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  1. Jupiter Ascending was also in February and Eddie Redmayne still won.
  2. April 19 | Mortal Kombat - 12/20 April 25 | Nomadland - 16/20 May 7 | Godzilla vs Kong - 14/20 May 8 | The Father - 18/20 May 11 | Another Round - 17/20 May 15 | Minari - 17/20 May 15 | Monster Hunter - 5/20 May 17 | Those Who Wish Me Dead - 15/20 May 23 | Wrath of Man - 16/20 May 23 | The Unholy - 10/20 May 28 | Cruella - 15/20 June 1 | A Quiet Place Part II - 17/20 June 3 | Nobody - 16/20 June 7 | Synchronic - 16/20 June 18 | In The Heights - 16/20 June 21 | The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It - 13/20
  3. Sony needs to spam marketing for this on the days leading up to the release. This might go under 50M OW if they don't.
  4. Not even one single movie coming close to 10M OW during the entire month except Shang-Chi. What a disaster. We are very far away from any sort of solid marketplace for movie theaters.
  5. 6/16 (OW/DOM) Another disaster for theaters. Another disaster for Amy Adams. Another disaster for Ben Platt. Luckily we get Midnight Mass on Netflix to save us.
  6. My biggest failure was not saying that in the first place. I still need to start it.
  7. Trash weekend is trash. We are all busy watching the season 2 premiere of The Morning Show in our homes.
  8. Bond will do 70M. Venom will do 55M. Bond will easily destroy Venom.
  9. Pre-ordered the 4K of the first Scream yesterday. Hyped for this.
  10. We are gonna hit 85% of our total population fully vaccinated by the end of September/beginning of October. We are the champions of the world and I am thrilled for it. Numbers have been steadily decreasing every week and everything is open with small restrictions still in place (75% max lotation in cultural events and vaccination pass in restaurantes and hotels are a couple of ones I can remember right now). "Freedom Day" should come in October. We will see if schools, Christmas/New Year or/and a new variant doesn't screw us. Never felt this confident before about the pandemic bein
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