have various reasons / incentives to release Tenet at the time that they did. Just speaking my mind here but if Tenet ends up with $350M then that's pretty good and not much less than I thought it was gonna gross pre-COVID. As many others have speculated, IMO its likely that WB expected that Tenet would underperform at the box office so
  5. Because this whole thing will be over at some point next year when either: 1) vaccine is widely available; or 2) everyone has already caught it Vaccine IS coming, just don't know for sure when. I personally think a dependable, safe vaccine will be made by the end of this year. Others think it will take longer etc. But regardless, can delay the movie till next year, or 2022, whenever doesn't really matter tbh. My point is the same .
  6. Uhh... Exactly my point.. Captain Marvel (2019) had jack shit to do with Endgame. It was a back story. Forget the Captain Marvel film exists and Endgame is the exact same film. Don't pretend for a second like the people who watched Endgame without seeing CM (over half the audience) didn't understand Captain Marvel when she was introduced in Endgame...
  7. That's an incredible 1 second clip. Can draw a lot of information from that.
  8. You think a coronavirus vaccine is going to be out by the release date of Death on the Nile? In 5 weeks time?
  9. Black Widow is a prequel. It doesn't matter if it's released today or in 3 years time. Obviously there will be some small connections to upcoming Marvel shows/movies but Black Widow is the one single MCU film which isn't actually constrained by its release slot.
  10. OR they could release Black Widow next year and make twice as much money. Bit of a no brainer don't you think... ?
  11. No, I didn't know that. I'm looking now at a news article about it. That's a lot of fires. I'm sorry to hear that. Is this just because it's been a really hot summer in America or for other reasons?
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